Connect, Empathize & Build Trust

Storytelling Training Workshop for Leaders & Teams

Our business storytelling workshops help your organizational team learn and practice essential effective communications skills.


Translate ideas & data into the emotional, visual and participatory language of the digital age

We get it. Your stakeholders don’t want to sit around and hear fairy tales. But story matters more in our divided world of overstimulation and endless data. We teach a straightforward, thoughtful effective communications process that you can tailor to make your messaging resonate. No matter whether you’re speaking to internal or external audiences, we’ll improve help your message is heard.


Level Up Your Influence, Credibility & Impact Through Practical Communications Basics

Use storytelling ideas to make data more memorable, meaningful and impactful.

The highest rated learning experience we had all year!

Criteo, NYC

Find the story that balances vulnerability with professionalism.

Relevant content. Can be implemented. Challenged my thinking.

Canadian Tire Triangle Learning Academy, Toronto

Practice being simple, concrete and emotional so your ideas stick.

Jordan knows his material inside out and communicates it wonderfully.

Autodesk, San Francisco

Strengthen your team’s empathy, listening and connection skills to improve how you lead change.

Great learning that can be implemented right away and every day.

M Moser Associates, NYC



Hands-On Learning. Delivered Virtually. Based on Coaching & Practice, Not Theory

Our virtual business storytelling training series is delivered in short learning bursts spread over 4-6 weeks.

  1. Initial Consultation

    We connect with you, understand your context & team and tailor our content to your desired outcomes.

  2. Introduce Content & Process

    We host facilitated hands-on workshops where your team can experiment put storytelling into practice.

  3. Educational Readings & Videos

    Educational content is delivered via collaboration platforms, like Teams or Slack, to reinforce the activities in the workshops.

  4. 1-1 Coaching

    Individual and small group coaching accelerates learning between sessions.

  5. Develop Practice Plan

    Facilitated group discussion will guide you to design individual and team wide action plans.

  6. Continue Learning Journey

    We're there to reinforce your learning as the business environment changes.

Our business storytelling workshops are truly a transformational learning experience. Your team will sharpen their skills, build confidence and get expert guidance in a safe and supportive space.

Storyteller Jordan Bower at Culture First

Hi, I’m Jordan Bower: Expert Storytelling Consultant & Facilitator

You can’t just wave a magic wand and make someone a better communicator. (Believe me. I’ve tried.) But I think better communications skills are worth the hard work — especially now, when so much is changing all at once, and audiences everywhere are desperately looking for people they can trust.

To be a good communicator today, you need to be creative, spontaneous, thoughtful & insightful. You need to be visual and experimental. You need to be at least a little funny. And you need to learn how to do this well without going back to school and getting a degree in English Literature.

I get you. I didn’t set out to be a storyteller. I’ve got a business degree. I speak Excel, Powerpoint and balance sheets. I used to think communications was fluff. But then a crisis in my life totally transformed my attitude.

Today, I lead workshops all over the world for companies like Autodesk, SAS and Mozilla and organizations like the Federal Reserve and the Government of Canada.

I help these organization see that the leaders of the future will be those of us who can express ourselves clearly. Those of us who can be hopeful and optimistic in the face of chaotic change. I agree with what Steve Jobs said: the most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.

Think Like a Storyteller and Be More Impactful in Every Way You Communicate At Work

  • Presentations
  • Thought leadership
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Success stories
  • Networking
  • Strategic narratives
  • Social media
  • Emails
  • Personal branding
  • Formal & informal conversations
  • Powerpoint decks
  • Sales demos
  • Pitches
  • Web copy
  • Relationship building
  • Learning & development
  • Trainings
  • Public speaking
  • Text messages