Storytelling Workshop for Teams

Storytelling gives your messaging more impact.

Business storytellers know how to get their ideas heard. Our storytelling training helps your team develop the tactics & mindsets for clear, meaningful & impactful communication at work.

Our Storytelling Workshops

Virtual Presentations Training

Use structured practice and peer support to improve your virtual presentation skills.

Think Like a Storyteller Workshop

Learn a “creative problem solving toolkit” to improve how you educate, build trust and influence change.

1-on-1 Storytelling Coaching

Get expert, personalized guidance to develop your ability to connect, motivate and lead

Introducing the Think Like a Storyteller Workshop

Hi, I’m Jordan Bower: a leadership storytelling consultant & coach based in Vancouver, Canada. I help teams from around the world become more influential, trusted & creative in their communication.

In the Think Like a Storyteller workshop, your team will use creativity, empathy & design thinking to improve how you educate, build trust and influence change.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

Here’s Who’s Taken This Storytelling Workshop

A Net Promoter Score of 93.3, well above our goal of 62!

The participants’ comments reinforce the strength of your content and facilitation, the relevance of the material, and the appreciation for the interactivity in the room and application to each person’s job role.

Learning Partner, Canadian Tire Triangle Learning Academy

The Highest Rated Learning Experience We Had All Year!

A highly engaging and relevant training. The attendees found it to be both an interesting and helpful skill to develop. We’d be happy to have Jordan join us again anytime!

Will Mahon, Criteo Learning & Development

Why a Business Storytelling Workshop?

“Storytelling” is the ability to create meaning out of ambiguity, volatility, complexity and change. This business storytelling workshop gives you tactics and insights to build your team’s skills in a collaborative and growth-provoking learning environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce a “storytelling toolkit” that can be applied broadly to any business messaging
  • Apply this toolkit to the real internal or external communications created by your team
  • Learn to find deeper, more influential narratives in facts and data
  • Improve clarity and impact of Powerpoint presentation design
  • Strengthen creative thinking, empathy, self-esteem and leadership presence
  • Build deeper trust, connection and collaboration within the team

What Happens in a Storytelling Workshop?

Over Two Days, Your Team Will:

  • Design & develop two real “stories” about themselves and their work. One story is a personal “Connection Story” — a compelling, personal and connecting elevator pitch. The second story is a TED-style talk about a real project, pitch, previous success or idea.
  • Refine these stories through structured practice. Paired and small group exercises let everyone receive personalized feedback. No one needs to present to the entire group.
  • Learn the conceptual “scaffolding” behind effective strategic narratives. You’ll watch videos with best (and worst) practice examples customized to your industry and context.
  • Strengthen your “creative problem solving” muscles. Participants will use structured exercised and analytical frameworks to build confidence in their own creativity.
  • Build empathy for audiences and shift their perspective on communication. Open-ended discussions provoke your team to summon inner resources and think differently.
  • Debrief learnings and discuss insights. In a final, facilitated conversation, your team will unpack the learning experience and develop alignment around next steps.

Our business storytelling workshops are truly a transformational learning experience. Your team will sharpen their skills, build confidence and get expert guidance in a creative, supportive and thought provoking space.

About the Facilitator

Jordan Bower is the Founder of Transformational Storytelling, a facilitation, coaching and consulting business based in Vancouver, Canada.

Jordan’s clients have included tech companies like Autodesk, international design firms like M Moser Associates and banks like the CIBC, as well as dozens of other clients ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 500.

Jordan is an acclaimed storytelling speaker who has presented at conferences in North America, Asia and Europe.