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Use Strategic Storytelling to improve how you build credibility, create connection and inspire change.

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Corporate Storytelling Training for Your Team

Imagine having the power to captivate your audience. Imagine inspiring people to connect passionately with what you sell. Imagine using these skills to help customers, investors, stakeholders buy into a new future and rally around an important change. These are the skills of a Strategic Storyteller.

Since 2013, we’ve helped thousands of people around the world work more effectively by becoming Strategic Storytellers. Here’s what they’ve learned:

How to Improve Leadership, Persuasion & Influence

In a storytelling workshop, leaders learn how to develop visionary narratives that help them overcome resistance and build momentum for change.

How to Design a Visionary Narrative

Vision is the secret to navigating change. Leaders who've attended a storytelling training walk away with a clear, relatable path to achieving success.

How to Create Alignment Across Diverse Groups

In a storytelling workshop, leaders learn how to inspire an authentic sense of focus, purpose and belonging among their team.

How to Connect Authentically with Customers & Employees

A storytelling training helps leaders build support for change by upping their emotional IQ.

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the values, vision and agenda for an entire generation to come.”

Steve Jobs

How a Storytelling Workshop Works

Every workshop is customized for you and your group.

Learn the Foundational Patterns of Strategic Storytelling

A Storytelling Training is designed to demystify storytelling, turning it into a set of systematic and logical patterns that can be applied by anyone. In this training, you’ll learn the same foundational patterns that are used by Hollywood directors, award-winning ad agencies and great cultural and mythological storytellers since ancient times.

Through video analysis and an engaging lecture-based style, you’ll understand exactly how these patterns function, and how they are applied in business communications ranging from business cases, sales and investor pitches, keynote addresses, social media and one-on-one casual conversations with employees, customers and prospects. You’ll walk away with a toolkit you can use over and over again.

Storytelling Trainings employ collaborative, experiential exercises that bring teams together.


In the workshop, your group will use one of your own real world business “stories” that you can come together to solve.

Apply User-Centered Design Tactics to Know your Audience

In both great storytelling and strategic communications, the secret is to Know Your Audience. In this workshop, your group will employ the “empathy mapping” tactic, as well as other exercises drawn from user centered design, to dig deeper into the heart and mind of one of your key audiences, deducing new insights into the way they work.

Workshopping one of your team’s real life stories helps ground the learnings and immediately apply the concepts to a project you’re working on now.

Co-design One Individual or Shared Strategic Story

The goal of this workshop is not just to learn storytelling — it’s to integrate these learnings into a project you’re working on now. Before the training, you’ll set a specific story to work on — such as a pitch, a business case, a public presentation or a personal leadership story to be developed by each participant.

You’ll walk away from the workshop with a completed story, a practice plan and a clear and specific idea of exactly what each person needs to do next to spread that story into the world.

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Every participant leaves these trainings with at least one powerful and personal insight that will improve their communication toolkit.

Storytelling Trainings Can Be Applied to Your Team's Job Functions

We match training content for these functional groups.

Storytelling for Leaders

Improve how your leaders engage, motivate and inspire your teams.

Storytelling for Sales Teams

Train your sales team to become Hollywood-level storytellers.

Storytelling for Change Management

Find a powerful story for leading transformative change.

Storytelling for Belonging

Use storytelling process to help your team talk about unconscious bias and inclusion.

Storytelling for Employer Branding

Uncover a powerful recruiting narrative and connect it with your core values and purpose.

Custom Storytelling Workshops

Get in touch and let's talk about customizing a training for your group.

“We came with apples. We left with watermelons.”

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