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A Storytelling Workshop helps your team develop the skills you need for getting people connected with your story of the future.

About Jordan's Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling Workshops for Organizational Teams

Build your leadership skills by uncovering the meaning behind your message.

We turn to storytelling in organizations to answer questions of why?: why others should care, why our work matters, why we make one strategic choice over another.

Storytelling is about more than public speaking. Stories are how we frame the narrative around our work, expressing our strategy and articulating our purpose with the combination of logic and emotion that spurs others to take action.

The question is no longer whether or not we should be telling stories. We are all already telling stories — in our pitches, in our planning meetings, not to mention in our sales, marketing and social media. Instead, we must ask: which stories should we be telling? To who? When? And how can those stories be aligned with our strategy, customized to the needs of specific audiences and told in a way that creates engagement and motivation?

Helping you find your own answers to these questions is the goal of these corporate storytelling workshops.

Design Thinking Workshop in Storytelling Training
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Understanding Strategic Storytelling

How a Storytelling Workshop Works

Before the workshop, you’ll pick one story relevant to what your team is working on now — like a pitch, a presentation, a case study or a story you tell often in your work. During the workshop, you’ll use three different storytelling perspectives to improve that story and deliver tangible learnings you can use immediately.

People Meeting Storytelling Workshop Seminar

Which stories do you have to tell? How do you find, identify and refine those stories into a “library” you can use spontaneously?

Design Thinking Storytelling Training

How do you customize your message for multiple audiences? How can empathy improve understanding & influence?


How do you link story & strategy? How do you integrate your own personal story with the story of your work?

Every single one of our workshops is different!

In advance of the workshop, we work with you to identify a real story drawn from the work of your group. Over the course of the day, your group will improve this story by applying the learned ideas.

Our workshops are specifically targeted to these job functions:

I don’t see myself as an expert. I see myself as a guide. My role is to help your team find and express the stories that best suit their unique audiences and communication style. Using a combination of videos and other practical examples, I work to create a facilitated environment that is fun, collaborative and psychologically safe. Mobile phone use is prohibited during the session.

Yes, we come to you! We deliver workshops on the West Coast, East Coast and around the world, as well as in our home workshop space in Vancouver, Canada.

Workshops cost $5000 plus travel & expenses. Max group size is 30. Ideal group size is 8-15. Got a special request? Contact us.

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