A Business Storytelling Workshop helps you end death by Powerpoint.

Your stakeholders want more than just the data. They want to see the bigger picture. They want to understand your perspective. They want to trust and connect with you.

Jordan Bower is a remarkably skilled facilitator of business storytelling workshops. He helps business people stop talking Powerpoint and start speaking human, so they can deliver clear, emotional, and trusted narratives that get stakeholders on board.

“I refer to the content of this workshop at least once a week. I’m still thinking about what I learned three years later.”

Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower

Meet Jordan Bower

Jordan Bower is a strategic consultant, workshop facilitator, keynote speaker, and business storytelling expert who helps his clients integrate emotional meaning with practical function.

He’s worked with companies, conferences, and individual clients from around the world.

Remove the mystery from business storytelling and challenge your team to speak outside the box.

Imagine how much more effectively you’d work if everyone on your team spoke with clarity, connection, and emotion.

— You’d make data more relevant and meaningful.

— You’d improve trust with your stakeholders.

— You’d be more creative, engaging, and authentic.

— You’d help others navigate this time of chaos and ambiguity.

This business storytelling workshop helps you get there. It’s a hands-on, customized learning experience that challenges your team to think differently about how you communicate at work. Beyond learning what makes a good story, you’ll understand how your team can use these principles in a way that is highly tailored to you.

What you’ll learn in this workshop can be applied to all forms of workplace communication: written, spoken, video, and more.

This course helped me understand how I can make a difference in communicating my story, engaging my audience, and identifying who I can help.


Bring your team into the creative process. (And maybe make them a little uncomfortable, too.)

Business storytelling is more than something you train—it’s a shift in attitude you bring to workplace communication. Jordan’s workshops are designed to intentionlly interrupt “the way it’s always been done,” so you can become more creative, spontaneous, and engaging. The workshop creates buy-in to think outside the box and use simpler, more human language. 

These unique business storytelling workshops are structured with live facilitated exercises and group conversations. You’ll go beyond “how to tell a story” to ask yourselves “how might we communicate differently if we integrated storytelling principles into our approach and language?” 

The outcomes you’ll create will be practical and immediately relevant. Jordan’s expert facilitation keeps your group on track and helps you integrate the learnings in a tangible way.

“Jordan knows his material inside and out and communicates it wonderfully.”

Jordan’s Business Storytelling Workshops are normally booked 6-8+ weeks in advance.

Secure your preferred dates today. Virtual and in-person options available.

Go beyond “how to tell a story” and get Jordan’s help evolving your team’s storytelling systems.

Once you understand what storytelling means in a business context, you’ll immediately want to evolve your storytelling systems: the default communications tools, like decks, templated emails, and more, that you use frequently. Jordan’s expert guidance will help you understand exactly which tools you need to change—and how.

The outcomes of this workshop are different for every group. However, most groups

—gain a new understanding of what storytelling means in a business context.

—find a better way to tell their team or organizational narrative to their internal and/or external stakeholders.

—align around this new and improved narrative.

—identify specific storytelling systems that need to evolve.

—feel a greater sense of connection to their colleagues and the team’s mission/vision.

We walked away understanding which stories we should tell and why. This workshop totally shifted how we talk and think about our work.”

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