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Learn how to think, sell, lead and create an emotional connection like a storyteller.

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Why should your team take a Storytelling Workshop?

You might have noticed that we’re living through a communications revolution. Information is rampant. Contexts and strategies are ever-changing. There’s pervasive divisions and distrust. And that’s just inside our organizations. What today’s work needs most are genuine communicators who can connect with meaning and express their ideas in simple language to bring others on board.

This is what we call storytelling. It’s not a fancy way of hacking people’s brains. Storytelling is a mindset that we can bring to all the ways we communicate, from our conversations to our emails to our reports to our presentations to the bigger narrative we wrap around our ideas, our teams and ourselves. By applying the mindsets of authenticity, clarity and emotional engagement, we become more engaging and influential. We connect more meaningfully. We help others buy-in to our work.

Helping you and your team do this well is the goal of our Storytelling Training Workshops. We don’t teach you the “right way” to tell a story. Instead, we’ll give you the tools, tactics and, most importantly, inspiration to strengthen your communication, so you can improve how you build trust, establish credibility, find insight in the data and get crystal clear on the core of what you’re saying.

We’ll help you become the kinds of communicators who are in exceptionally high demand in our fast changing world.

Jordan Bower Storytelling Consultant

What happens in a Storytelling Workshop?

Dive deep into the scaffolding of effective human communication

Our storytelling training takes you into the neuroscience and narrative theory behind clear, engaging messaging. You’ll learn simple frameworks through interactive examples ranging from videos, speeches and social media.

Workshop your team’s real stories to improve impact & resonance

In our storytelling workshops, we teach learning-by-doing. All of our workshops are hands-on learning experiences that show you how to apply our frameworks to the real messages created by your team.

Have big picture conversations about implementation and sustained learning

A storytelling workshop delivers a new mindset around communication. In the workshop, you’ll custom design your own implementation plan that will strengthen your shared skills and build your influence on stakeholders.

A storytelling training workshop won’t teach you the “right” way to tell a story. We’ll help you to ask the right questions to transform how you resonate with your key audiences.


  • It was a great experience for all. Even the skeptics! We all walked away with concrete improvements and I have seen many put the lessons to work in their everyday interactions to be more effective and influential.

  • It was fun, interesting and informative. I know how to tell a story now, and how to improve someone’s story so I can pull it out of them and make them feel like a great story teller. I truly think it will benefit me in my career long term.

  • This course helped me through understanding how I can make a difference in communicating my story, engaging my audience and identifying who I can help. Great learning that can be implemented right away and every day.

Learn how to transform dry professional messages into emotionally engaging, credibility-enhancing stories that resonate.

Storytelling Training Customized For Your Team

Whether you work on a leadership sales, product, strategy or culture team, our storytelling workshop is perfect for you.

Here’s our process for ensuring a meaningful learning experience:

  • Initial Discovery

    • We meet in advance of the workshop to discuss your group and goals.
    • We review your existing messaging for internal or external audiences.
    • We customize all of our examples and exercises so it will be relevant for your group.
  • Before the Storytelling Workshop

    • A week before the workshop, your team will receive material introducing the storytelling workshop content and framework.
    • You’ll all be assigned short “homework” that you’ll complete before we begin the storytelling training.
    • This ensures everyone arrives in the room in the right mindset — ready for transformational storytelling.
  • The Storytelling Workshop

    • The first storytelling workshop is either one or two full days.
    • Storytelling training consists of ~ 40% directed learning and 60% hands-on work.
    • Facilitated conversation help your team ground learning into your specific work context.
  • After the Storytelling Workshop

    • After the storytelling workshop, you’ll receive a breadth of resources, including articles, books and plans, —tailored to your storytelling journey.
    • Together, we’ll co-design sustainment plans, including coaching, storytelling consulting and online learning for continued transformation.
    • Approximately 6-12 months after the initial session, we can return with subsequent storytelling training that will deepen your storytelling skills.


  • The ideal group size for any storytelling training workshop is between 12-40. The workshop relies heavily on group participation. We like working with groups that are big enough to carry conversation and yet small enough so that everyone’s voice gets heard.

    We’ve also worked with groups beyond this range. Contact us and we can find a solution that suits your specific needs.

  • Most of our storytelling training is delivered in person. However, we have made accommodations for remote teams by using video conferencing software like Zoom.

    Contact us and we can find a solution that suits your specific needs.

  • Yes! These storytelling workshops directly address using data in presentations, speeches and other forms of communication. Participants will get a methodology, toolkit and tactics for finding the narrative behind a data point, improving how you deliver presentations, reports and insights. Rather than give you a basic template, we teach you the right way to think about using your data.

    Contact us for more information about storytelling with data.

  • All of our workshops are facilitated by Jordan Bower. Jordan is a master business storytelling trainer who has worked with a diverse range of clients in tech, government, small business and the Fortune 500. You can learn more about Jordan here.

  • Our clients tend to book between 6 and 12 weeks in advance of a storytelling workshop. Sometimes we can accommodate shorter timelines. Contact us to discuss your specific dates.