Storytelling Workshop for Teams

Storytelling gives your messaging more impact.

Business storytellers know how to get their ideas heard. Our storytelling training helps your team develop the tactics & mindsets for clear, effective & meaningful communication at work.

Choose Your Storytelling Starting Point

For You

I want 1-on-1 storytelling coaching to level up my influence, credibility & impact.

For Your Team

I want team storytelling training to improve our communication skills.

For Your Organization

I want help developing an inspiring strategic narrative to get people on board with our strategy.

Introducing the Think Like a Storyteller Workshop

Hi, I’m Jordan Bower: a leadership storytelling consultant & coach based in Vancouver, Canada. I help teams from around the world become more creative, connected, trusted & effective in their communication.

In the Think Like a Storyteller workshop, your team will build your communications skills in a collaborative, supportive and highly practical learning environment.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

Here’s Who’s Taken This Storytelling Workshop

What You’ll Get From Our Storytelling Workshop

Learn to make data more memorable, meaningful and impactful.

The highest rated learning experience we had all year!

Criteo, NYC

Strengthen your team’s empathy, listening and connection skills to improve how you lead change.

Great learning that can be implemented right away and every day.

M Moser Associates, NYC

Practice being simple, concrete and emotional so your ideas stick.

Relevant content. Can be implemented. Challenged my thinking.

Canadian Tire Triangle Learning Academy, Toronto

Our business storytelling workshops are truly a transformational learning experience. Your team will sharpen their skills, build confidence and get expert guidance in a creative, supportive and thought provoking space.