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Jordan Bower facilitates storytelling workshops for organizational teams around the world.

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Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

Evolve How Your Team Thinks About How To Communicate at Work

I’m Jordan Bower — a leadership consultant, coach, facilitator and keynote speaker with deep expertise in business storytelling & the emotions associated with transformational change.

I help my clients evolve how they think about communication and transformational leadership, so they can create resilient, trusted, innovative, purpose-driven, influential and productive organizations.

After all, that’s what’s going to thrive in our future of uncertainty and continuous change.


A Business Storytelling Workshop Helps Your Team Transform How You Communicate, Collaborate & Lead in the Post-Pandemic Future

If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that no one has any idea what the future will look like. When we realize that the future of work is uncertainty, adaptability and resilience, we can make a radical shift in how we think about workplace communication: becoming more flexible and improvisational, more creative and emotional, more trusted, vulnerable, honest and human.

This is the essence of business storytelling. Business storytelling is the essential skill for effective leadership in a world of continuous change. It can be applied to any organizational function working with any audience on presentations, email, video, social media, writing or any other communications medium.

It’d be my pleasure to guide your team towards mastery of business storytelling.

Every workshop with me is a little different. All storytelling workshops include:

  • Initial planning calls with your leadership team so the workshop can be customized for you.
  • Structured exercises in pairs and small groups so everyone on your team gets personalized communications feedback,
  • Facilitated conversation as a group provoked by deep, thoughtful questions and focused on meaningful and practical next steps.
  • A follow-up call with your leadership team to review the conversation and determine what to do next.

The outcome will be a radical shift in how your teams think about communication, so you can be more trusted, influential, innovative, connected and productive in a world of continuous change.

I help teams see transformation as an elegant, desirable process that continually improves the quality, satisfaction, belonging, trust and empowerment that’s inherent in their work.

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Jordan helped us imagine the story about how we want the team to look in 12 months—and, more importantly, understand our concerns around what could go wrong—so our leadership could proactively avoid those potential issues. Together, our team used the workshop to develop guiding principles that would help us come together, connect on a human level and build the alignment towards achieving our shared goals.


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