Business Storytelling Workshops

Get clear on the heart of your story.

I facilitate deep and exceptionally impactful business storytelling workshop that are customized to the communications challenges you face as a team.



I help organizational teams get crystal clear on the heart of their story—and help them develop the tactics to get that story heard.

Hi, I’m Jordan Bower—a top-tier systems thinker, group facilitator, change leader and business storyteller. For the last ten years, I’ve been working with organizational groups to help them get their strategic messages across with more influence and impact.

My clients have included executive teams, sales teams, innovations teams, brand teams, data teams and more. I’ve worked with billion-dollar tech companies, venture-funded startups, health care service companies, government agencies and international design firms.

I’m an expert at helping diverse groups come together around a clear, compelling message—and then teaching them the skills to make that message spread.

This course helped me thoroughly understand how I can make a difference in communicating my story, engaging my audience and identifying who I can help. Very clear and so much direct application. Jordan knows his material inside and out and communicates it wonderfully



Go beyond “how to tell a story” and find the best way to tell your story to your stakeholders.

This business storytelling workshop is one step beyond a standard corporate training. The goal of the workshop is to give your team time and space to learn how to communicate in a more impactful way. The experience is hands-on, interactive, expertly facilitated and customized to you and your team.

Along the way, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify what makes content interesting and engaging.
  • How to make data more relevant and meaningful.
  • How to improve listening and empathy skills.
  • How to tell personal stories and create connections while remaining professional.
  • How to address resistance, conflict and elephants in the room.
  • How to cut through corpate jargon and make your language clearer and more effective.
  • How to feel comfortable being more vulnerable at work.

You’ll workshop your team’s real stories.

Your team will work with two types of stories in this workshop: one personal leadership story and one professional narrative that’s drawn directly from your work.

A personal leadership story is a 2-3 minute introduction to you and your work. It’s designed to quickly create connections and humanize your messaging, helping you transcend cold and data-based corporate jargon.

During the workshop, participants work in pairs and small groups tofind, edit and improve their own personal leadership stories. Everyone walks away with a way to talk about themselves that is personal and yet professional. Along the way, you’ll learn the essential elements of engaging communication in a way that makes sense and is relevant to you.

From there, you’ll move into the second story type: a professional narrative.For executive teams, that narrative could be a transformation message intended for internal audiences or a sales narrative intended for the marketplace. For analysts teams, that narrative might be around framing data to help your executive leadership make better decisions. Every workshop is different. (In advance of the workshop, I help you choose the story that your group will work on.)

Once again, your team will work in pairs and small groups to find, edit and improve on this narrative—building upon what you’ve learned in working with your personal leadership stories.

You’ll discuss storytelling obstacles and come together to design solutions.

As you move through the workshop, you’ll surface obstacles to telling the story that you’d really like to tell. Through facilitated group discussions, your team will come together to discuss the obstacles you face and create alignment around shared solutions.

As you get crystal clear on your message, you’ll experience first-hand the transformation that goes with becoming a better storyteller.

You’ll leave the workshop with new tools and skills—and, most importantly, new clarity and insight about the best way to tell your story to your stakeholders.

Storytelling workshops are hands-on, experiential sessions. They are expertly facilitated by Jordan Bower.

Workshops can be delivered in-person or online.

Jordan helped us imagine the story about how we want the team to look in 12 months—and, more importantly, understand our concerns around what could go wrong—so our leadership could proactively avoid those potential issues. Together, our team used the workshop to develop guiding principles that would help us come together, connect on a human level and build the alignment and story towards achieving our shared goals.


Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

Meet Jordan Bower

My clients are leading the institutions, movements, products and experiences that are actively creating a better world. These leaders are bravely letting go of old paradigms to revolutionize how their teams work and the products and services they create.

If you’re a leader like this, I’ll help you and your team work through complex communications challenges, unlock innovative sources of value and uncover hidden opportunities for growth.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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