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In a full day Storytelling Workshop, learn how to use your own personal stories to authentically engage, motivate and persuade key professional audiences.

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Corporate Storytelling Workshop & Trainings

Imagine having the power to captivate your audience. Imagine inspiring people to connect passionately with what you sell. Imagine using these skills to help customers, investors, stakeholders buy into a new future and rally around an important change. These are the skills of a storyteller.

Since 2013, we’ve delivered our storytelling workshops to thousands of people around the globe. Here’s some of what they’ve learned:

How to Improve Leadership, Persuasion & Influence

In a storytelling workshop, leaders learn how to develop visionary narratives that help them overcome resistance and build momentum for change.

How to Develop Creative Thinking Skills

In the future of work, everyone's a knowledge worker. Leaders who've attended a storytelling training walk away with an improved ability to think on their feet.

How to Connect Authentically with Customers & Employees

A storytelling training helps leaders build support for change by upping their emotional IQ.

How to Create Alignment Across Diverse Groups

In a storytelling workshop, leaders learn how to inspire an authentic sense of focus, purpose and belonging among their team.

All workshops are tailored to your team’s industry and learning style.
Tell us about your team and we’ll help you choose the right curriculum for you.

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the values, vision and agenda for an entire generation to come.”

Steve Jobs

Cross-Functional Storytelling Training

Choose the right Storytelling Workshop for your team

Storytelling for Leaders

Improve how your leaders engage, motivate and inspire your teams.

Storytelling for Sales Teams

Train your sales team to become Hollywood-level storytellers.

Storytelling for Change Management

Find a powerful story for leading transformative change.

Storytelling for Belonging

Use storytelling process to help your team talk about unconscious bias and inclusion.

Storytelling for Employer Branding

Uncover a powerful recruiting narrative and connect it with your core values and purpose.

Custom Storytelling Workshops

Get in touch and let's talk about customizing a training for your group.
Jordan Bower Storytelling Trainer

Jordan Bower

About Your Business Storytelling Trainer

As the Founder of Transformational Storytelling, Jordan Bower knows all about what makes a great story. He’s worked with hundreds of people all over the world, delivering storytelling training, one-on-one storytelling coaching and strategic messaging consulting for start-ups, the Fortune 500 and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Jordan brings an exceptional emotional intelligence to his work, and a skillful ability to link together theory, strategy and practice. Jordan is a popular storytelling speaker at conferences, events and ideas festivals.

Questions & Answers

How many people can join a storytelling workshop?

Our teaching style works best in groups between 5-25 participants. Larger groups can also be accommodated. Contact us for more information.

What’s the learning experience like?

A Storytelling Training is taught using an experiential learning methodology. Participants use paired and small group work to workshop the learned storytelling concepts, and apply it immediately to their work. Trainings are designed to maximize practicality and relevance.

Can a storytelling workshop be customized?

Yes, every workshop is customized to your particular group.

In advance of the session, we’ll analyze your current company messaging—including but not limited to videos, websites, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, sales pitches and one-on-one interviews with team members—to understand your current story and identify gaps, in order to make the session optimally relevant.

What takeaways are included?

Participants leave the storytelling workshop with supplementary resources that will help them apply learned concepts and build new habits. One-on-one coaching is also offered to make sure things stick.

How far in advance should I book?

Four weeks in advance of your desired date is a good rule of thumb. A Storytelling Training can be delivered in our training facility in Vancouver, Canada or on site wherever you are in the world.

Can you speak at our event or conference?

Yes, I deliver valuable, practical and impactful keynote speeches and breakout sessions as a storytelling speaker. Let’s talk about designing an awesome audience experience. You can contact me here.

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