Business Storytelling Workshop for Teams

Business storytelling helps you turn facts into meaning.

In this  virtual learning program, your team will learn to transform communication into connection—so you can improve the results, impact and satisfaction in your work.

This storytelling workshop is open to teams from around the world. Apply Now.


We’re a unique, boutique consultancy helping our clients communicate with vision, courage, vulnerability & conviction.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

Meet Jordan Bower

My work is distinguished by my ability to balance deep emotional insights with practical and actionable strategic thinking.

Over the last seven years, I’ve led business communications workshops for dozens of organizations, including big tech companies, international banks and government institutions like the Federal Reserve Bank and the Government of Canada.

I work with clients who are exploring the deep power of communication—and how it can lead to profound transformation in our work & lives.

You’re a brilliant teacher, with a passionate and thorough knowledge of communications.  I am so pleased I had the opportunity of working with you.

FIONA MCFARLAND, Pella Resources

I appreciate that you challenged me. More importantly, I appreciate how you challenged me to be better. I learned a lot from this experience and plan to continue improving my skills.


Relevant content. Can be implemented. Challenged my thinking. Jordan knows his material inside and out and communicates it wonderfully.

JAY GORDON, Canadian tire

Here’s Who’s Taken This Storytelling Workshop


Our Transformational Moment Demands a More Authentic, Nuanced and Insightful Approach to Business Communication.

My deep experience working with organizations has shown me that the biggest obstacle to effective leadership, sales, marketing and internal change is our abstract and unemotional business language.

Though once it was appropriate, in business, to deliver data, updates, strategy and talking points in an objective and emotionless way, today we all need to understand that the choices we make in our communication are inseparable from the way we are heard by our audiences. Today, we choose between emails, texts, videos, reports, tweets, posts and one-on-one conversations, just in the same way that we choose the frame we put around ourselves and our work. Today, when our customers, colleagues, employees and neighbors are literally out in the streets, demanding leadership that is based on empathy, purpose, meaning, insight and profound understanding of social issues, our responsibility, as business people, is to dive deep into our communication and ensure that we are being heard the way that we intend.

There is simply no such thing as “the right way” to lead, sell or communicate anymore.

The goal of this 6-week business storytelling workshop is not to teach you the “right” way that you “should” tell a story. It’s to help your team become more genuine, trusted, authentic and believable by deepening your own understanding of your audiences—and yourself.

Together, we’ll take the time to dig deeper into your communication goals, so we can unearth more powerful ways to frame your work. We will challenge each other to push past cliche, jargon and abstract language so we can talk about your work without manipulation or confusion. And we will explore new and genuinely creative ways of communicating transformational messages in ways that are meaningful to your audiences—and also deeply fulfilling to you as a team.

We’ll do all of this while learning the basic frameworks of great business storytelling in a unique, original and unexpected way.

By the end of this workshop,  your team will have a much more profound insight into understanding communication as a tool and the choices we can make to tell a story in presentations, emails, conversations, etc.—as well as a radical new path forward in talking about your work.

A Net Promoter Score of 93.3, well above our goal of 62! The participants’ comments reinforce the strength of your content and facilitation, the relevance of the material, and the appreciation for the interactivity in the room and application to each person’s job role.

Learning Partner, Canadian Tire Triangle Learning Academy

What Are the Goals of this Powerful Business Storytelling?

Here’s the learning outcomes of this business storytelling training:

  • Help participants find deeper, more influential narratives in facts and data
  • Improve clarity and impact of relevant business messages, including Powerpoint decks, emails, social posts, conversations, etc.
  • Strengthen creative thinking, empathy, self-esteem and leadership presence
  • Build deeper trust, connection and collaboration within the team
  • Learn from best practice example—and challenge your team to go beyond.

What Does This Business Storytelling Workshop Include?

Over the course of this workshop, your team will:

  • Design & develop real “stories” about themselves and their work. Stories include personal “Connection Story” — a compelling, personal and creative way to introduce yourself — as well as messaging around your real projects, pitches, previous successes or ideas.
  • Refine these stories through structured practice. Paired and small group exercises let everyone receive personalized feedback.
  • Learn the conceptual “scaffolding” behind effective strategic narratives. You’ll watch videos with best (and worst) practice examples customized to your industry and context.
  • Strengthen your “creative problem solving” muscles. Participants will use structured exercised and analytical frameworks to build confidence in their own creativity.
  • Build empathy for audiences and shift their perspective on communication. Open-ended discussions provoke your team to summon inner resources and think differently.
  • Debrief learnings and discuss insights. In a final, facilitated conversation, your team will unpack the learning experience and develop alignment around next steps.

Essential Information

  • Every client engagement is customized based on your budget and available time. Engagements range from
  • Our most common engagements are spread over 4-6 weeks to reduce Zoom fatigue while giving your team time to integrate and reflect on the learning.
  • Our learning style is based on facilitated conversation and high participant engagement. This is very much a workshop, not a training.
  • All workshops are delivered by Jordan Bower. I’m based in Vancouver on the West Coast of Canada.