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As a Leadership & Culture Storytelling Consultant, I help you increase your influence by getting your story straight.

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Packages for Individuals and Small Business Clients


Use storytelling to level up your LinkedIn or Website Bio and create a powerful, personal narrative that persuades and connects with everyone who's Googling you.

Use storytelling structures and secrets directly in your pitch. Improve the way you motivate and influence investors, customers and new hires. Get the deal done quick!

Use Storytelling to unleash your inner Brene Brown, and deliver the best speech of your life. I'll help you go from idea to speech, in just four weeks.

Storytelling Consulting & Training Engagements for Corporate Clients

Improve the way your team communicates — and up the impact you make in your work.


Improve your leadership, selling, networking and speaking by developing strategic, differentiated messaging.


Facilitated group experiences that integrate storytelling concepts into the way you sell, market, collaborate and lead.


Identify, articulate and spread compelling strategic narratives through your organization and into the world.


Inspire your group or conference with a unique take on the renewed importance of business storytelling.

What are the Outcomes?


As a Storytelling Consultant, the tangible outcomes of my work can span the wide range of professional communications. Brands, digital marketing, videos, speeches, sales pitches, training curriculums, employer branding, workspace design and shared group manifestos all flow naturally out of the strategic messaging process. That’s generally what I make.

What I do is get into the emotional heart of things, because the emotional content of your story is ultimately what makes it most memorably and compelling. I work to help bring great stories out of you, (as opposed to making them up myself).

In the process, I help you become aware of the stories that you are already in the habit of telling — as an individual, team and organization. By becoming aware of those stories, you can target root causes of business problems with heightened accuracy, make more profound change and remove the roadblocks to growth.

Accordingly, on the way to creating persuasive and strategic messaging, you pass through an inclusive and intimate change process. Along the way, you get experiential, emotionally meaningful learnings that will improve how you and your team connect, collaborate, coach one another and find satisfaction in your work.

Inclusion, belonging and strong organizational cultures are a natural outcome of any emotionally meaningful story work. Change becomes easier to overcome when you do a better job of telling your story.

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