In the post-pandemic future, we'll think of organizations as ever-evolving organisms, not static, managed machines. Let's evolve how we lead lasting, positive change.

Evolve Your Leadership

I’m Jordan — a leadership consultant, coach, author and keynote speaker with deep expertise in business storytelling & the emotions associated with transformational change.

I help my clients evolve how they think about communication and transformational leadership, so they can create resilient, trusted, innovative, purpose-driven, influential and productive work & organizations.

After all, that’s what’s going to thrive in our future of uncertainty and continuous change.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

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I’m a unique leadership communications coach & transformational consultant.

Jordan Bower is based in Vancouver, Canada.
He offers coaching, consulting & workshops to clients based around the world.

If there’s one lesson from 2020, it’s this: no one knows what’s going to happen next. When we realize that the future of work is uncertainty, adaptability and continuous change, we can make a radical shift in the way we think about organizations: making them more flexible and improvisational, more egalitarian and less hierarchal, with more room for meaningful contributions from everyone at all levels of the org chart. 

We can evolve our thinking about organizations from static, managed machines into dynamic, ever-shifting and collectively intelligent organisms

At the heart of this change is a radical shift in how we communicate—with our customers, our employees, our colleagues and, most importantly, with ourselves. That’s where I work with clients.

Transformation isn’t merely the outcome of working with me: I help my clients see change as an elegant, desirable process that continually improves the quality, satisfaction, belonging, trust and empowerment that’s inherent in their work.

My work with clients spans categories: strategy, culture, leadership development, design, brand and the emotions associated with change.

I tend to work with two types of clients:

  • CEOs, Executives and Team Leaders, who want to apply an evolved, human-centered approach to organizational change—and are willing to disrupt some serious apple carts along the way.
  • Individual Thought Leaders, including founders, scientists, politicians, leaders, authors and influencers who want to lead through storytelling—engaging the emotions of their audiences and influencing transformational change by developing their inner visionary.

I work in the realms of vision, creativity, trust, vulnerability, storytelling & emotions. Come to me when you want a radical shift in how you communicate — internally and externally.


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