Shape the Stories that Shape Us

New technologies, relationships and identities require new stories. As a Leadership & Culture Storytelling Consultant, I help leaders develop emotionally authentic strategic narratives that inspire transformational change.



Change your story. Change the world.

Stories are more than the way we communicate. They are the milestones that guide how we live our lives. Since 2013, I’ve helped C-suite executives, start-up founders, marketers, people managers, entrepreneurs and individuals use the lens of Strategic Storytelling to humanize their message, connect meaningfully with target audiences and create the alignment and inspiration that leads to growth.

Here’s some of what my clients learn while working with me:

How To Make Messages More Persuasive & Motivating

Create Oscar-winning strategic messages that change minds by touching hearts.

How to Create Alignment between Diverse Groups

Develop a shared narrative that creates alignment, purpose and belonging.

How to Connect One Level Deeper with Audiences

Build trusted bridges and genuine emotional connections.

How To Totally Reimagine Outside the Box

Find new stories that open up possibility and hope.
Jordan Bower Storytelling Consultant
Transformational Storyteller Jordan Bower

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the values, vision and agenda for an entire generation to come.”

Steve Jobs

How Can Strategic Storytelling Help You?

Storytelling Services for Businesses & Individuals

For Businesses and Organizations

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Apply the foundational patterns of storytelling to your strategic communications through an in-person  tactical training. These interactive storytelling workshops are for sales professionals, executives, marketers, culture strategists and change leaders.

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Work collaboratively with your leadership team to develop an emotionally resonant strategic narrative. Succeed by creating a clear and compelling organizational vision, investment pitch, employer value proposition or brand.

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1-on-1 Storytelling Coaching

Build your leadership skills. Learn how to connect your personal narrative with your professional goals to improve how you inspire others and influence change. 

Learn more about 1-on-1 Storytelling Coaching.

For Start-up Founders & Entrepreneurs

I want to get clear on how I talk about my start-up

My introductory package helps you get laser-focused on your ideal strategic narrative.

I want to develop awesome brand messaging

I help you develop a positioning approach that will connect with and inspire your audiences.

I want to develop an outstanding speech or pitch

I help you turn your ideas into smart, differentiated and meaningful thought leadership.

I want to get one-on-one storytelling training

Get hands-on storytelling coaching that improves how you persuade and engage.

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I love storytelling, and I love sharing my passion. Please feel free to reach out to me. I respond to every message I get personally.

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I deliver thoughtful, timely and interactive presentations on storytelling, with a balance of useful tools and deep insight.

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