Jordan shows how to bring change that goes beyond what’s possible…

Today, every person inside of every organization needs to proactively respond to the massive global transformation—embracing ongoing change rather than fearing it. Doing so requires an integration of the practical and the emotional so that buzzwords like resilience, agility, and creativity can be brought into reality.

Jordan Bower is a strategic communications and business transformation consultant who helps his clients integrate the practical and emotional at work, so they can refocus around new narratives, strategies, and visions of the future.

He’s based in Vancouver, Canada and works with clients from around the world.

Meet Jordan Bower

Systems Thinker. Group Facilitator. Business Storyteller. Creative Catalyst.

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Jordan is a transformation consultant that helps leaders work with emotions in a practical way.

As a transformation consultant, Jordan advises leaders who are designing adaptive, innovative organizations on how to address and work with fears of change. By doing so, he empowers them to refocus their teams around new narratives and goals, so they can go beyond what’s been.

Jordan’s an articulate communicator, empathetic listener, and profound creative guide who drives change from the inside out. His client roster includes CEOs, executive leaders, and venture-backed start-up founders.


Jordan leads compelling business storytelling workshops that help others balance head and heart.

Jordan’s business storytelling workshops teach how to apply business storytelling concepts to create clear, engaging, and innovative communications.

These workshops are customized for a wide variety of organizational groups, including executives, leaders, engineers, designers, brand, sales, and more…

“Jordan knows his material inside and out and communicates it wonderfully.”

Jordan coaches individual leaders to communicate with more clarity, engagement, and creativity.

As a leadership storytelling coach, Jordan helps individuals tap into their creativity and find new ways to talk about their most important business messages.

His clients go one step beyond the “how” of business storytelling, so they can invent novel ways of engaging their audiences.

“It’s been three years and I still think about what Jordan taught me at least once a week.”

Jordan delivers keynote speeches on business storytelling and integrating the practical with the emotional.

As a keynote speaker, Jordan’s intimate and facilitative approach sets him apart from the traditional “sage on the stage.” Beyond delivering information, he creates an emotionally meaningful experience that moves minds and hearts at the same time.

Jordan has spoken at events on three continents, including the Future of Storytelling Summit (NYC), Culture First (SF), and Content Jam (Chicago).

Jordan’s memoir about walking from Canada to Mexico is a profoundly vulnerable story about reimagining masculinity.

As an artist, Jordan has created a digital storytelling project called Momentum. Momentum is the (mostly) true story about the year that Jordan walked, by himself, from Canada to Mexico, facing down a humiliating breakup and trying to discover what to do about it.

This raw, vulnerable, and skillfully told Story raises important questions about the process of reimagining masculinity. It intends to galvanize men—and the people who love men—to deconstruct and evolve our collective story about what it means to be a good man.