We need new leaders with the vision, courage, vulnerability & communication skills to guide us into the unknown. There's no "going back".

Build Leadership Communications Skills to Guide Us Into The Unknown

Hi, I’m Jordan Bower: a leadership storytelling consultant & coach based in Vancouver, Canada.

My work helps strategic leaders tell the story about what has changed and what it means. I work towards developing a new style of leadership—one based on empathy, purpose, meaning, insight, clarity, emotional intelligence and a profound understanding of today’s most important social issues.

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Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

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Storyteller Jordan Bower at Culture First

Hi, I’m Jordan Bower: A Facilitator of Transformational Learning Experiences

Ten years ago, I found myself in a crisis. My girlfriend had just left me for another man. I lacked purpose, career and a sense of myself. I ended up spending a year walking alone from Canada to Mexico.

That trip totally transformed how I live, work and love in the world. Along the way, I discovered how to find the balance between being vulnerable, emotional, professional and impactful.

Today, my clients are a diverse community of impactful change agents who work for some of the world’s most exciting organizations. Together, we’re telling a new story about leadership — one step at a time.

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