Our stories are our futures.
Reimagine yours.

As a Leadership & Culture Storytelling Consultant, I help leaders influence change through authenticity, creativity and emotional connection.


Inspiring meaningful change through authentic communication

I started my business, Transformational Storytelling, to help professionals bring more emotional depth to the way we communicate. Since 2013, I’ve worked with thousands of people around the globe, helping them develop a clear, authentic and visionary way to support others through change.

My clients include C-suite executives, start-up founders, mid-level managers, marketers, culture strategists and individuals. Here’s some of what I help them learn:

How To Make Messages More Persuasive, Motivating & Influential

Learn the same methods that storytellers have used to influence behavior for tens of thousands of years.

How to Create Alignment between Diverse Groups

Create focus, purpose and belonging around a meaningful shared narrative.

How to Connect More Authentically with Customers & Employees

Build support (and better relationships) by upping your emotional IQ.

How to Develop Creative Problem Solving Skills

Learn to think on your feet, create brilliantly and navigate challenging conversations with ease.
Jordan Bower Storytelling Consultant
Transformational Storyteller Jordan Bower

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the values, vision and agenda for an entire generation to come.”

Steve Jobs

What are you looking for?

Here are some of the ways I can help:

For Businesses and Organizations

We Need a Strategy for Leading Transformative Change

I help you find a compelling change narrative and turn it into a strategic messaging plan.

We Want to Use Storytelling to Improve Our Sales Effectiveness

I train your sales team to become Hollywood-level storytellers.

We need to create a great pitch to investors or stakeholders

I make your pitch strategy and materials much more persuasive.

We want to make Authenticity a Key Piece of our Culture & Brand

I guide you to the kind of purpose-driven story that leads to genuine engagement and belonging.

We want to improve our employer Brand Storytelling

I help you uncover a powerful recruiting narrative and connect it with your core values and purpose.

We Want to build a culture of belonging

I use storytelling process to help your team talk about unconscious bias and inclusion.

We want to integrate storytelling into the way we communicate

I lead trainings for various functional groups to improve your communication and efficiency.

We want a great speaker for our event or conference

I deliver engaging and practical storytelling tools to your conference attendees.

For Consultants & Entrepreneurs

I want to connect my personal story to my professional one.

I help you find a powerful way to talk authentically about your work.

I want to develop brand messaging for my product or services

I help you create a great narrative that connects with your audiences.

I want to develop an outstanding and persuasive speech or pitch

I help you tease out and articulate your unique thought leadership.

I want to get one-on-one storytelling training

Get hands-on storytelling coaching that improves how you persuade and engage.

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Let’s get your story straight.

I love storytelling, and I love sharing my passion. Please feel free to reach out to me. I respond to every message I get personally.

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I deliver thoughtful, timely and interactive presentations on storytelling, with a balance of useful tools and deep insight.

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