Imagine a world where we all speak with clarity, lead with depth & connect with emotion. We call that Storytelling.

Transform How You Think of Storytelling

Storytelling means infusing information with emotion to heighten meaning. It’s the building block of human connection and the essential skill for all of us in these turbulent times.

My name’s Jordan Bower. I’m a leadership storytelling consultant. I help my clients transform facts into meaning, so they can connect deeper, build trust faster and get greater satisfaction from their life & work.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

Who I’ve Worked With

Work with Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower

Learn to present your ideas clearly and bring out the insights in data

Our Think Like a Storyteller storytelling workshops teach the methodology and mindsets that help you communicate with connection, clarity and resonance.

Find the hope, inspiration & emotional depth in your story of change

As a storytelling consultant, we help you bring deeper meaning to the strategic messaging around your teams, products, ideas, brand & culture.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower facilitating a Storytelling Workshop

Be the change by practicing new styles of empathetic collaboration

Soft skills are the hard currency of the future. Join us in telling a new story about the role of empathy, self-awareness and vulnerability in great places to work.

Redefine How You Think About Organizational Storytelling

We don’t just tell stories. We’re made of stories. Story is the psychological construct that has always brought meaning, purpose, identity and belonging to our work and our lives. Right now, in the midst of a storytelling revolution, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing unprecedented levels of pessimism and distrust. Our stories are changing. The world is looking to organizations for a way forward. As business storytellers and organizational leaders, it’s our time to step up.

Our work isn’t about helping you find the perfect story. We don’t write values for walls or develop brand promises. We don’t spin anything. Instead, as a storytelling consultant, our role is to be your guide. We show you how to think of your story as iterative and ever-changing so others can participate. We support you as you integrate your strategy with empathy, creative imagination and design thinking so that your message resonates. Most importantly, we help you and your team develop the agency to re-write the story of your team, your work and your life so you can all find passion, purpose, inspiration and fulfillment.

We’re working towards a world where we all communicate with more depth, clarity and vulnerability. Join us.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower at Culture First

Introducing Jordan Bower: Storytelling Consultant & Founder of Transformational Storytelling

“No one can tell you the right way to tell your story. I act as a guide to help my clients look inside and pull the right story out of themselves.”

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Jordan Bower is a leadership storytelling consultant, coach, facilitator and speaker — and the Chief Storyteller of Transformational Storytelling. He works to heighten values of vision, curiosity, courage and vulnerability through clear and effective communication.

Jordan has worked with dozens of organizations from tech to government to the Fortune 500. He plays ultimate frisbee at an international level and once changed his life by walking alone from Canada to Mexico.