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Keynote Speaker on Business Storytelling

Jordan Bower gets audiences to redefine how they think about storytelling, so they can improve how they create connection, understanding and meaning in their work.

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Jordan works in the intersection of strategy, innovation, communication & relationships.

Jordan approaches storytelling in a way that turns the buzzword on its head. Rather than advocating that we should tell cute anecdotes in our work, Jordan argues that the communications revolution has fundamentally destabilized the most important stories of our lives, leading to widespread loneliness, distrust and identity crisis. The work of leadership is not just telling the story; it’s inventing a new story that can clearly, authentically and meaningfully get our internal & external stakeholders on board.

Jordan argues that we are all already storytellers and that we constantly make conscious and unconscious storytelling choices in every way we communicate, including our presentations, emails, reports, social media posts, texts, and formal & informal conversations.

By shedding light on these choices, Jordan empowers us to take new agency over our communication, speaking more clearly, connecting more meaningfully and transforming old, limiting narratives about our work and our lives.

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Popular Storytelling Keynote Descriptions

For leadership and general audiences

Transformational Storytelling & the Age of Distrust

We live in a time when more than half of us believe the world will be worse within five years. What do today’s consumers, employees and citizens want more than anything? Real stories about the future that engender clarity, hope, meaning and, most importantly, a renewed sense of belonging & identity.

In this talk, Jordan Bower sets a vision for the future of organizational communication — and shows you the tactics you’ll need to build connection, credibility and action.

For sales teams and kickoffs

Sell Like a Storyteller

The complexity of our time has shifted the role of the sales professional from a provider of solutions to a trusted guide. Today, our ability to build trust, communicate effectively and connect with others are not just “soft skills.” They’re basic requirements for everyone in a client-facing role.

How can your team learn to become more adept in the art of connection — and still close the deal? In this talk, Jordan Bower brings a shift in mindset and shows you the methodology for making it stick.

For people & culture leaders

Cultivate Belonging by Transforming Stories

Belonging comes when we identify with some bigger story that creates a truth or meaning about our life. People leaders working towards belonging within their teams and organizations can use the same tactics and insights that storytellers have employed for tens of thousands of years.

In this talk, Jordan Bower tackles the big questions that link leadership, inclusion, belonging and storytelling — and arms you with the tools that will help you become a better storyteller yourself.

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