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Jordan Bower brings your audience a new understanding of what it means to be a business storyteller — and how to do it well.

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Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

Evolve how your audience thinks about storytelling in our organizations

I’m Jordan Bower — a leadership consultant, coach, facilitator and keynote speaker with deep expertise in business storytelling & the emotions associated with transformational change.

I help audiences evolve how they think about communication and transformational leadership, so they can create resilient, trusted, innovative, purpose-driven, influential and productive organizations.

After all, that’s what’s going to thrive in our future of uncertainty and continuous change.

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Jordan at Content Jam 2019
Jordan at DisruptHR 2018

Jordan’s Keynote Helps Audiences Transform How They Think About Communication, Influence & Leadership in the Post-Pandemic Future

If 2020 showed us anything, it’s that no one has any idea what the future will look like. When we realize that the future of work is uncertainty, adaptability and resilience, we can make a radical shift in how we think about workplace communication: becoming more flexible and improvisational, more creative and emotional, more trusted, vulnerable, honest and human.

In my opinion, this is the essence of business storytelling.

My approach helps audiences evolve beyond the traditional how-to of business storytelling. Beyond lecturing about how to tell stories, I help audiences build their understanding of the emotional, visionary and trust-developing components of effective communication by creating an environment where they can learn how to access these functions within themselves.

Every keynote with me is a little different. They always include

  • remarkably high levels of audience participation, including break-outs
  • a facilitated, conversational approach, rather than “a sage on the stage”
  • highly customized content to the specific needs, interests and problems of your group
  • a playful, authentic and emotionally meaningful tone. I REALLY CARE AND I REALLY WANT TO HELP :D!

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