Jordan Bower is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator on the topics of business storytelling, creative process, and holistic organizational transformation.

Jordan has spoken at more than fifty events, including the Future of Storytelling Summit, Content Jam, and Culture First.

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Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower

What’s Jordan currently speaking about?

Telling a New Story About Vulnerable Leadership

As the old structures crumble, business requires not just new faces but new language and attitudes—to culture, leadership, product, systems, and all other parts of the organization. This attitude must evolve beyond the top-down, sage on a stage, I’ve seen it all before mentality of old business. It’s about facilitating rather than teaching, spontaneity rather than polish, and vulnerability rather than performance.

In the spirit of the new world, Jordan speaks improvisationally, never using notes or a Powerpoint. The flow of his “talks” includes a high degree of audience interaction, unifying the people in the room as co-participants rather than an audience. This approach is dynamic, creative, and unconventional—very much in the spirit of the content that Jordan is delivering.

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Jordan at Content Jam 2019
Jordan at DisruptHR 2018

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