Does your business have a
Chief Storyteller?

Create culture • Connect with customers • Develop vision
Design strategically • Collaborate effectively

Why a Chief Storyteller?

Storytellers make things make sense.

Marc Andreessen, the inventor of Netscape and famed Venture Capitalist, once said that, in the future, there will be just two categories of jobs:

1. People who tell computers to do things.
2. People who do what computers tell them to do.

I think there will be a third category:

3. STORYTELLERS who help people cope.

Storytelling evolved to help human beings make meaning out of life. Faced with the challenges of a confusing, uncertain and fast-changing world, our ancestors used the connective power of storytelling to construct sophisticated societies, enlightened values and purposeful cultures.

Today, as we all navigate profound change, modern organizations are being called to address similar challenges. Though the problems may be different, the solutions is the same: every organization needs a Chief Storyteller.

What does a Chief Storyteller do?

Strong companies and teams have strong cultures. Storytelling is the cornerstone of culture. A Chief Storyteller is responsible for creating harmony between internal messaging, external sales & marketing and the work that teams actually create.

In practice, a Chief Storyteller is responsible for managing the ever-changing story of the business. They uncover real customer and employee stories and retell them in a way that adds value to the corporate brand, as well as contributes to a strong culture.

Storytelling deliverables empower the heart and soul of the company’s vision and values, in a way that resonates emotionally with customers and employees.

A Chief Storyteller has the following key responsibilities:

Culture Crafting

  • Translates leadership visions into easily consumable employee messages
  • Increase and sustain employee engagement and participation
  • Steward collaborative dialogue across cross-functional groups
  • Train internal leaders and teams in the key organizational narratives

Story Crafting

  • Uncovering, capturing and building storytelling assets for each organizational function (case studies, social marketing, leadership keynotes, etc.)
  • Supporting leadership in using narrative to connect the organization’s past, present and future
  • Overseeing and designing consistent messaging across all brand channels
  • Tailoring messaging for different audiences and strategic goals

Story Measuring

  • Optimizing key engagement metrics, such as views, clicks, shares, likes, etc.
  • Conducting qualitative testing with various internal and external audiences
  • Reporting on results to leadership, managers, board of directors, etc.

Create Comprehension, Meaning and Impact

What's your ROI?

To figure out the ROI of storytelling in your business, consider: How much is your current story costing you?

How many potential customers can’t understand why what you sell is important? How much marketing spend is going to waste because your story doesn’t stand out among the noise? How much time are your employees spending feeling disengaged and unproductive? How much money are you spending trying to find and hire great talent? How many hours are you spending in meetings struggling to create alignment and debating what to do next? How much sleep are you losing trying to figure out how to hone your personal leadership voice?

You might already be spending much more time and money trying to clarify your strategic story than you had thought.

Small Business Storytelling Consulting

Story development and sales/marketing/web design packages start from $3K

Organizational Storytelling Consulting

Story analysis, group facilitations and customized trainings start from $5K

Organizational Storytelling Training

Empower internal leaders and teams in storytelling, starting from $3K.

One On One StorytellingCoaching

Get your professional story and comms strategy straight, starting from $150/hr.

Not Your Average Communicator

What makes my work different?

Adapted to your Style

Everyone's story is different. I excel at customizing your approach to you and your business needs.

Propelled by Deep Listening

Working with the story beneath the story, we uncover, address and solve the deepest problems, not the symptoms.


For every story, we use design thinking concepts like prototyping, empathy mapping and data analysis to navigate change effectively.

Systems Focused

Storytelling is more than marketing. Our approach strategically integrates your story with the way you work.

Encouraging Trust and Empathy

We work together for greater understanding and emotional impact. Because strong emotional connections create brands customers and employees love.

Naturally Inclusive

Our process is designed to encourage and celebrate multiple perspectives. This attitude automatically creates a more diverse, inclusive and collaborative story.

How can a Chief Storyteller help your business?

What does a Chief Storyteller do? -- Jordan Bower, Transformational Storytelling