Be Authentic
with Jordan Bower

Strategic Storyteller

for Brands, Leaders & Teams.

Jordan knows what makes a great story and he knows how to guide you there. He’s patient and an incredible listener. I wish he was my girlfriend.

Jason Gaboriau
EVP Executive Creative Director / Doner Advertising LA

Tell a story that

changes your world.

Emotionally meaningful stories inspire genuine, heartfelt action. I help you assess, discover and articulate the optimal story for motivating the people you care about and humanizing your vision.

From world-class wanderer
to world-class storyteller

I honed my storytelling process while walking on my own from Canada to Mexico.

Why you should

invest in a Storytelling process

instead of a product

Today, each month brings as much transformative change as the first hundred thousand years of human history. Social media, mobile phones and the Internet of Things have transformed our fundamental relationship with the world around us, creating a widespread sense of disassociation, loneliness and uncertainty about what it means to be human in the dehumanized future.

What the world needs most is your story — a story that clearly articulates a vision for the future in language that touches our head and our hearts.

Rather than spending time and money developing websites, communications campaigns and organizational visions that don’t address your customers, colleagues and employees at the most human level, stop and consider the emotional relationship that your story represents in the life of your target audience. This insight is the heart of my work.

By transforming your story from a lecture into an emotionally meaningful experience, you deepen the trust and psychological safety implicit in your storytelling. By paying attention to how you tell your story, you immediately engage your audience’s depth, resulting in more understanding, inspiration and meaningful action.

Applications of Storytelling

Digital Marketing

Strategic Brand Planning

Organizational Culture


Media & Keynotes

Product/Service Design

Team Building

Conflict Resolution


Coaching you to

become a storyteller.

We are all storytellers. I help you learn the theory and develop the practice for becoming a conscious, thoughtful and strategically effective communicator.

Jordan Bower: Strategic Storytelling & Corporate Intimacy Expert