Chief Storytellers connect all the pieces together.

Harmonize your sales & marketing with the way your teams work and the meaning behind the work that you create. That’s the future of business.

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Build the skills and strategic vision for higher engagement and better work.



Get your clients excited and aligned around meaningful, strategic creative.

Small Businesses


Find your strategic story and use it to power your growth.


Transform storytelling from fluffy fad into a
dynamic strategic planning process.

By my definition, Storytelling is not window dressing. It’s a soulful, strategic approach to professional communication that improves how both internal and external audiences connect to a message. By engaging in the process of Strategic Visioning and Storytelling Consulting, my clients achieve these business goals and more:

Engage your customers

Marketing & Content Strategy

Align Your Team

Strategic Planning

Design The Future

Change Management

Persuade your market

Sales Strategy & Training

Inspire Collaboration & Buy-In

Employee Engagement

Unite a Diverse Organization

Culture & Employer Branding

Optimize Engagement

Data Analysis

Open Communication Channels

Systems Design

Power Your Personal Brand

Leadership Development

Storytelling Consulting Approach

Think dynamically. Iterate frequently. Involve everyone. Design with soul. Validate with data. Integrate the personal and professional. Use storytelling to bring all the pieces of the process together.

How We Work Together

Business Storytelling Consulting Services

Strategic Visioning & Facilitation

Using a disruptive process called a Story Sprint, I help teams, departments and entire organizations develop a shared strategic vision that creates alignment, focus and direction.

  • Develop a shared transformation narrative
  • Facilitate alignment across diverse teams and skillsets
  • Strengthen cross-functional communication channels
  • Create consensus around a change action plan
  • Tell the story of your action plan
  • Use research and data to validate your direction

Story Design & Development

I turn organizational strategic visions into integrated, well designed storytelling tools, helping you tell a concise, cohesive and purpose-driven story across your marketing, sales, employer branding, culture, employee engagement, fundraising and business strategy narratives.

  • Story Decks
  • Brand marketing
  • Websites, landing pages, SEO & SEM
  • Content strategy
  • Employer branding
  • Keynote speeches

Business Storytelling Training

I help your team build the persuasive, connective and meaning-making elements of storytelling to share your story across job roles and organizational functions.

Storyteller Jordan Bower

One-on-One Coaching

I support individuals with one-on-one coaching to improve their storytelling abilities, in order to speak more clearly and to become more captivating, motivating and inspiring.

  • Keynote speeches
  • Thought Leadership and Personal Branding
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Networking, About Me pages and more

Keynotes & Speaking

I speak about human beings in the digital age, and how storytelling is our most important tool for nurturing authentic connections.

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