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Increase Your Impact with Strategic Storytelling

By using the time-honed principles of storytelling, brands, leaders and teams can create a more dynamic, purposeful and inclusive way to frame their work, better explaining the importance of what they do in the fast-changing, disruptive Age of Loneliness.

Strategic Storytelling Consulting

We are all storytellers. As business people, we can use our stories strategically to align, motivate and develop collaborative closeness with our employees, partners and fans.

To get there, I help you integrate four very different perspectives on how you think about your work: what you do, what your customers buy, how you work and who you are. This approach is proven to create intimate, authentic stories that resonate deeply with target audiences.

Storytelling can be applied to a variety of professional contexts, including sales, marketing, fundraising, product development and recruiting/retention. No matter the intended outcome, all consulting engagements begin with a Story Sprint -- a unique two day facilitated workshop that helps you frame your goal according to a proven storytelling structure, in language that comes from and is meaningful to you.

Once the elements of this story are in place, I guide implementation of your new story through content, training and related strategic initiatives.

Four Reasons to Build
a Culture of Storytelling

For Brands

You'll Connect with Fans

In the Age of Loneliness, content consumers are craving authentic stories that restore hope, place, community and humanity.

Guests attend The Future of Storytelling 2015 Summit at Snug Harbor on October 8, 2015 in New York City.
For Teams

You'll Inspire Understanding

Diverse groups need stories to translate collective ideas into language they each individually understand. Stories harmonize, connect and motivate meaningful action.

For Leaders

You'll Think Innovatively

By developing the storyteller's skill set of ``relational unconventionality``, you'll build the shared psychological safety that leads directly to effective, team-based collaboration.

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For All of Us

You'll Build Intimacy

Sharing authentic, meaningful true stories is the oldest, most popular and most dependable path to building a brighter world.

Integrate Storytelling Across All Aspects of Your Work

Marketing & Sales

Strategic Brand Planning

Organizational Culture


Media & Keynotes

Product/Service Design

Team Building

Conflict Resolution


Jordan Bower: Strategic Storytelling & Corporate Intimacy Expert