Let’s build a world where we feel truly connected to

our work.
our communities.
each other.

The antidote to digital disruption is storytelling.

Storytelling is essential for selling, marketing and motivating people today

We are more isolated than ever

Smartphone use has separated us into realities we experience by ourselves.

We are more distrustful than ever

The media echo-chamber has created distrust in the institutions that have supported our communities.

We need stories more than ever

The process of storytelling re-creates authentic, human bonds with customers, employees, co-workers and community members.

I help business people be strategic about getting emotional about your work.

Build a winning culture • Connect with customers • Grow your business
Engage employees • Lead meaningfully

Transformational Storytelling Consulting

Our stories are our futures.

By observing, analyzing and transforming our shared stories, we build better, more successful businesses by leveraging the humanity in our work.

Transformational Storytelling Consulting helps you

  • Develop trust with customers
  • Create marketing with momentum
  • Open avenues for employee growth
  • Connect to leadership purpose
  • Unlock design innovation
  • Empower collaborative teams and cultures
  • Build the diverse, inclusive and visionary organizations of our future
About Transformational Storytelling

Corporate Intimacy Training

Soft Skills, Real Results

It’s a no brainer. The more people like us, the more effectively we’ll lead, collaborate, market and sell. Put your biases aside, and start using empathy, trust and authentic human connections to drive improved business results.

Storytelling Trainings are customized for

  • Sales Teams
  • C-Suite
  • Marketers
  • Recruiters
  • Internal Leaders
  • Board of Directors
  • Inclusion

About Jordan Bower

“Jordan brings unconventional skills to business. He integrates technological know-how, emotional literacy and an entrepreneur’s spirit to coach clients to their very best.”

One-On-One Coaching

Get Your Story Straight!

A one-on-one coaching session will help you clarify your professional story. Getting your story straight is an essential prerequisite to networking, your About Me page and developing a content marketing strategy. I’ll show you how to excel at all these and more.


Inspire your audience

Inspire your team, organization and community with great storytelling and compelling insight.

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Let's tell the world your story.

Jordan Bower: Transformational Storytelling Consultant & Corporate Intimacy Expert