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In my trainings and facilitated workshops, people and their organizations come together to design strategic, purpose-driven narratives that tell the story of a better future.


Meet Jordan Bower

You probably already know that everyone has a story. As the founder of a business called Transformational Storytelling,  I think of myself as a Story Chiropractor. It’s my work to help my clients by making micro-adjustments that get their story straight.

Wondering what that has to do with your business? Storytelling is pervasive wherever human beings communicate. In my work, I help leaders develop strategic messages that bring their teams together. I help salespeople create emotional narratives that motivate their prospects. I help small business people develop brand stories that differentiate their products, designers understand and empathize with their users, recruiters build compelling employer brands and organizational teams articulate meaningful cultural values that create an authentic sense of alignment.

In the process, by coaching individuals to tell their own, unique story with clarity and emotional force, I help create a world where more and more of us feel heard, understood and inspired to grow.

Of course, there’s more to the story. But so much is communicated in the spaces between the words.

I invite you to reach out, start a conversation and explore how I can help.

Business Storytelling Services

Storytelling Training

Learn to Humanize your Work

Leadership Storytelling Training
Storytelling for Sales Teams Training
Storytelling for Change Management Training
Diversity & Inclusion Storytelling Training
Employer Branding Storytelling Training
Empathy & Design Thinking Training

Strategic Visioning

Tired of endless blue-sky strategic sessions that never make a difference? Introducing a radical approach to strategic planning: the Story Sprint. Get creative, get focused, get aligned and get feedback — in just two days.

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In just one conversation, I can totally change how you think of your professional story. Curious? Reach out and say hi.

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