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Jordan Bower

Purposeful Stories for

Brands, Leaders & Teams.

I help you build a clear, human and emotionally powerful story that purposefully and strategically connects, motivates and inspires.

From World Wanderer to

World-Class Storyteller

I learned the art of storytelling in 2010, when I spent 316 days walking from Canada to Mexico. Travelling on my own, relying on the kindness of strangers, my story was my greatest asset. Ever since I finished that life changing journey, I’ve been teaching individuals and organizations how they can connect with and motivate others through authentic, purposeful communication.

I am a passionate and engaging speaker on topics ranging from business, organizational mentorship, media theory, gender studies and adventure travel. I’ve been honoured to be featured at events like the Future of Storytelling Summit, Thinklandia and Social Media Camp. My message is simple. The future of great work depends on integrating our ideas with our emotions.

Does Purposeful Storytelling

Belong In Your Business?

For Leaders

You'll Make People Happier

Communicating openly helps your people feel heard. Feeling heard leads directly to employee satisfaction, retention and the sense of psychological safety that results in productive collaboration.
For Teams

You'll Create Alignment

Diverse groups need stories to translate collective ideas into language they each individually understand. Stories motivate, harmonize and humanize.
For Brands

You'll Make More Money

In the Age of Loneliness, customers are craving authentic stories that restore hope, place, community and humanity.
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For All of Us

You'll Build Intimacy

Communal storytelling is the oldest and most dependable path to a brighter world.

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Jordan Bower: Strategic Storytelling & Corporate Intimacy Expert