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I teach leaders and brands how to become emotionally authentic storytellers.

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A Strategic Story is the Truth, Optimized

What story are you telling?

Dig beneath the upper layer of rationality in our brains, and you’ll find emotions, dreams, longings and fears that lay hidden just beyond our everyday consciousness.

This is the realm of storytelling.

Storytelling is the practice of structuring information to be meaningful, motivational, memorable and impactful. Strategic Storytelling applies that practice to our work. To a Strategic Storyteller, every act of communication is an act of storytelling. Every presentation, every pitch, every email, text and tweet contains subtle layers of meaning that your audience comprehends subconsciously.

Learning to access this realm makes your story stand out. By becoming a Strategic Storyteller, you’ll improve how you engage customers, manage people and lead change.

Is your audience hearing what you’re saying?

Applications of Storytelling


Engage Audiences


Articulate a Vision


Explain Data


Increase Sales

Tell The World Your Story

Profit from being authentic.

Leaders who tell great stories inspire their teams. Marketers who tell great stories resonate deeply with the emotions of their audiences. Organizations that tell great stories develop visions that transcend corporate buzzwords.

We have entered a golden age of storytelling: an age in which our successes and failures are instantly disseminated across the planet to content-hungry audiences. The stakes are higher than ever. Create a viral campaign, and you’ll blow past your sales targets. Make one callous comment, and you risk compromising your team, your brand and even yourself.

In this time of extraordinary change, your most valuable resource is an authentic story — a true expression of your humanity that communicates vision, character and your worthiness for our trust.

Where are you steering us? What gift are you bringing to the world? What are you working towards? Why?

Build a better story. Your audience is waiting for it.


Your authentic story links
who you are with what you do.

Jordan Bower: Strategic Storytelling & Corporate Intimacy Expert