Think Like a Storyteller

Virtual Presentation Training Workshop

Learn to deliver engaging and effective virtual presentations to your clients and stakeholders.

Yes, our virtual presenting workshops are being delivered virtually during COVID-19. Read more.

Build Your Communications Skills to Be More Effective While Working From Home

We know many businesses are looking for ways to adapt their meetings, demos and stakeholder presentations during the global pandemic. Our virtual presentation training workshop helps you develop the tactics and strategies to become more compelling and engaging.

Our goal is to help our clients be more clear, effective and impactful when communicating online.

Helping you get your message across clearly as a virtual presenter

The global pandemic is forcing many of us to learn how to deliver an engaging virtual presentations. As facilitators of business storytelling workshops, we know plenty about grabbing your audience’s attention and getting your message across effectively.

In this workshop, we’ll help you:

  • Learn tactics that will keep your listeners engaged
  • Shift the dynamic from passive listening to participatory conversations
  • Restructure your content to significantly improve understanding

Is this virtual presentation workshop for my team?

Virtual presentations require a much different set of skills than standard, in-person business presentations. We work with learners across the organization, including executives, sales teams and everyone who needs to present their ideas more effectively to external & internal stakeholders.

How this Virtual Presentation Program Helps

Shift your mindset from presenting information to facilitating understanding

Your listeners receive information differently through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex than they would if you were in person. We’ll help you adjust your approach to be more dynamic & engaging.

Adjust your presentation content to be more visually engaging

Confusing, data-rich slides are hard to follow without dependable Internet connections. We’ll help you simplify your content so you can present a clear, coherent story.

Learn storytelling tactics that will keep your listeners on the edge of their seats

No one wants to listen to another boring presentation. We’ll teach you simple storytelling-based tactics that will help you become more emotive, engaging & impactful.

How this Program Works

  1. Group Learning Experiences

    We'll facilitate 3 group learning experiences for your team. Each session will be 120 minutes and scheduled every other week, so you can learn quickly & effectively.

  2. Readings & "Homework"

    We'll provide you with content & assignments before each learning experience. That way, our time will be spent discussing application & integration, not listening to lectures.

  3. Collaboration & Coaching

    We can embed into your team's collaboration software — like Teams or Slack — so that we can provide real-time coaching as you prep for your next important presentation.


  • The best group size for in-person workshops is between 8-25. That way, everyone gets hands-on coaching & attention.

    Got a group that’s bigger or smaller? We can find a way to help. Contact us here.

  • Yes! As storytelling consultants, we often work with teams to get their narrative straight and upgrade their materials.
    Contact us to book a time to discuss your needs in more depth.

  • All of our workshops are facilitated by Jordan Bower. Jordan is a master business storytelling trainer who has worked with a diverse range of clients in tech, government, small business and the Fortune 500.