There's No Going Back

Communications Workshop for Transformational Leaders

In this 6-week virtual learning program, you’ll learn how to tell the story about what has changed—and what it means to your audience.

Open to individual leaders from around the world. Apply Now.

Next Session Runs from Oct 20-Nov 24, 2020.


Our transformational moment demands a different tone to our leadership communications, not just different words.

Over the last seven years, I’ve led business communications workshops for dozens of organizations, including big tech companies, international banks and government institutions like the Federal Reserve Bank and the Government of Canada. My experience has taught me that most leadership communicators forget the lesson that all of us learned in kindergarten: “it’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

This lesson is especially relevant now, when all leaders are confronted with guiding their audiences through transformational change and into the unknown. Today, leadership can no longer be about delivering updates, data, strategy and talking points in an objective and emotionless way. There is no such thing as objectivity any more. Today, our customers, colleagues, employees and neighbors are literally out in the streets demanding leadership that is based on empathy, purpose, meaning, insight and profound understanding of social issues.

There’s a big difference between saying the right things and being genuine, trusted, authentic and believable.

The goal of this 6-week leadership communications workshop is not to teach you the “right” way that you “should” be a leader. It’s to help you become more genuine, trusted, authentic and believable by deepening your own understanding of your audiences—and yourself. Together, we’ll all take the time to dig deeper into our collective leadership challenges and find the right tone that will help others resonate with our messages. We will challenge each other to push past cliche, jargon and abstract language so we can talk about our work without manipulation or confusion. And we will explore new and genuinely creative ways of communicating transformational messages in ways that are meaningful to our audiences—and also deeply fulfilling to us as leaders.

As we collectively transform our society’s systems, beliefs and power structures, we need a new type of leader with the vision, courage, vulnerability & conviction to guide us—strategically—into the unknown. Leaders, it’s time to go deeper, so we can connect our audience to a truly new future—not another version of the past.

There’s no “going back”. 

Become a more genuine, trusted, authentic and impactful leadership communicator.

You’re a brilliant teacher, with a passionate and thorough knowledge of communications.  I am so pleased I had the opportunity of working with you.

Fiona McFarland, London, UK

I appreciate that you challenged me. More importantly, I appreciate how you challenged me to be better. I learned a lot from this experience and plan to continue improving my skills.

Vito Ciciretto, CEO, Toronto, ON

Relevant content. Can be implemented. Challenged my thinking. Jordan knows his material inside and out and communicates it wonderfully.

Jay Gordon, Toronto, ON.

Who is this Powerful Strategic Workshop Designed For?

This workshop is designed for anyone who considers themselves a strategic change leader with an important message that others need to hear.

For example, you may be

  • A CEO, Founder or Lead Consultant who must help your customers, employees and audiences understand your vision of change.
  • A Thought Leader who must make your ideas clear, accessible and meaningful, so that they can be shared by others.
  • A Social Activist or Influencer who must find the right balance between credibility, strategy and the emotional momentum towards change.
  • An Engineer, Project Manager, Scientist, Designer or Innovator who must find an accessible way to communicate about their data-based insights.
  • A Political Leader who must move beyond divisive language to create new understanding and a grander sense of the future.

If your work involves communicating with other humans in any way, you will find a tremendous benefit from this 6-week workshop.

What Does This 6-Week Communications Workshop Include?

Here’s what happens during this six-week workshop:

  • Week 1: A 90 min kick-off Zoom call with all participants. Icebreakers, vision setting, facilitated conversation and collaborative inquiry.
  • Week 2: A 90 min Zoom call with all participants. Deepening conversations, learning from shared experiences, intimate exploring of emotional depth and unearthing individual obstacles.
  • Week 3: A 60 min 1-on-1 coaching call with Jordan Bower
  • Week 4: A 90 min Zoom call with all participants. Reframing, healing and creating.
  • Week 5: A 60 min 1-on-1 coaching call with Jordan Bower AND a 90 min Zoom call with all participants. Integrating and shifting the focus to the future.
  • Week 6: A 90 min Zoom Call with all participants. Grounding, closing, commitments and next steps.

Between sessions, we’ll use a private Slack channel to discuss what we’re learning—and what it means.

Essential Information

The cost of this 6-week workshop is US$695.

(In this time of economic uncertainty, if you would like to participate at a reduced rate, send your request to

  • 90 min Zoom calls will be held on Tuesdays at 9am Pacific Time
  • 60 min coaching calls will be scheduled between 9am-5pm Pacific Time.
  • This workshop is open to all people from any background.

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Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

About the Facilitator

Jordan Bower is the Founder of Transformational Storytelling, a facilitation, coaching and consulting business based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Jordan’s work is distinguished by his ability to balance deep emotional insights with practical and actionable strategic thinking.

Jordan’s clients have included tech companies like Autodesk and Mozilla, international design firms like M Moser Associates, publicly traded companies, venture-backed startups, global small businesses & dozens of emerging change makers and entrepreneurs.