For Professional Communicators

Pivot Your Strategic Messaging for More Trust & Connection

The Cocoon Sessions are a series of facilitated workshops for strategic communication teams. Develop strategy & tactics for delivering a relevant, emotive and sensitive message to your stakeholders during COVID-19.

Refocus. Be Creative. Find a Deeper Way to Connect with Stakeholders.

Introducing “The Cocoon Sessions”: a virtual workshop facilitated by Jordan Bower. Step back. Take stock of what’s working. Develop a new mindset to build trust & credibility with your stakeholders during a time of transformational change.

Great Leaders are Shifting Their Tone to Adapt to Crisis. Here’s Why.

Our collective focus has shifted to what’s essential — and what’s not.

How can you hit the right balance of relevance, professional and sensitive?

The old crisis communications playbook doesn’t work anymore.

How can you move towards business goals without becoming a tone-deaf punchline?

We don’t need more information. We need more integration & connection.

How can you shift focus from delivering information to creating a trusted connection with stakeholders?

Don’t Convince. Connect.

My expertise is helping organizations find the emotional meaning in their strategic messaging. I help you make the mundane meaningful.

Questions About The Cocoon Sessions

  • Neither and both. The Cocoon Sessions aim to shift your mindset about how to communicate to stakeholders during our transformational moment. During the sessions, you’ll exercise your empathy, your analysis and your creativity, so you can create a sense of strategic alignment that helps your team address the uncertainty.

    Think of it as group coaching for strategic communications teams, with a bias towards tactics and action.

  • The Cocoon Sessions are delivered through a series of 2 hour meetings on Zoom. The number of meetings will change for every group. Expect between 3-5 meetings, scheduled over two to three months.

  • Good ol’ smart, focused and facilitated conversation. As your facilitator, my job is to take the conversation into the big questions that every business is asking right now.

    The first meetings tend to be high-level and strategic. As you reach consensus — and shift your mindset — you’ll drill into the tactics and execution plans.

  • The primary goal is a shift in your tone. That means saying the same thing in a different way, so that you can create more trust, credibility and meaning for your stakeholders.

    I’ll help your team unlearn the old way of communicating like corporate robots, so you can be more relevant, emotive, sensitive and human. After all, we’re in a time when we’re all looking for leaders to speak to us like people.

  • It’s way more reasonable than you think. Though every project is different, I charge a fair rate that can be adjusted based on your budget and circumstances.

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