Transformational Storytelling Team

Darcy Wingert


Like a lot of people, when I finished university, I wasn’t entirely sure what my future was going to look like. Seeing my degree was a BBA, the logical step was for me to find some work as an administrative assistant. I spent a couple of years at a non-profit Yacht Club, where I wore many hats. Most notably, I started to plan and organize weddings and events for the Yacht Club, tapping into my love of event management.

As I continued to listen to my gut and follow my passions, I pivoted careers and entered the world of craft beer. I worked as a territory manager for one of Vancouver Island’s original craft breweries, as I set out every day to spread the joy that high-quality beer can bring.

As I continued to grow and develop, I found that I loved connecting with people on a personal level. Given the diversity of the work I have done, I realized that working as an Executive Assistant would allow me to utilize skills I’ve developed, and also fill my need for personal connections through work.

When I’m not scheduling flights, managing speaking engagements, or addressing our customer’s needs, you can find me running or hiking through the forest, sometimes with my 2-year old son strapped to my back!

Coach Maureen Elworthy

Maux Elworthy

Storytelling Coach & Instructional Designer

Early in my career, I spent 12 years working in suicide intervention and crisis response. This work has informed my professional direction and taught me the importance of deep empathy, valuing my intuition, and clear communication.

As a manager of a large, expanding team I learned the importance of corporate culture, which brought me to pursue Change Management and Organizational Development. I have experience working in diverse cultures including corporate, post-secondary education and not-for-profit and a certificate in Organizational Coaching from the University of British Columbia.

Alongside my coaching work, I am also a passionate workshop facilitator and instructional designer. I’m a student of meditation, and a lifelong learner committed to continuing my own education and growth.