Strategic Story Finding for Start-up Founders

Find the right way to frame your story to investors, customers and employees, and use that story to accelerate your growth.

Develop winning strategic messaging

in just 6 phone calls.

What's your growth story?

Dig into every great startup, and you’ll find the story behind the story: the authentic, emotionally meaningful narrative that connects the founder, employees and customers to the same shared mission. For Apple, it was the drive to uncover your individual voice and express it creatively. For Google, it was the mission to separate information from bias, improving opportunity for everyone.

Your story is more than a talking point. It’s your north star.

But finding that story can be a struggle. As a startup founder, you probably already know that your story can change daily — and sometimes multiple times in one day, depending on who you’re speaking to. Do you talk up the financial opportunity? Do you put your head down to wow your pilot customers and rely on word of mouth?

How do you hone in on just the right story that get people excited, wins deals and spurs growth ?

I'll Help You Find Your Unique Story

As the founder of a business called Transformational Storytelling, I know a thing or two about helping people create clear and compelling stories of change.

In my work with venture backed startups, enterprise level tech companies, as well as national associations, tourism marketers and Fortune 500 sales teams, I’ve guided hundreds of clients to go one level deeper into their story, in search of the real, authentically meaningful and non-salesy way of talking about the future you’re working to build.

Getting to that story will be a true journey. A little like Frodo, seeking out the one ring. But what you find will transform the way you talk about your startup, raising your communications beyond sales and marketing to a cohesive, visionary narrative that guides everything that everyone in your company does: fundraising, recruiting, development, design, prioritization.

Finding your story will transform you from a founder with an idea to a much more effective chief salesperson, chief marketer, chief spokesperson and chief evangelist for the change you’re bringing to the world.

How We Work Together

When I work with enterprise-level organizations, my engagements can run well into the tens of thousands of dollars. But I have a special spot in my heart for startup founders. As a successful entrepreneur myself, I love the drive, courage and persistence that comes with entrepreneurship.

That’s why I offer a special discounted coaching package to one select startup founder at a time.

Here’s how it works:

  • We have a quick chat to discuss the process and figure out whether we’re right for each other.
  • You commit to the full 3 month process. We sign a mutual NDA.
  • We schedule 6 phone calls, spaced apart about once every two weeks.
  • Before our first call, you send me any strategic materials you’ve already created to give me an overview of where you’ve come from and where you’re going.
  • In between the calls, I’ll assign you a series of reflective writing exercises that will help you dig deeper into your story.
  • Along the way, you’ll learn the basics of storytelling, in a learning style that is totally customized to you.
  • You’ll leave with a clear, compelling way to frame your story to investors, customers and employees, as well as a clear plan for using that story to accelerate your growth.
  • All you’ll pay is $499/month for 3 consecutive months — a total of $1497

I’ll work as your guide, helping you find your unique and powerful story, in language that comes from and is meaningful to you.

If you’re interested, use the below link to schedule an introductory meeting.

I look forward to connecting with you!


Hi, I’m Jordan, and I’m your personal guide leading you to a meaningful and action-oriented story for your startup. Within three months of starting to work directly with me, you’ll have a clear, compelling business story, and a strategic plan for using that story to power your growth.

(Three Monthly Payments of $499)
Strategic Story Finding for Start-up Founders - Jordan Bower