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Our Team Storytelling Training helps internal consultants and innovation teams develop the skills and strategies for leading change effectively.

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Workshop Overview

How Our Storytelling Training Programs Are Structured

You learn mindset shifting strategies and tactics that can be applied broadly to communication styles, industries and audiences.


Before the session begins, we’ll help you identify one “story” for each team member to workshop. The workshop is built around helping you and your team improve this personal and relevant story, so you have a deliverable you can use immediately.


The goal of this workshop is to teach you the process behind crafting a great story. By showing your team the process, we aim to teach you to fish and give you a clear action plan you can take out of the workshop.


You’ll get all the slides, resources and videos used during the session. But we know that meaningful behavior change takes more time. That’s why we provide structured follow-up, including further resources and one-on-one coaching.

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