Connect with purpose by becoming a storyteller.

Sharing stories can have a powerful effect on others. Storytelling can help leaders align and inspire their team. It can help salespeople deepen their relationship with their customers. It can help designers understand and empathize with their user’s perspective. And it can help all of us catalyze a transformation to a more connected, understanding and compassionate world.

As a Business Storytelling Consultant, I help you articulate the most powerful version of your individual, team or organizational shared story. I don’t bore you with theory or standardized solutions. Instead, like a chiropractor, I make targeted, micro-adjustments that help you straighten your story into a unique, authentic and actionable message that people really trust.

And it happens fast. In just one conversation, I can totally change your perspective on how you tell your story.

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Storytelling Training

Humanize your work with honest, strategic and emotionally evocative business storytelling.


Learn how to use storytelling to clearly and meaningfully communicate your leadership vision.

Use storytelling to improve the impact of your sales pitch, including delivery, deck design and strategic approach.

Mine the human stories of your organization to develop an evocative, authentic & cross-media vision of the future.

Unconscious Bias Training refined. Teach your team how to use their own stories to animate the value of a culture of inclusion.

Storytelling Consulting

Uncovering, addressing and solving key business problems through applied Strategic Storytelling

Storytelling Consulting for

Build the skills and strategic vision for higher engagement, and better work.

Storytelling Consulting for

Align your clients around meaningful, strategic creative

Storytelling Consulting for

Find your strategic story and use it to power fulfillment and growth.

Meet Jordan Bower - storytelling consultant

As the founder of Transformational Storytelling, Jordan has worked with clients ranging from corporations to small businesses and not for profits, helping power better, more connected business through the sublime art of storytelling.

Jordan combines a diverse set of skills into his approach to storytelling. After graduating from the Richard Ivey School of Business — one of Canada’s best business schools — Jordan spent six years travelling the world, learning from a vast array of story mentors. On that trip, Jordan walked from Canada to Mexico, spending 316 days by himself, connecting with strangers. Along this journey, Jordan learned the art of emotionally powerful storytelling as a mechanism of creating connections and inspiring change. His unique Transformational Storytelling approach mixes business strategy and narrative development with design thinking and digital communications tactics to help his clients design messages that truly connect.

Today, he is a thoughtful and motivational speaker at conferences and ideas festival about the application of storytelling to the digital world. He has spoken at a wide range of conferences, events and ideas festivals. In 2015, Jordan was featured at the Future of Storytelling Summit, where he facilitated alongside other speakers Edward Snowden, Al Gore and Margaret Atwood.

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In just one conversation, I can totally change how you think of your professional story. Curious? Reach out and say hi.

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Strategic Visioning

Tired of endless blue-sky strategic sessions that never make a difference? Introducing a radical approach to strategic planning: the Story Sprint. Get creative, get focused, get aligned and get feedback — in just two days.

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