Strategic Storytelling for Consultative Sales Training

Build your capability to frame the strategic narrative that drives credibility, connection and action.

Based in Vancouver, Canada · Delivered to Clients Around the World

Why Storytelling for Sales?

Learn to Frame the Narrative For Your Customer

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation
that is to come.”

Steve Jobs

Storytelling Sales Training Program Overview

How Storytelling for Leadership Works

Strategic Storytelling for Consultative Sales is designed for sales professionals who sell complex services like SAAS products or digital transformation initiatives. If you’re one of the people who must quickly build credibility and rapport with your customer, while also contextualizing how your product fits their particular use case, then this program is perfect for you.

The goal of this program is to teach you how to “craft narratives”, rather than “tell stories.” You’ll combine a broad range of ideas and learning methodologies, ranging from classical narrative techniques to Design Thinking, to hone in on the clear, replicable Foundational Story Building Patterns that you can use again and again.

Content is organized into the following three modules:

Understanding Narrative

Through interactive lecture using famous examples, your group will explore what a narrative is and how effective leaders have used narrative to drive tangible results.

Building Your Narrative

Using Design Thinking and other innovative exercises, your group will use a set of basic patterns to practice building your own narrative for your existing sales pitch.

Practicing Your Narrative

In paired and small group work, your group will practice delivering their narrative and receive targeted feedback that provides personalized coaching.

Who is this Sales Training ideal for?

  • Sales teams selling complex products like digital transformation who need to develop trusted connections with their customers.
  • Leaders who want to use their values to humanize complex data and convey visionary value propositions.
  • Anyone who needs to tell the big picture story and use it to connect more meaningfully with their stakeholders and key audiences.

Questions & Answers

Can you do this workshop in my space?

Yes, this workshop can be delivered on location anywhere in the world, or at our workshop facility in Vancouver, Canada.

How many participants is ideal?

The maximum size is 35 people, though the best size is between 12-18.

How long does the workshop last?

The workshop lasts one full day. For advanced learners, the workshop can be extended to last two full days. A half-day introductory workshop can also be delivered.

What follow-up do you offer?

Some clients use one-on-one leadership coaching to further reinforce learned behaviours into the way they communicate. Others hire me as a storytelling consultant to help them integrate the new, uncovered story — including values and mission/vision — across all aspects of  their organization.

What methodologies do you use?

The Transformational Storytelling curriculum is a “greatest hits” of a wide range of cutting-edge content. Specific tools integrated into the curriculum include

  • Design thinking
  • Neuroleadership
  • Narrative coaching
  • Strategic messaging
  • Classic narrative techniques
  • Emotional intelligence

Workshop content combines widely available resources with my own  individualized practical and philosophical approaches.

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