Storytelling Training for Sales Teams

Stop Convincing. Start Connecting.

Become a trusted, influential advisor for your customer by learning to sell like a transformational storyteller.

Workshop Overview

How Our Storytelling Training Programs Are Structured

What will we learn?

This engaging and interactive workshop will teach you to think as storytelling as the basic building block of human understanding. Rather than teaching you the “right” way to tell a story, in this workshop, you and your team will analyze the psychology, engagement and empathy aspects of storytelling through your specific strategic lens.

There are two goals for this workshop. One is to help you improve 1 or 2 stories you tell often in your sales process. The second goal is to give you and your team both tangible storytelling tactics, as well as process for building a story.

By understanding how to apply these two tools, you’ll be able to gradually build up your storytelling skills, on your own, over time.

Is there hands-on practice?


Before the session begins, we’ll help you identify one type of “story” for each team member to workshop. For example, organizational stories about products and strategies, shared team stories about case studies and customer successes, or personal stories about your individual values in action.

The workshop is built around giving you the tools and tactics you need to improve how you deliver these stories. You’ll divide your time between learning basic storytelling concepts, using those tools to analyze the way you’re currently telling your story and then working in pairs and small groups to practice, while also receiving peer coaching and feedback.

What's the learning style?

Of course, no one can become an award-winning storyteller overnight. Instead, the goal of this workshop is to teach you the process behind crafting a great story.

Focusing on process gives us opportunity to teach you and your team to fish. Focusing on process also enables you to receive a more significant outcome than just one well-told story. As you workshop storytelling, you’ll get personalized coaching that will apply broadly to the way you communicate, as well as instructional tools you can use to continue practice once the session is gone.

The point is to help you become more engaging and authentic in your sales communication. The workshop structures demonstrates this idea, using famous examples, videos and other engaging exercises, making it into a story you’ll keep telling once the day is done.

What are some of the skills we'll practice?
  • Building credibility, trust and psychological safety
  • Creative risk taking
  • Listening and responding spontaneously
  • Relating to challenging emotions and objections
  • Developing authentic emotional connections
  • Engaging visual thinking and imagination
  • Applying empathy and coaching process
  • Integrating metaphor, character and other storytelling tactics
What are the workshop logistics?
  • This workshop is delivered in person to sales teams all over the world.
  • Maximum group size is 40, although groups of between 12-25 are best.
  • There are one-day and two-day versions of the workshops.
  • There are opportunities for follow-on learning, including one-on-one coaching and additional webinars.
  • Aspects of the workshop can be structured to accommodate for remote learning.

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