Relationship Based Sales: Storytelling Training

Quickly create authentic relationships with your prospects.
In this Sales Training, become a Persuasive Sales Storyteller.

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Get Better Results. Be More Human.

Good sales is indistinguishable from good storytelling: Painting a picture of a brighter future. Stretching beyond “we’ve always done it this way.” Humanizing data to contextualize value propositions and communicate urgency. Engaging the emotions and imagination of others to help them see things differently — and act differently as a result.

If relationships are an essential part of your sales process, you already know that your credibility and success comes down to your ability to frame the right story and engage your prospects in its telling. That’s why we’ve created Relationship-Based Sales: Storytelling Training — a unique 1-day Masterclass in sales storytelling for sales teams in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and beyond.

Here's What Participants in This Training Learn:

Design a Perfectly Structured Pitch

Use the same tactics storytellers have been using to influence behavior for tens of thousands of years.

Connect the Professional and the Personal

Find the right stories about yourself and tell them strategically to connect emotionally with your prospects.

Use Creative Thinking Frameworks to Deliver More Value

Move from selling a product to selling transformational change, and reposition yourself as a ``guide`` to your client's Promised Land.

Create an Inventory of Polished Stories for your Back Pocket

Build a repertoire of short, well-practiced ``case stories`` that you can insert into sales conversation naturally and in-the-moment.

Tell Your Story Online & Offline

Develop a cohesive ``Customer Journey`` across LinkedIn, email and in-person meetings, that educates your customers and moves them to yes.
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The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda for an entire generation to come.

Steve Jobs

About this Sales Storytelling Training

A hands-on training to help you revolutionize your sales pitch

Relationship Based Sales is a Storytelling Masterclass for sales leaders who want to create powerful, motivational relationships with their customers.

The class takes an active approach to learning. Rather than overwhelm you with more methodologies and frameworks, you get the space to practice storytelling concepts and integrate them into the way you already talk. Using a combination of influences including NeuroLeadership, Design Thinking and Classical Narrative Theory, you’ll spend most of the time workshopping your own sales pitch — the one you use in the world right now.

Not only will you leave this training having learned the art & science of persuasion and emotional engagement, you’ll walk out with an improved pitch version of your own sales pitch which you can use immediately to bust your targets.

About this Sales Storytelling Training

  • Learn an easy and logical narrative framework for structuring your pitch so that it immediately grabs attention
  • Dig through your existing pitch to find hidden storytelling gold
  • Use “empathy mapping” exercises to get inside your audience’s brain and unlock your story’s potential
  • Practice storytelling in pairs and small groups, receiving helpful personalized feedback
  • Develop your inventory of polished stories that you can pull out of your back pocket at exactly the right moment
  • Walk away with Further Resources that will reinforce your learning, helping you move up the ladder to becoming a star performer

The workshop is ideal for

Sales managers, leaders and individual sales people who rely on human connections as part of their sales process. Anyone who needs to tell the big picture story to internal and external audiences, as a way of becoming more motivational and persuasive.

Jordan Bower Storytelling Trainer

Jordan Bower

About Your Business Storytelling Trainer

As the Founder of Transformational Storytelling, Jordan Bower knows all about what makes a great story. He’s worked with hundreds of people all over the world, delivering storytelling training, one-on-one storytelling coaching and strategic messaging consulting for clients like start-ups, Fortune 500 sales teams and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Jordan brings an exceptional emotional intelligence to his work, and a highly refined expertise to link together theory, strategy and practice for each individual he works with. Jordan is a popular speaker at conferences, events and ideas festivals. In his personal life, he’s best known for his solo walk across America, which took him 316 days.

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Questions & Answers

Looking for more information?

Can you do this workshop in my space?

Yes, this workshop can be delivered on location anywhere in the world, or at our workshop facility in Vancouver, Canada.

How many participants is ideal?

The maximum size is 35 people, though the best size is between 12-18.

How long does the workshop last?

The workshop lasts one full day. For advanced learners, the workshop can be extended to last two full days.

What follow-up do you offer?

Optional one-on-one coaching is available to help you integrate learned behaviours.

What are the outcomes?

Attendees to the workshop receive two types of outcomes:

  • Learning the basic frameworks of persuasion, motivation and authentic connection, so they can be applied broadly across all professional communications;
  • Applying these frameworks to one current professional communication, which can be immediately delivered to a professional audience.

What methodologies do you use?

The Transformational Storytelling curriculum is a “greatest hits” of a wide range of cutting-edge content. Specific tools integrated into the curriculum include

  • Design thinking
  • Neuroleadership
  • Narrative coaching
  • Strategic messaging
  • Classic narrative techniques
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The Art of Hosting

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