Lead Like a Storyteller

A Leadership Storytelling Workshop helps you develop the skills you need for getting people connected with your story of the future.

About Jordan's Storytelling Workshops

Leadership Storytelling Workshop

Connect story with strategy and lead with your vision.

Learn by workshopping a real story that’s relevant to your work.

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Understanding Strategic Storytelling

How this Leadership Storytelling Workshop Works

Before the workshop, you’ll pick one story relevant to a project you’re working on now — like a pitch, a presentation, a change initiative or a story about yourself as a leader. During the workshop, you’ll use three different storytelling perspectives to improve that story and deliver tangible learnings you can use immediately.

The goal is to walk away with two deliverables.

  • a vastly improved version of a story you already tell
  • a deeper understanding of the foundational storytelling tactics that you can use again and again in any leadership context
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Some of the questions you’ll ask:

Which stories do you have to tell? How do you identify and refine those stories into a “library” you can use spontaneously?

Design Thinking Storytelling Training

Some of the questions you’ll ask:

How do you customize your message for multiple audiences? How can empathy improve understanding & influence?


Some of the questions you’ll ask:

How do you link story & strategy? How do you integrate your own personal story with the story of your work?

Every single one of our workshops is different!

In advance of the workshop, we work with you to identify a real story drawn from the work of your group. Over the course of the day, your group will improve this story by applying the learned ideas.

Our workshops are specifically targeted to these job functions:

I don’t see myself as an expert. I see myself as a guide. My role is to help your team find and express the stories that best suit their unique audiences and communication style. Using a combination of videos and other practical examples, I work to create a facilitated environment that is fun, collaborative and psychologically safe. Mobile phone use is prohibited during the session.

Yes, we come to you! We deliver workshops on the West Coast, East Coast and around the world, as well as in our home workshop space in Vancouver, Canada.

Workshops cost $5000 plus travel & expenses. Max group size is 30. Ideal group size is 8-15. Got a special request? Contact us.

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I love storytelling, and I love sharing my passion. Please feel free to reach out to me. I respond to every message I get personally.

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