Speak Like A Thought Leader

Deliver a Powerful, Persuasive Speech that Improves Your Influence

Get them jumping

out of their seats.

You’re the kind of person with big ideas — a message that you want the world to hear.

Sure, you’re a pretty good communicator. You know the basics of how to present to a crowd. You’re mostly over your stage fright. Hey, maybe talking to people — pitching business cases, selling, leading — is already a core part of your job responsibilities.

But a big idea takes more than pretty good to make the kind of powerful emotional connections that drives real change.

The secret to great speeches isn’t messing around with structure. The secret to great speeches is stories.

And we’re not talking the once upon a time types of stories (although world-class communicators like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have long understood that the same narrative structures used in fairy tales and Hollywood movies can be applied to raise millions of dollars and drive billions more worth of sales). At a psychological level, when your audience is listening to you, presenting up there on stage, they are registering everything as a story in their own mind.

If you want to inspire your audience, get them more excited about your teaching and even get them to hire you, then it’s imperative you think about the story they’re telling. To do that, you need to think about three things: the logic in the argument you’re presenting, the emotional connection you’re creating with the audience and the credibility you’re communicating — in the way you speak, in the design of your slides and in the body language you exhibit when you present.

Whew. Sound like a lot?

Don’t worry. I’m here to help you!

A simple path to

a world class speech.

I’m here to help you use storytelling to create an amazing speech. By using storytelling, you get all awesome persuasive benefits (plus the gooey emotional connections) that have been hardwired in our brain for thousands of years.

Here’s how the process works:

  • You and I get on the phone for 2.5 hours. You bring your speech, I bring my storytelling experience and a whole whack of provocative and strategic questions that dig into it. By the end of the first call, I’ll have a pretty good sense of what you’ve got, and how I can help you make it way, way better.
  • Then, over the next four weeks or so, we’ll come together for two more calls (or more if we need them). In those calls, we’ll hone things down until you’ve got the perfect balance of emotionality and logic — the balance that event planners love. We’ll know we’re done when you can confidently deliver your speech, and feel great about it.
  • Finally, I’ll help you create an irresistible speaker package that will help you tell the story of your speech, so you can get event planners to say yes and book you for their next event!
  • But that’s not it. In the lead up to delivering your speech, I’m here for you — offering advice, support and emotional support that will help you get from bathroom mirror to TED!

Optional Add-Ons

Want to extend my storytelling abilities to the design of your slides?

I can do that too!

Got a more sophisticated project?

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Hi, I’m Jordan, and I’m your personal guide leading you to the best speech of your life. Within one month of starting to work directly with me, you’ll have a smart, memorable and emotionally powerful speech that will vastly improve your influence and thought leadership.

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