Storytelling Consulting
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As your Strategic Messaging Consultant, I help you identify your stories worth telling, and integrate them into the way you sell and market your work.

About Transformational Storytelling consulting

Strategic Messaging Consulting through a Storytelling Lens

You probably already know that, when you’re a small business person or an entrepreneur, your own personal narrative is intertwined with the products and services you sell. But “telling your story” is full of challenges.

  • How do you find the balance between a little bit of vulnerability and oversharing?
  • How do you talk about your past work without breaching confidentiality?
  • And how do you find just one story that you can tell to all of your audiences: customers, employees, investors, people you meet at networking meetings, your friends and your mom?

Enter Transformational Storytelling – a unique methodology I’ve cobbled together from a dizzying array of influences, ranging from classical narrative techniques, technology-focused Design Thinking and everything in between. Through Transformational Storytelling, you’ll take a 360 degree perspective on all things messaging and communications, ranging from narrative structure, digital strategy, pitch decks, speeches, thought leadership, employee engagement and more.

Here’s what Transformational Storytelling can do for you:

Find the Most Powerful Narrative Throughline for Connecting the Pieces of Your Work

Together, we find a simple, authentic and compelling narrative that will get other people excited about what you do (and want to buy from you).

Develop Strategic Messaging Plans

We create effective strategies and behaviors for telling your story: online and out in the world.

Design Great Messaging That Gets Results

We turn strategy into action by designing creative digital and offline messaging, and then validating it through quantitative and qualititative analysis.
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The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the values, vision and agenda for an entire generation to come.

Steve Jobs

About the Process

The Four Stages of Transformational Storytelling

Develop Storytelling Source Material

In this first Discovery phase, we look at your story from many different perspectives to identify the most compelling storytelling components.

Empathize with Ideal Audiences

In the second phase, we step outside the story and use Design Thinking to see your story from an external perspective. (This helps us understand your key audiences and their deeper emotional needs.)

Build a Storytelling Prototype

Next, we build a Storytelling Prototype that lets us put our theories into action. We test this with your audiences, collecting data and qualitative responses.

Integrate the Story Across Multiple Touchpoints

Once the story has become clear, we take all this feedback and combine it into a strategic messaging plan that can integrate into all your communications.

Transformational Storytelling reveals the powerful emotional resonance that connects all aspects of your story together.

Storytelling is the essential human activity. The harder the situation, the more essential it is.

Tim O’Brien

Small Business Storytelling Packages

What kind of help do you need?

The Ego-Free About Me
  • Create a powerful narrative for your LinkedIn bio or About Me page
Speech Writing & Storytelling Consulting
Speak Like a Thought Leader
  • Develop a motivational and impactful speech for conferences and events.
Story Your Growth
  • Find your compelling brand story, and turn it into a strategic communications plan.
Brand Story & Execution
  • Find your compelling brand story and turn it into a website, brand and sales funnel.

If you’re going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all.

Joseph Campbell

Become a Transformational Storyteller

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