Build Customer Trust with Storytelling

Sales Storytelling Workshop

Sell like a storyteller and connect authentically with your clients.

What goals will you achieve when you Sell Like a Storyteller?

Communicating purpose. Engineering value. Building authentic relationships. Yesterday’s soft skills are table stakes for today’s best sales professionals. How can your team become more adept in the art of connection, so you can help your clients separate signal from noise? By learning the methodological craft of effective sales storytelling.

Don’t worry: there’s no fairy tales in a sales storytelling workshop. But there’s no room for features, benefits or vapid value propositions either. By our definition, storytelling is an attitude towards communication — and a process your team can learn to follow.

We help you speak like humans, so you can get the message across clearly, memorably and effectively, in your own words, for all your different audiences.

Sure, you’ll get tools and frameworks. You’ll get plenty of hands-on practice. But most importantly, you’ll walk away with the mindsets and practice habits that will help your team find meaning in even the blandest corporate jargon.

Who I’ve Worked With

A Sell Like a Storyteller workshop is a hands-on group experience that follows a thinking-by-doing methodology. Your sales team will learn the skills and mindsets needed to communicate with customers.

What Happens in a Sales Storytelling Workshop?

Transform how your team thinks about pitching

In a Sales Storytelling workshop, your team will build the engagement and empathy skills that turn pushy sales calls into insightful client conservations that resonate.

Develop the building blocks for truly powerful client relationships

We’ll use videos, conversation and hands-on practice to understand sales storytelling. You’ll walk away with the resources your team needs to build and sustain real client connections.

Receive & integrate personalized feedback

In a sales storytelling workshop, your whole team will work in pairs to give and receive personalized feedback on their communication. Practice new ways of communicating in a safe, trusting space and develop the credibility you need to sell like a storyteller.

Jordan Bower Storytelling Consultant


  • It was a great experience for all. Even the skeptics! We all walked away with concrete improvements and I have seen many put the lessons to work in their everyday interactions to be more effective and influential.

  • It was fun, interesting and informative. I know how to tell a story now, and how to improve someone’s story so I can pull it out of them and make them feel like a great story teller. I truly think it will benefit me in my career long term.

  • This course helped me through understanding how I can make a difference in communicating my story, engaging my audience and identifying who I can help. Great learning that can be implemented right away and every day.

Learn how to transform dry professional messages into emotionally engaging, credibility-enhancing stories that resonate.


  • Every sales storytelling workshop is a little different. That’s because we know better than to overwhelm you with theory — no one has ever transformed into a great storyteller in just a day or two. Instead, the goal of the workshop is to teach the methodologies and practice habits of good storytelling. At the end of the workshop, your team will evaluate what you’ve learned and make shared commitments to continue with your practice.

    Accordingly, the workshop alternates between short learning segments, video analysis, hands-on applied practice and facilitated group conversation. All storytelling will happen in pairs or small groups.

    No one will ever have to get up in front of the full group unless they volunteer. We’ll linger in areas that are particularly relevant to your group, your business and the specific challenges you’re facing now.

  • This engaging and interactive workshop will teach you to think of storytelling as the basic building block of human understanding. Rather than teaching you the “right” way to tell a story, in this workshop, you and your team will analyze the psychology, engagement and empathy aspects of storytelling through your specific strategic lens.

    There are two outcomes of the sales storytelling workshop. One is to help you improve 1 or 2 stories you tell often in your sales process. The second goal is to give you and your team tangible storytelling tactics and a process for building a compelling story.

    By understanding how to apply these two outcomes, you’ll be able to gradually build up your storytelling skills, on your own, over time.

  • Yes!

    Before the session begins, we’ll help you identify one type of “story” for each team member to workshop. For example, organizational stories about products and strategies, shared team stories about case studies and customer successes, or personal stories about your individual values in action.

    The workshop is built around giving you the tools and tactics you need to improve how you deliver these stories. After learning basic storytelling concepts, you will use those tools to analyze the way you’re currently telling your story. You will then work in pairs and small groups to implement what you’ve learned, receive peer coaching and feedback.

  • Of course, no one can become an award-winning storyteller overnight. Instead, the goal of this workshop is to teach you the process behind crafting a great story.

    Focusing on process gives us the opportunity to teach you and your team to fish. Focusing on process also enables you to receive a more significant outcome than just one well-told story. As you workshop storytelling, you’ll get personalized coaching that will apply broadly to the way you communicate, as well as instructional tools you can use to continue practice once the session is gone.

    The point is to help you become more engaging and authentic in your sales communication. The workshop structure demonstrates this idea, using famous examples, videos and other engaging exercises, making it into a story you’ll keep telling once the day is done.

    • Building credibility, trust and psychological safety
    • Creative risk taking
    • Listening and responding spontaneously
    • Relating to challenging emotions and objections
    • Developing authentic emotional connections
    • Engaging visual thinking and imagination
    • Applying empathy and coaching process
    • Integrating metaphor, character and other storytelling tactics
  • The ideal group size for any storytelling training workshop is between 12-40. The workshop relies heavily on group participation. We like working with groups that are big enough to carry conversation and yet small enough so that everyone’s voice gets heard.

    We’ve also worked with groups beyond this range. Contact us and we can find a solution that suits your specific needs.

  • Most storytelling training is delivered in person. However, we have made accommodations for remote teams by using video conferencing software like Zoom.

    Contact us and we can find a solution that suits your specific needs.

  • All of our workshops are facilitated by Jordan Bower. Jordan is a master business storytelling trainer who has worked with a diverse range of clients in tech, government, small business and the Fortune 500. You can learn more about Jordan here.

  • Our clients book between 6 and 12 weeks in advance of a storytelling workshop. Sometimes we can accommodate shorter timelines. Contact us to discuss your specific dates.

  • Yes, we often speak about sales storytelling at sales kickoffs. Contact us for more information or visit our sales storytelling speaking page.