Improve How You Lead Through Change

Resilience Coaching for Organizational Leaders

Build your wisdom & emotional flexibility, so you can adapt more fluidly to unexpected change.

We help you rewrite the story in real time.

Some resilience coaches teach you to suppress or “manage” your emotions. We think that’s bullsh*t. Resilience, by our definition, is about adaptation. It’s about learning to see the wisdom in setbacks. It’s about becoming a deeper, more effective leader, without any of the fluffy woo woo.

Our clients become effective, inspiring and authentic leaders who can say what they mean & mean what they say. Interested? We’d love to work with you.

Empathy. Clarity. Resilience. We’ll help.

Resilience isn’t a skill that can be learned, but a feeling that gets practice. Sounds confusing? We excel at translating your emotional language into clear, rational ideas that you can understand and put into action.

  • Become more adaptable to change
  • Get clarity on what you think & feel
  • Learn powerful & practical tools to resolve stress and cope with setbacks
  • Express yourself freely and creatively
  • Create deeper relationships with your colleagues (& everyone else)
  • Be a better support for your team
  • Develop the courage & skill to lead hard conversations
  • Get more fulfillment out of your work
  • Make life much more fun
Jordan Bower Storytelling Consultant

Meet Jordan Bower

I’ve coached clients across industries ranging from tech, government, design and health care, and in job functions ranging from CEO to individual contributor to entrepreneurs. I bring passion, energy and deep emotional flexibility to all of my work.