Stream of Consciousness

Problem: When I began working with Jason Guille, a social entrepreneur in Victoria, BC, he had the general sketch for a new business: Stream of Consciousness, a company that used livestreaming services to amplify stories of social group. Jason wanted to design a crowdfunding campaign to raise $50K in seed capital for his startup.

Approach: Through one-on-one coaching with Jason, we developed a unique crowdfunding strategy. Rather than focusing on small contributions from a large number of contributors, we envisioned the campaign as a prime opportunity to build marketing awareness from potential clients, who would spend several thousand dollars a day to retain his services. Offering these clients future discounts in exchange for sizeable present contributions enabled the campaign to exceed its goal with an average contribution of nearly $190: 2.5x the average crowdfunding contribution.

Outcome: In the few short years since completing their initial launch campaign, Stream of Consciousness has followed a steep growth path, gaining global clients and audiences.

Services Provided

Messaging Development
Crowdfunding Strategy

Stream of Consciousness - Jordan Bower