Pitch Like a Pro

Use Storytelling Structure & Secrets to Get the Deal Done Quick

Turn once upon a time

into happily ever after.

What do Cinderella and Richard Branson have in common?

Dig deep into the strategies used by the world’s most successful salespeople, and you’ll find the same structure used in the folk tales that human beings have been telling for thousands of years.

The best stories contain a replicable narrative structure that powerfully persuades people to change.

But for most business people, storytelling is just “fluff”. That’s their loss — and, potentially, your benefit. According to the latest neuroscience, stories are the way our brains make sense of the world. Business people like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have long understood that the same narrative structures used in fairy tales and Hollywood movies can be applied to raise millions of dollars and drive billions more worth of sales.

When you get down to it, every proposal, business case or fundraising campaign is a story about the future. Telling a great story is what convinces people that the story will come true.

There’s an art to finding and presenting the right story — one my deep storytelling experience can help you to find. Internal business cases, external sales pitches, crowdfunding campaigns or multimillion dollar capital raises: no matter how you’re trying to motivate people to act, I can help you make your pitch more persuasive.

(I can help you establish trust with your audiences and colleagues too, by weaving together your personal story with your professional pitch.)

When you find your story, you connect quicker. You help people understand better. (Before someone can say yes, they need to say A-HA first.) Best of all, when you have a great story, you inspire other people to tell it, helping you build credibility and momentum that leads to great word-of-mouth.

Uncovering your story will help you hear “yes” a lot more often.

Interested? Read on.

A simple process to

supercharge your pitch.

I’m here to help you restructure your pitch, so you get all the awesome persuasive benefits that come from storytelling.

Here’s how the process works:

  • You and I get on the phone for 1 hour. You bring your existing pitch. I bring a whole whack of provocative and strategic questions that dig into it. By the end of the first call, I’ll have a pretty good sense of what you’ve got, and how I can help you make it better.
  • Within a week of finishing the call, I’ll get back to you with a one-page overview of the ideal way to structure your story. This overview will include a framework for conveying your story through your pitch — in your slide deck, written report and/or oral presentation.
  • We’ll get on the phone for a second one hour call to review what I’ve created and to tweak it to match your style.
  • Then you pitch it and get people to say yes!

PS If you don’t think it’s MUCH better than what you had before, I’ll give you your money back. 🙂

Optional Add-Ons

Need me to design or write your pitch for you?

I can do that too!

  • Pitch design
  • Slide deck design
  • Written copy
  • Strategy
  • Much, much more.

Got a more sophisticated project? Click here to book a time in my schedule so we can chat about it!


I’m Jordan, and I’m your personal guide leading you to the ideal story for your pitch. Within two weeks of starting to work directly with me, you’ll have a clear, persuasive and emotionally powerful pitch that will vastly improve the likelihood of your audience saying yes.

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