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What’s the secret to creating trusting connections? It’s story. Your story.

Storytelling is more than just copy. For business people looking to build connections with their fans, their employees, their prospects and their inner leader, you need to tell a compelling and authentic story. But here’s the problem — real stories are hard to tell. Underneath all great stories is the icky, gross, personal and INTIMATE parts of our lives that we often feel afraid to share.

Linking together the personal and the professional is the heart of my work. Through my Speaking, Storytelling Training and Storytelling Consulting practices, I regularly work with clients as diverse as small businesses, not for profits, Fortune 500 leaders and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, helping them develop strategic and emotionally engaging ways to deliver their message. And after each one of these engagements, I regularly uncover new, profound and relevant insights into storytelling.

That’s what I want to share with you.

My unique Strategic Storytelling workshops are designed to help business people connect together the personal, professional and tactical.

I invite you to sign up for my FREE storytelling newsletter. Over the last ten years, I’ve helped thousands of people with their stories — helping those people transform deep personal insights into authentic professional connections. My work requires no tricks or secrets. It’s deep, profound and real. And it’s something I want to offer for free, to you.

My newsletters contain:

  • tips and tricks to build a dynamic story
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  • creativity, intimacy and passion for my work

As humans, not only are we all captivated by the power of storytelling, storytelling is our lives. By becoming a Strategic Storyteller, you too can use this deeply authentic messaging platform to engage, inspire and connect. In the process, you’ll learn to turn your prospects into clients, your collaborators into partners, your visitors into fans and strangers into friends.

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