My Inclusion Story

Take Unconscious Bias Training to the next level. Teach your team how to use their own personal stories to animate the value of a culture of inclusion.

Unconscious Bias Training 2.0

You’re committed to building a diverse, inclusive culture in your organization. You also know a dirty little secret: Unconscious Bias Training doesn’t actually work. Motivating employees to exhibit new values and engage in new behaviors requires something more than a standardized curriculum that teaches your employees there’s something about them that is inherently flawed.

Enter Unconscious Bias Training 2.0: My Inclusion Story, a fun, intimate and unique full-day training designed for organizational cultures taking a stand on diversity. In this training, your team will learn how to bring your shared values to life by telling their own inclusion story — in their own words, about their own experiences and their own lives.

What you’ll get is an increased feeling of belonging, a lot of laughs and a powerful, shared story that everyone in your organization can tell. You’ll develop inclusion simply: by being inclusive.

Why Storytelling?

Use emotion to transform values into action

Many organizations have done the valuable work of articulating their core values. But because we experience values not as conceptual ideas but as emotional narratives, we need stories to bring values to life.

Every one of us has a story to tell. But telling the right story is a delicate dance. Some of us are excellent public speakers, but rely on data and external authorities to make our point. Some of us are more comfortable with personal narratives, but often fall into tales of heartbreak or judgements of others that don’t leave us feeling educated about a universal challenge and inspired to take action.

But those of us who know how to connect with both the head and the heart have the power to mobilize others to make a change. In other words, they engage people in interpreting why they should change their world and how they can act to change it. These are the storytellers who can truly make a difference on big issues like inclusion: expressing their values not as abstract principles, but as lived experiences of personal change.

It’s by sharing these stories that we overcome the inertia and apathy that inhibit action, and rally teams, organizations and the whole world to make a meaningful change.

What You'll Do in this Workshop

Learn to express shared values in your own voice

This workshop is based on a methodology developed at Harvard University. It’s been used by a vast variety of movement-generating campaigns, including the one that swept President Obama into office back in 2008. Though we’ll apply the methodology towards building a more inclusive culture, it can just as easily be used in other communications campaigns as well — including email blasts, blog posts, social media, leadership speeches, sales pitches and more. It’s called the “Public Narrative” model, and it functions by linking together three different components of one shared story.

Public Narrative

Developed by Marshall Ganz of the New Organizing Institute

In this workshop, you and your team will take a tour around this model, developing short, focused and compelling personal anecdotes that, when combined together, constitute a powerful and meaningful impetus for change. You’ll do that with a combination of independent, paired and group work that will be distinguished by good humor and emotional intimacy.

What you’re working towards is more than just a different way of knowing your colleagues. What each of you will learn how to create is an intentional, strategic and creative story that will help you move inclusion from an aspiration into a living, breathing reality in which all of you will participate.

Get Storytelling's Blueprint

Learn a transferrable methodology for developing any type of story into a message that engages peoples' heads and hearts.

Link the Personal & Professional

Weave your professional message with your own personal narrative, giving your story authentic, emotional pop.

Create a Bonding Experience

Have fun and get connected with your colleagues in a safe and supportive space.

Deepen The Impact Of This Training

Apply what you learn to change the way that you work

Storytelling is the fundamental action of leadership. As you learn how to present your story in a way that is both emotionally meaningful and action oriented, you’ll find that this skill spills over into other aspects of your life. Meetings become more productive. Sales calls are easier. Motivating meaningful change and influencing others feels more authentic and effective.

The foundation of your storytelling knowledge will come through this full day training, which is delivered on site in your office, or at a convenient location off-site. But to take it a step further — and to make the concepts stick — you can also implement an integrated coaching program that helps each participant personalize the concepts to themselves.

Additionally, I work with your leadership, helping them develop the skill of nurturing creative growth. Just like with any change, managers play a vital role in modelling the new behaviour, extolling its benefits and celebrating success when modelled within the organization.

The combination of group learning and one-on-one coaching helps ensure that your people don’t have to take too much time out of the office but  get enough practice to make the new concepts stick.

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Improved employee retention and performance
  • Greater internal & external buy-in, because everyone knows and tell the same story
  • More alignment around important change narratives
  • Longer, more trusting relationships with customers
  • Better, more effective employer branding
  • Fewer roadblocks, because objections are overcome with better stories
  • More employees running at the star-performer level

About Your Business Storytelling Trainer

All workshops and coaching are facilitated personally by Jordan Bower, a world-class business storytelling consultant, trainer and facilitator. As the founder of Transformational Storytelling, Jordan has worked  with clients ranging from corporations to small businesses and not for profits, helping power better, more connected business through the sublime art of storytelling.

Jordan combines a diverse set of skills into his approach to storytelling. After graduating from the Richard Ivey School of Business — one of Canada’s best business schools — Jordan spent six years travelling the world, learning from a vast array of story mentors. On that trip, Jordan walked from Canada to Mexico, spending 316 days by himself, connecting with strangers. Along this journey, Jordan learned the art of emotionally powerful storytelling as a mechanism of creating connections and inspiring change.

Today, he is a thoughtful and motivational speaker at conferences and ideas festival about the application of storytelling to the Digital world. He was featured at the 2015 Future of Storytelling Summit, where he facilitated alongside other speakers Edward Snowden, Al Gore and Margaret Atwood.

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