Get Clear on how to Tell the Real Story

Leadership Storytelling Workshop

Create understanding, trust, urgency and impact by learning to lead like a storyteller.

How will your impact change when you Lead Like a Storyteller?

The story of leadership is changing. Yesterday’s leader sat behind a closed office door and dictated top-down messages. But today’s leader needs to think more dynamically about communication. Adjusting the message for various audiences. Adapting to multiple internal and external media channels. Presenting a powerful and authentic vision. Transforming objectives into purpose, meaning and belonging. Re-writing the story as soon as the strategy and context shift.

Building these tangible, meaningful and strategic leadership soft skills is the goal of our Leadership Storytelling Workshops. Think of it as a master class in digital-era leadership communications. We’ll help you use “storytelling” as a strategic lens to get clear on the language, approach and emotional tone you bring to your most important stories.

Our methodological approach integrates empathy, creativity and iterative process to give you a new way to think about your message. We won’t teach you the “right way” to tell a story. We’ll equip you to ask the right questions, so you can connect with your stakeholders, align your teams and distill the essence of your strategy.

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A Lead Like a Storyteller storytelling workshop helps you reframe your objectives and KPIs into a clear, human narrative that’ll resonate meaningfully with stakeholders.

What happens in a Leadership Storytelling Workshop?

Find the emotional resonance in the story of your real work

A leadership storytelling workshop is a facilitated space to try new ways of communicating about your real work. Our goal is a meaningful mindset shift in the way you talk about your team, your work and your vision.

Learn the building blocks behind all great leadership stories

All great leadership narratives are built on learnable, replicable patterns. In a leadership storytelling workshop, you’ll practice applying those insights to how you structure business cases, investor pitches and QBRs.

Build the right practice habits for sustaining your learning

Neither Rome nor any great leadership storytellers were built in a day. We’ll help you design practice patterns that fit into your schedule and dependably build your skills.

Jordan Bower Storytelling Consultant


  • It was a great experience for all. Even the skeptics! We all walked away with concrete improvements and I have seen many put the lessons to work in their everyday interactions to be more effective and influential.

  • It was fun, interesting and informative. I know how to tell a story now, and how to improve someone’s story so I can pull it out of them and make them feel like a great story teller. I truly think it will benefit me in my career long term.

  • This course helped me through understanding how I can make a difference in communicating my story, engaging my audience and identifying who I can help. Great learning that can be implemented right away and every day.

Learn how to transform dry professional messages into emotionally engaging, credibility-enhancing stories that resonate.


    • Before every workshop, we work directly with you and your team to customize the session for maximum benefit. View our Storytelling workshops page section “Storytelling Training Customized For Your Team” to see how we tailor it to your goals and outcomes. Though every session is different, workshops tend to include equal amounts of structured learning, hands-on practice & facilitated conversation.
    • In the structured learning section, we unpack the essential elements of leadership storytelling by examining stories across a variety of media, including videos, speeches, slide decks, etc.
    • In the hands-on practice section, you and your colleagues will workshop telling a real leadership story. You’ll work in pairs and small groups, improving not just your own storytelling, but how you coach good stories out of others.
    • In the facilitated conversation section, you’ll discuss the way these ideas apply to real business challenges you’re facing now. Together, we’ll explore new ways to tell the story and the strategic implications. Think blue sky strategy session through a communications lens.
  • The ideal group size for any storytelling training workshop is between 12-40. The workshop relies heavily on group participation. We like working with groups that are big enough to carry conversation and yet small enough so that everyone’s voice gets heard.

    We’ve also worked with groups beyond this range. Contact us and we can find a solution that suits your specific needs.

  • Most storytelling training is delivered in person. However, we have made accommodations for remote teams by using video conferencing software like Zoom.

    Contact us and we can find a solution that suits your specific needs.

  • Yes! A leadership storytelling workshop directly addresses using data in presentations, speeches and other forms of communication. Participants will get a methodology, toolkit and tactics for finding the narrative behind a data point, improving how they deliver presentations, reports and insights.

  • All of our workshops are facilitated by Jordan Bower. Jordan is a master business storytelling trainer who has worked with a diverse range of clients in tech, government, small business and the Fortune 500. You can learn more about Jordan here.

  • Our clients book between 6 and 12 weeks in advance of a storytelling workshop. Sometimes we can accommodate shorter timelines. Contact us to discuss your specific dates.