The Ego-Free About Me

Nail your LinkedIn or personal website bio

Opportunity is seeking you.

What's it finding?

Let’s be honest. People are searching for you. Potential clients. Partners. That friendly dude you met at the coffee shop and who gave you his business card.

These days, it’s not creepy to Google someone. It’s due diligence.

So what are the people who are Googling you finding? If you’re a professional, it’s your LinkedIn page — that 2000 character description of your work self that you share with the world. If you’re an influencer, speaker, author, coach, or consultant — or if you’re thinking about becoming one — it’s your personal website. Your About Me page.

(Your About Me page is the second most popular page on your website, after your homepage.)

What story could they be finding? As human beings, we’re all inveterate story makers. We make stories out of everything: that driver in the red car, that sound in the closet, that future that hasn’t happened yet. Surely, all kinds of people are telling stories about you.

Why not tell them something interesting?

I’m not suggesting lying. Sure, not all of us have ziplined across Antarctica or led the wild dodos into the midst of a historic battle, preserving the fate of the entire world. But all of us are more interesting than those standard, stock answers that we tend to give whenever we meet a stranger at a networking event or a coffee shop or a bar.

“I’m really passionate about accounting.”


The things that draw us to people — the things we like about people — the things that people like about you — are the stories they tell us. The stories of the experiences of your life. The challenges you’ve overcome. The direction you’d like to lead people in, if only you had the opportunity.

I can’t be sure that everyone of us has a purpose, but I’m convinced that everyone of us has a dream.

Today, the best way to position your work is in relationship to your dream. Helping people understand how where you’ve come from has informed where you’re going will make you more comprehensible. More relatable. More likeable.

(Which we all know leads to being more trustworthy and credible, which is the secret to getting all those things we want — better projects, better bosses, better people to work with, better people surrounding us in our world.)

Besides, we live in a world where your story is the only thing that sets you apart, when you’re trying to compete in a global economy. It’s the thing that people buy. It’s the thing that people trust. It’s the thing that attracts the right people to you — or not.

That’s why it’s worth taking the effort to get a great About Me page and LinkedIn bio. Don’t just tell the facts about where you’ve worked.

Tell the story of who you are.

Get a bio that helps you

get where you want to go.

Here’s how the process works

  • You and I get on the phone for 1 hour. You bring your existing bio. I bring a whole whack of provocative and strategic questions that dig into your story. On that first call, we talk about you, the “storytelling material” you’ve got to work with and the goals — like a new job, more clients, better clients or a promotion — that telling a new story can help you achieve.
  • By the time we get to the end of that call, we’ll have a clear new direction for telling your story in your bio. Presuming we’re both on the same page, we’ll hang up, and I’ll ghost write a new version of your bio for you, up to one page (~500 words.) I’ll send it to you to see what you think.
  • About a week later, we’ll get on the phone for a second one hour call to talk about what I’ve written and to tweak it to match your style.
  • That’s it. No storytelling boot camps. No year long coaching contract. You take your new bio, update your website and see what a new story does in your world.

PS If you don’t think it’s MUCH better than what you had before, I’ll give you your money back. 🙂


I’m Jordan, and I’m your personal guide leading you to a really awesome bio for your LinkedIn or your About Me page. Within two weeks of starting to work directly with me, your bio will tell an authentic story that that gets you more clients, attention and influence.

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The Ego-Free About Me - Jordan Bower