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Facilitated by expert corporate storyteller, Jordan Bower. Virtual and in-person options available.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City


Great business storytellers empower transformation at scale.

Let me introduce myself. My name’s Jordan Bower, and I’ve been delivering business storytelling workshops for nearly a decade. My clients have included an astonishing array of organizations, functions, and teams. I’ve worked with sales teams at companies like Autodesk, innovation teams at companies like Mozilla, and product teams at unicorns like Pleo. I’ve advised boards, IT leaders, interior design consultants, HR teams, and police officers. I’ve even worked with a sitting Congressman.

As an expert facilitator of business storytelling workshops, my job is to help organizational leaders and their teams improve how they communicate.

This is more complicated than it sounds. There is no “right way” to be a leadership storyteller, no simple five-step course that will teach how to inspire hearts and influence minds. Effective business communication is a result of a dizzying mix of elements—everything from finding the right message, creating the right structure, and building understanding of an audience to creativity, vulnerability, and emotional engagement. An 8-hour workshop can give someone an introduction to these elements, but it won’t make sustainable change.

It would be great if we all had 10,000 hours to master the art and science of storytelling. But practically most of my clients just don’t have the time for that either.

Luckily, they have me. My job is triage. I help my clients by assessing all of those dizzying elements and providing a clear, reasonable and achievable vision for improving their communication. Then, I draw from my deep well of tools, frameworks, and business storytelling knowledge to deliver the right mix of content, peer support, and systematic shifts that will help them reach their goals.

I’m a vertically integrated business storytelling expert—from workshops to coaching to consulting and more. I help my clients empower a sustainable transformation in how they communicate—at scale.

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Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower
I teach that business storytelling skills are entwined with organizational culture. To improve, you need to evolve both.


Helping organizational teams improve their communication at scale.

In-person business storytelling workshops are an essential portion of how I help my clients improve their communication. But on its own, a workshop is not enough. Rather than coming into a new organization and “waving my magic wand” with a bunch of idealist learning objectives, I take a deeper and more systematic approach.

Every cline engagement starts with a robust Discovery process. This Discovery process helps me get beneath the surface, assess the deeper problem, and recommend a solution. From there, I work with clients to develop the right combination of workshops, coaching, shifts in organizational systems, etc. that will result in a sustainable improvement in communication at scale.

A typical engagement follows these steps:


Discovery usually includes extensive 1-on-1 interviews across multiple levels of your team, from the executive down to the intern. I’m looking to understand current capabilities, your business environment, the history, relationship dynamics between leaders, etc. so I can offer a clear vision of how to improve—and a plan of action to get there.

Facilitated Workshops and Visioning Sessions

Storytelling skills are an essential portion of every workshop. Workshops draw from my extensive set of storytelling methodologies and frameworks. But they go far beyond a conventional training. By simply asking “what makes a good leadership storyteller,” teams begin to explore what better business storytelling means specifically for them. These facilitated group sessions become collective visioning exercises where the team discusses their opportunities openly, coming together around a vision for sustainable change.

Capability Development Plan

Often, the road to better communication means evolving tools and systems in addition to skills. Even a great storyteller can be hamstrung by a data-heavy Powerpoint deck or an inauthentic messaging strategy that’s missing a little bit of creativity.

At the end of every business storytelling workshop, I deliver a capability development plan that outlines a customized way forward—and a precise path to getting there: i.e. learning tools, articles, videos, subsequent trainings, peer coaching, etc. 

Customized Follow-up

For all clients, the outcome of an initial engagement is a new understanding of what “business storytelling” means for them, and alignment around a clear, customized capability development plan. Some clients continue to engage me to facilitate the skill development process. Other clients take this plan and execute using their own internal resources—bringing me back the next time they need a new vision for how to evolve.

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