Corporate Messaging Development Workshop

Uncover an authentic change narrative, and transform it into a strategic action plan that will create engagement, cohesion and alignment.

Based in Vancouver, Canada • Delivered to Clients Around the World

What You'll Learn in This Workshop

I help leaders and their teams go one level deeper to craft more emotionally meaningful — and therefore more influential — corporate messaging.

Here’s some of what my clients take away:

How to Position Yourself as a Confident Leader of Change

Learn how to dig into your narrative & find great stories worth telling.

How to Craft a Cohesive Brand Narrative

Turn everyone into a salesperson by using your story to connect all aspects of your organization with all aspects of your brand.

How to Connect On an Emotional Level

Find your core values and transform them from empty cliches into meaningful relationships with your key audiences.

How to Transform Creative Ideas into Tangible Actions

Use your personal stories to generate alignment within and between your teams.

Storytelling Training -- Design Thinking
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“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation
that is to come.”

Steve Jobs

Workshop Details

Authentic Corporate Messaging for your Change Initiative

The Corporate Messaging Development Workshop helps you take a value proposition and inject it with heart. In this training, you and your change leaders will come together to design an aligned, authentic communications strategy that motivates change by optimizing the resonance with your target audience.

To get there, you’ll use a secret weapon: the persuasive power of your own emotions. By learning to connect your own values with the values of your target audience, you will learn to use the power of emotions to inspire them to change the way they act.

Ideal for

Organizational leaders who want to humanize complex data and convey visionary value propositions. Anyone who needs to tell the big picture story and use it to connect more meaningfully with their stakeholders and key audiences.


Structured Practice Teaches You the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling Design Thinking Exercises

Design Thinking Exercises Link Creative Ideas with Strategic Goals

Designer develop a mobile application usability and drawing its framework on a paper.

Build Prototypes That Test Your New Stories with Target Audiences

Questions & Answers

How are these corporate messaging development workshops structured?

The goals of the workshop are

  • teach you the basic art & science of storytelling, including the foundational patterns that you can use again and again;
  • use these patterns to develop the “raw material” for a new change narrative;
  • apply Design Thinking frameworks like empathy mapping to see your story from the perspective of your key audiences;
  • refine your story through practice and testing;
  • develop next steps based on what you learn.

Do you use a specific methodology?

Yes and no. The workshop curriculum draws from a wide range of influences, including “hard” skills like communications strategy and digital marketing to “softer” skills like emotional intelligence and narrative coaching. However, it is also unstructured and improvisational, like all creative processes.

I act as a guide to help you integrate the basic patterns of storytelling into your change narrative, in order to improve buy-in and engagement.

How long are the workshops?

A standard workshop is two full days. The workshop includes lecture-style learning, paired and group team-building exercises, focused brainstorming and facilitated discussions. As an outcome, you’ll have a refined prototype of a new change narrative and internal consensus around an execution plan.

What follow-up do you offer?

After your find your story and develop your strategy, many clients hire me as a storytelling consultant to help them integrate it across their brand. Some clients use one-on-one leadership coaching to connect the brand story into their core leadership messages, or use a sales storytelling training to tie together brand and business development.

Are workshops customized?

Yes, every workshop is customized to your business, your market and your product.

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”


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