Achieve a sustainable business transformation that integrates the practical and the emotional.

The social, political, and economic changes set in motion by the pandemic are calling for a much different approach to how organizations are designed and led. As the old structures crumble, visionary leaders are evolving their organizations to work in ways that are more agile, innovative, and fulfilling.

Jordan Bower is a business transformation consultant who works with those leaders. He helps them step beyond linear thinking so they can invent new products, narratives, and paths to growth—and helps them restructure their operations around new goals, systems, and visions.

Jordan is a creative thinker and attentive listener who works across industries. He’s based in Vancouver, Canada.


Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower

Jordan has spoken on stages around the world about topics related to business storytelling, organizational culture, and human-centered transformation.

Make sustainable change by taking a creative and generative approach to business transformation.

Many transformation consultants have a predefined idea of how change works. Not Jordan. His approach is genuinely creative.

By helping clients improving their ability to make sense in real time—and by destigmatizing chaos and not knowing—Jordan deftly guides organizations to places they’ve never been. This shift in perspective results in new goals, systems, products, capacities, and strategic narratives.

“We were facing a roadblock until we met Jordan. He was like dynamite for our organization.”

Jordan’s Business Transformation Consulting always begins with a systematic Discovery.

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Go beyond linear thinking and transform the entire organiational ecosystem.

Most transformation efforts overemphasize the visible parts of the organization—the strategies, systems, products, and communications—and overlook the invisible parts: the complex web of human dynamics, emotions, and fears. Maybe that’s why as many as 70% of business transformation efforts fail.

Jordan’s approach is rooted in the integration of the practical and the emotional. By working at this level, clients can stretch beyond linear thinking and uncover new, previously unexamined possibilities. They can go beyond where they’ve been.

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