Find the story that powers your growth

Strategic Narrative Storytelling Consulting

Find the clear, compelling and true narrative that connects your strategy with your customers, investors, stakeholders and employees.

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What will change when you get your ideas across clearly?

Most business people would never call themselves storytellers, because “storytelling” still has the connotation of something made up or false. But the stories we tell about our ideas, our work and our organization condition the way that we are received. Finding the right story helps others get clear on our mission. It expresses our vision and purpose. It affects how others perceive our value. It can be the difference between no and yes.

As storytelling consultants, we work directly with CEOs and executive teams to optimize the strategic narratives they tell about their work. Unlike a traditional communications agency, we don’t make up a story and pitch it to you. Instead, we work alongside you as a guide, drawing a powerful narrative out of you and supporting your team as you develop alignment. In the process, we teach you the tactics, methodologies and mindsets of storytellers, so that you can re-write your story when the context, market or strategy changes.

You’ll find that storytelling consulting is a deep change process. We help our clients infuse their real story with clarity and emotional depth. Our work is at the intersection of strategy, innovation, design, communications, relationship intelligence and leadership development. It’s always insightful. It can be therapeutic. And it works.

How Storytelling Consulting Works

Facilitated storytelling design sessions for you and your team

We use our frameworks, analysis and narrative tools to help your team define what makes a good story. Our expert facilitation helps you shift the conversation deeper and get clear on the parts of the strategy that matter most.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower

Hands-on support as your personal storyteller-coach

We work hand-in-hand to build on the momentum of the design session and help you prioritize the parts of your story that need to change. Our approach is creative, iterative and intimate to give your story authenticity & emotional depth.

Training, design and implementation to help the new story spread

We arm your team with the tools, tactics and mindsets to bring the new story to life. Through workshops & coaching we uncover the ideal stories for creating authentic connection and motivation and fold these together into an open-ended change initiative.

Specific Deliverables Associated with our Work

  • Strategic narratives
  • Presentations
  • Media campaigns
  • Presentation decks
  • Sales messaging
  • Brand guidelines
  • Mission, Vision & Values
  • Employer brand
  • Event design
  • Change visions
  • Internal communications
  • Experience design
  • Storytelling coaching
  • Thought Leadership
  • Positioning
  • Investor presentations
  • Sales kickoffs
  • Recruiting