Meet Jordan Bower

Transformational Storytelling Consultant for Organizations & Leaders

I’m a leadership communications consultant, coach and facilitator with deep expertise in business storytelling and the emotions associated with transformational change.

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Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

Evolve how you think about leading sustainable change.

If there’s one lesson from 2020, it’s this: no one knows what’s going to happen next. When we realize that the future of work is uncertainty, adaptability and continuous change, we can make a radical shift in the way we think about organizations — making them more flexible and improvisational, more egalitarian and less hierarchal, with more room for meaningful contributions from everyone at all levels of the org chart. 

Organizations are no longer static, managed machines. They’re dynamic, ever-evolving organisms. To adapt, our leadership and teams needs to be dynamic and ever-evolving too. That’s where I help my clients.

Transforming your organizational story from the bottom up.

Transformation isn’t merely the outcome of my work. My clients see transformation as an elegant, desirable process that continually improves the quality, belonging, trust, satisfaction and empowerment that’s inherent in their work.

By shifting how they communicate about their work—to employees, customers, leadership and, most importantly, themselves—my clients achieve stronger cultures, team-wide strategic alignment and innovative, often unexpected evolutions for their strategy, product design and brand.

Who I’ve Worked With

Understanding a Typical Consulting Engagement

Every Consulting Engagement is Bespoke

Nothing I do is boiler plate. Every engagement emerges from careful consideration of you, your vision and your unique organizational context. Generally, engagements tend to range from 2-4 months and often follow this pattern:

Strategic Storytelling Transformation Strategic Visioning

1. Discovery & Evaluation

Through 1-on-1 interviews and analysis of materials, I assess the current state of your change leadership and your communication.

3. Visioning & Backcasting

Together, we visualize your ideal future—the outcome of transformation. With that future in mind, we “backcast” the steps to achieving it 

2. Disassembling

Using what I’ve learned, I help pull apart the pieces to clearly see what has kept your team stuck. This opens a vector for your change.

4. Transformation

We begin to implement new systems, ways of working and communications habits in a way designed to engage your people as participants in the change.

Typical Services I Provide to Organizations

Consulting with Leadership Teams

Facilitations, Workshops & Transformational Change Conversations

1-on-1 Leadership Comms Coaching


Hi, I’m Jordan — a unique leadership storytelling coach, consultant & facilitator.

Evolution is key to understanding my work. During our time of continuous change, leaders needs to evolve beyond thinking about their leadership messaging as static – for example, missions, visions, values, strategic plans and so forth. It takes a different mindset to communicate from a place of uncertainty and continuous evolution.

This mindset is what I help you and your team achieve.

Getting there is a little different for everyone. Often, my role as a storytelling consultant is to challenge you and your team to break the mold around traditional corporation change communication. I ask you to go at least one level deeper into the emotions around your messaging, inviting you to unpack WHY you’re saying it — so you can translate into language that your audience experiences as trusted, innovative and authentic.

This is a much different way of thinking about leadership storytelling and strategic narrative. But it’s also an essential evolution for our new way of working, in the post-2020 world. Rather than looking for the “story”, I help you see your strategic story as an ever-evolving process. This is the future of leadership communications.

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