Strategy Consulting

Lead beyond what you can imagine.

My clients are visionary leaders who are stretching beyond linear thinking so they can overcome hidden barriers to growth.

I work with organizational leaders who are driving change from the inside out.

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I help you design visionary and resilient organizational systems—and support you as you lead successful transformations that bring them to life.

My clients are leading the institutions, movements, products and experiences that are actively creating a better world. These leaders are bravely letting go of old paradigms to become the visionary architects of organizational systems that embrace complexity, adaptability, creativity and vulnerability—revolutionizing how their teams work and the products and services they create.

If you’re a leader like this, I help you and your team work through complex challenges, unlock innovative sources of value and uncover hidden opportunities for growth. I do this by helping evolve how you align people, products, processes and purpose, and by custom designing powerful transformation experiences that help your people address and move through their fears of change.

Whether you want to transform your business, make a greater personal impact on society or design an agile organization prepared for continuous change, I can help integrate new ideas and capabilities throughout your organizational ecosystem.  

Through working with me, you can:

  • Refocus strategy after major milestones and transitions.
  • Create purposeful strategic narratives that engage customers and employees.
  • Uncover visionary solutions to deep-rooted challenges. 
  • Design governance structures that enable agility and resilience.
  • Upskill leaders and individual contributors in communication, listening and empathy.
  • Build processes that generate productivity and meaning.
  • Find more fulfilment, ease and impact in your leadership. 

How I Help Design Transformation

I work with the Organizational Ecosystem—the next-normal strategic operating model. This approach gives you a new metaphor for aligning people, products, processes and purpose that better reflects our reality of continuous change.

By thinking in terms of the broader ecosystem, leaders can let go of old paradigms and bravely adopt new ones that are more appropriate for agility and creativity. Thinking in this way reveals unexpected value creation opportunities, while also helping you become much more empowered to lead into previously unexplored terrain.


Transform systems, strategies, goals and governance structures to achieve greater agility, creativity and growth.

  1. Pre-Launch: Reveal the hidden organizational ecosystem and get recommendations for how to respond.
  2. Ready: Interrupt old systems, create space to imagine new solutions and build the movement toward change.
  3. Set. Work through fears of change at a deeper, emotional level though custom designed and facilitated transformation experiences.
  4. Launch. Refocus your operations around new goals, systems, narratives, and governance structures—all aligned around your new vision.
  5. Accelerate. Design tools and leadership development resources that are grounded on the newly required skills and behaviors. 
  6. Post-Launch. Bring me back to facilitate the next steps of your evolution—whenever you need to bring your ecosystem into balance again.