There's No Going Back

Communications Workshops for Transformational Leadership Teams

This deep and powerful facilitated strategic visioning process helps transformational leaders create a clear, meaningful and connected story of change—and alignment around their vision for the future.

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Our transformational moment demands a different tone to our leadership communications, not just different words.

Over the last seven years, I’ve led business communications workshops for dozens of organizations, including big tech companies, international banks and government institutions like the Federal Reserve Bank and the Government of Canada. My experience has taught me that most execs and leadership communicators forget the lesson that all of us learned in kindergarten: “it’s not what you say, but how you say it.”

This lesson is especially relevant now, when all leaders are confronted with guiding their audiences through transformational change and into the unknown. Today, leadership can no longer be about delivering updates, data, strategy and talking points in an objective and emotionless way. There is no such thing as objectivity any more. Today, our customers, colleagues, employees and neighbors are literally out in the streets demanding leadership that is based on empathy, purpose, meaning, insight and profound understanding of social issues.

There’s a big difference between saying the right things and being genuine, trusted, authentic and believable.

The goal of this process transcends traditional strategic planning. You and your team won’t make a “plan”. You’ll find a clear, strategic and visionary way to talk about what you’re changing—and what it means to your audiences. You’ll challenge your leadership team to push past cliche, jargon and abstract language so you can talk about your work in a way that is simple, accessible and without manipulation.

You’ll find a clear, straightforward and meaningful strategic “story” that will bring other people on board.

As we collectively transform our society’s systems, beliefs and power structures, we need a new type of leader with the vision, courage, vulnerability & conviction to guide us—strategically—into the unknown. Leaders, it’s time to go deeper, so we can connect our audience to a truly new future—not another version of the past.

There’s no “going back”. 

Develop a clear, trusted, authentic and impactful leadership narrative for your organization or team.

Who is this Powerful Strategic Visioning Process Designed For?

This strategic visioning process is designed for any team of strategic leaders who need to communicate about change to any type of internal or external audience.

For example:

  • CEOs, Boards & Executive Teams who must connect their vision, values & strategies to the evolving external environment.
  • Sales Leaders who must find new context around their product & motivate their team.
  • Innovation Leaders who must generate internal & external momentum for change.
  • DEI & HR Leaders who must shift how they work while improving their political influence.
  • Marketing Leaders who must connect their brand’s history to the evolving future.
  • Thought Leaders who must build awareness & understanding of their revolutionary ideas.
  • Startup Founders who must design the visionary narrative that compels others to change.

If your work involves communicating about work in an authentic and human way, you and your team will find a tremendous benefit from this process.

Essential Details About this Strategic Communications Visioning Process

  • Every workshop is custom designed for each client. 
  • Average pricing ranges from $15,000-$25,000.
  • All services are delivered by Jordan Bower.
  • The timeline of an average engagement ranges from 8-12 weeks.
  • Workshop engagements tend to include
    • Strategic planning sessions in advance of the engagement;
    • 1-on-1 conversations between all participants and the facilitator;
    • 5-15 hours of facilitated group conversation spread out over several virtual calls;
    • A summary of insights and recommendations from the session.

Storytelling Consultant Jordan Bower in New York City

About the Facilitator

Jordan Bower is the Founder of Transformational Storytelling, a facilitation, coaching and consulting business based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Jordan’s work is distinguished by his ability to balance deep emotional insights with practical and actionable strategic thinking.

Jordan’s clients have included tech companies like Autodesk and Mozilla, international design firms like M Moser Associates, publicly traded companies, venture-backed startups, global small businesses & dozens of emerging change makers and entrepreneurs.