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Leadership Storytelling Coaching

Improve how you build engagement and connection by learning to think like a storyteller.

How will storytelling coaching improve how you’re heard?

We approach the idea of business storytelling in an unconventional way. For us, storytelling means presenting information in a way that creates an emotional response for an audience. Presentations, reports, emails, texts and tweets can all be thought of as stories according to this definition. By learning to approach communication in this way, you can improve how you create resonance, engagement, meaning and a whole bunch of other good stuff that comes through authentic human to human connection.

Why bother taking the time to infuse information with emotion? Because our society’s communications patterns have changed drastically. It’s no longer OK to just tell. Now, we need to engage our audience in a compelling narrative, “showing” with emotion and helping guide their interpretation.

The world is communicating in a whole new way and it’s up to us to adapt our habits if we want to be heard.

Our approach to storytelling coaching is grounded in this perspective. We teach storytelling as a set of tools, methodologies and mindsets that you can use to make your communication more engaging and effective. Engagements start by defining a clear vision for where you want to get with your timeframe and budget. From there, we’ll work hand-in-hand on a real “story” associated with your work or ideas. We’ll act as your guides, helping you evolve your message by empathizing with your audience and connecting to your own creativity. Along the way, we’ll teach you to fish, so you can take these tools and apply them to any message.

We coach our clients to create meaningful emotional experiences for their audiences across many kinds of media and context. We want to help you be a more thoughtful and creative communicator, so you can improve how you bring people together, navigate challenging conversations and lead us all confidently into the unknown.

Jordan Bower Storytelling Consultant

Our Storytelling Coaching Programs

One Month Fast Track

Get there fast

We meet four times in a month and help you untangle one of your most urgent stories. Along the way, we’ll introduce you to theory and point you towards further resources for your learning. You’ll get results — quickly.

Example stories:

  • Presentations
  • About Me
  • Investor Pitches
  • Interviews

Three Month Story Discovery

Clarity and depth

We meet twice a month & get into the heart of a key story about you and your work. You’ll do self-reflective homework that will take you deeper. You’ll get clear on the story — and exactly where to take it next.

Example stories:

  • Strategic Positioning
  • TED Talks
  • Personal Vision & Values
  • Leadership & Advocacy

Five Month Storyteller Skill Building

Be an expert

We meet a couple times a month as you take a journey to find a new story for yourself & bring it to life. You’ll learn soft skill tools that you can teach others. You’ll get confidence, an inspired vision & clear next steps.

Example career paths:

  • Leadership Development
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Communications Design

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Meet Maux & Jordan

Storytelling coaching is provided by our husband-wife team of highly skilled coaches. We’ll help you design the journey you want with the coaching style you prefer so you get the results you need.