1-on-1 Leadership Storytelling Coaching

Learn how to craft narratives that move your audiences to meaning and action.

1-on-1 Leadership Storytelling Coaching

Level up how you create understanding, engagement and motivation by becoming a Strategic Storyteller

Storytelling is among the biggest buzzwords in business, with good reason. These days, with the circumstances of the world seeming to change overnight, what we all need are leaders who can contextualize where we are by connecting it to where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

This ability to craft and express a powerful narrative to multiple audiences is what I call Strategic Storytelling.

Since 2013, I have been helping leaders and their organizations go one level deeper to craft more emotionally meaningful — and therefore more impactful — internal and external messages. Here’s some of what they’ve learned:

How to Put Yourself Forward as a Confident Leader of Change

As we work together, you'll learn how to dig through the muck to find compelling, inspiring stories worth telling.

How to Link Story & Strategy

Working with me helps you connect the big picture with clear, tangible & strategic actions.

How to Connect One Level Deeper

During our work, we'll transform core values from empty cliches into meaningful and inspiring relationships with your key audiences.

How to Be More Authentically Persuasive

I'll help you develop messages that have the clarity and conviction to move people's minds and hearts.

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”


How Storytelling Coaching Works

Seamlessly Integrate Coaching into Your Work Life

My basic program runs over 3 months. During that time, we’ll have 6 one-hour calls with each other. In between the calls, I’ll assign you “homework” that you can easily complete on your own.

The overarching goal is to help you become a more effective storyteller. To get there, we’ll look at storytelling from a variety of perspectives: which stories you should tell, how they are best told, and how to most effectively create a resonance between you and your audiences. My approach links together business strategy and classical narrative techniques, but also a high degree of emotional intimacy. What I know from experience is that the stories we tell the world are intimately related to the stories we tell ourselves.

To ground our conversations practically, we’ll work together on building a sample story, so you can learn how the story development process works yourself, and use me as a guide and resource to support your own learning style. I can work with many types of professional and personal stories.

Here are some examples that clients have created while working together:

  • Speeches
  • Business Plans
  • Pitches to customers or stakeholders
  • Brand Identities
  • About Me pages or bios
  • Books or blog posts
  • Networking introductions
  • Cover letters and resumes
  • Social media campaigns
  • Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Difficult conversations with employees or partners

Questions & Answers

What does the intro package cost?

The introductory 3-month package costs US$1500. Subsequent sessions cost $175/hr.

Do you use a specific methodology?

I draw from a diverse toolkit, ranging from hard business management skills like strategy, web development and digital marketing to “softer” skills like emotional intelligence and narrative coaching. I have a general framework that I like to start with — but then throw away when something new comes up. Ultimately, I don’t do anything by the book.   

How do we meet? How often?

We’ll normally use Zoom, Skype or the phone for our meetings, depending on what works best for both of us. Normally, we’ll meet once every 2-3 weeks — depending on what we’re working on, and how urgent it is for you.

Will I get takeaway resources and recommendations for further learning?

Yes. I’ll deliver customized resources and recommendations that will give you guidance on your storytelling learning journey.

Become a Transformational Storyteller

Ready to get started?

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