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Storytelling Coaching for Thought Leaders

Become a more effective, authentic and emotional leader with help from storytelling coach Jordan Bower.

I coach folks based all over the world.

The Future Belongs to the Storyteller

When I talk to folks for the first time, I always distinguish between two similar words: storytelling and storyteller. Most people have an idea of what storytelling means. Telling a story, right? But a storyteller is something else entirely.

Storytellers are meaning makers. As storytellers, our job is to sort through vast amount of data and information, so we can create clear, comprehensible and impactful messages that help others understand. We’re communications designers. Creative experimenters. Experts in the art and science of human connection.

I believe the world desperately needs better storytellers right now.

I teach storytelling the same way that you might learn a musical instrument: with a little theory and plenty of practice, so you can build confidence in your own skill and voice. Sessions with me are playful, creative, highly supportive and always provocative. As you’ll learn first hand if we talk, I am highly passionate about my work.

I want to help people like you to be storytellers, so you can be a more impactful, authentic and connected leader who can inspire others to be their best.

Some Example Applications of Storytelling Coaching

  • Thought leadership
  • Personal Branding
  • Content strategy
  • Talks, speeches & books
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Leadership visions
  • Motivational speeches
  • YouTube videos
  • Instagram strategy

Up Your Influence, Empathy & Creativity with Storytelling Coaching

Create more engagement around your content & thought leadership.

I work with individual executives, entrepreneurs, influencers, consultants, marketers, sales professionals and strategic communicators.

Design an emotional story that people want to follow.

I make your communications strategy simpler by helping you get your story straight.

Tell your personal story with the right balance of vulnerability & impact.

I help you become a more impactful, trusted and accessible leader without appearing weak.

Storyteller Jordan Bower at Culture First

Hi, I’m Jordan Bower: a Storytelling Coach for Thought Leaders

I work with leaders in all fields, including business, government and entrepreneurship, with people at all levels, from CEO to individual contributor. I also work with influencers, consultants and artists. What I do is more than speaking coaching. I help people in three main ways:

  • I help you learn & practice effective communications tactics, so that you can express your ideas in a more impactful way.
  • I help you understand your audience better, so that you can connect with them in a deeper way.
  • I help you go inside and find your own creative vision, so that you can build the audience & influence you want.

I believe that the leaders of the future will be people who can express themselves clearly, meaningfully and authentically. These people will need to able to adapt their messaging for different audiences, different media platforms and perpetual change, while remaining trusted and credible to their audiences.

I call these people “storytellers”.

I would love to help you become a storyteller.

Why Storytelling Coaching For Thought Leaders?

What does it take to be a good communicator today? You need to be creative, spontaneous, thoughtful & insightful. You need to be visual and experimental. You need to be at least a little funny. And you need to learn how to do this well without going back to school and getting a degree in English Literature.

I get you. I didn’t set out to be a storyteller. I’ve got a business degree. I speak Excel, Powerpoint and income statements. I used to think communications were fluff. But over the last fifteen years, I’ve learned the importance of balancing fact with emotions. My journey has included travel to more than fifty countries, many thousands of dollars spent on personal growth and a year long solo walk from Canada to Mexico. These experiences taught me humility, compassion and effective listening.

Today, I lead storytelling workshops and am a trusted advisor for companies like Autodesk, SAS and Mozilla, and organizations like the Federal Reserve and the Government of Canada.

How did I learn to be a storytelling coach?

Put simply: curiosity & practice.

I became interested in storytelling when I got into photography in my twenties. I wanted to understand the difference between a pretty picture and the kind of photo that gripped you and wouldn’t let you go. That inquiry led me down a storytelling rabbit hole: Joseph Campbell, Jean Houston, Aristotle, the Brothers Grimm. I started binge reading storytelling and never stopped.

But my biggest education in storytelling came when I set out to write a book about my travels. I wrote and wrote and wrote, but after years of writing and many drafts, all I had was a bunch of journal entries. I didn’t really have a story. I needed help, so I hired a storytelling coach myself.

I learned that I was approaching storytelling in the wrong way. I was spending way too much time thinking about the perfect story, and not nearly enough time empathizing, listening and understanding my audience.

Later, I would learn that this is the most common error most of us make when it comes to communication.

This is the lesson I want to deliver to my clients: the best storytellers are actually the best listeners.

As a coach, I practice what I preach. I don’t overwhelm you clients with ideas and theory. I help you feel storytelling in your bones. Storytelling, after all, is the essence of what it means to be human. It’s profound, meaningful and truly transformational work. It can literally change your life. (I know that first hand.)

Practically, I’ll help you clarify your ideas, experiment with your tone, deepen your empathy for your audiences and break some old habits and patterns in your communication. I’ll create a safe, fun, playful and encouraging space that will maximize your learning.

One Last Thing

Here’s what I wish I knew when I started down this road: No one is a born storyteller. Good storytelling is developed like every other skill — with thoughtful and sustained practice.

It’s in all of us. I can help you bring your inner storyteller out.