Leadership Storytelling Coaching helps you find strong narratives, build creativity and confidence, and make every conversation feel more engaging and impactful.

Becoming a better business storyteller is a more complex journey than you’d think. Beyond learning the basics and analyzing the masters, novice storytellers need to hold an objective perspective on what they’re doing well—and where they need help. They need to understand how to integrate the practical with the emotional, so they can think outside the box and be great.

Jordan Bower is a remarkably skilled leadership storytelling coach. He works one-on-one with visionary communicators from around the world who have something important to say—and want to build momentum.

“Jordan is a brilliant teacher, with a passionate and thorough knowledge of communications.  I am so pleased I had the opportunity of working with him.

Business Transformation Consultant Jordan Bower

Jordan Bower is a consultant, facilitator, and keynote speaker who speaks about creativity, communications, and leadership. He’s worked with companies, conferences, and clients from around the world.

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Jordan’s approach to coaching is highly spontaneous and creative. Rather than guiding clients through a set curriculum, Jordan facilitates a safe, creative space for clients to ask new questions about communication. His experience teaches thay learning to think differently is the prerequisite for better communication.

By stripping away the how it “should” be done, Jordan gives clients room to imagine what great storytelling means to them. He supplements these sessions with offline learning materials, including videos, articles and book recommendations. As they work alongside Jordan, clients travel a journey of transformation as they find and engage with their inner storyteller.

“Jordan knows his material inside and out and communicates it wonderfully.”


Jordan Bower Storytelling Consultant

Challenge yourself to truly change.

Jordan’s coaching clients understand the intimate relationship between the practical and emotional elements in their leadership stories. He’s not a therapist, but many sessions feel therapeutic as clients inquire into their legacy habits in communication.

With Jordan’s expert guidance, clients can hone in on inner obstacles and develop new, creative strategies that can be expressed through the stories they tell. Jordan’s clients are more confident, more engaging, more creative, and more vulnerable in their communication. (That’s the kind of leader we all need today.)

“I appreciated that Jordan challenged me. More importantly, I appreciated how he challenged me. His approach helped me take my organization some place new.”

Jordan maintains a small but mighty roster of coaching clients.

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