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Transform how you connect, motivate and lead change in these practical, impactful Storytelling Training & Workshops.

About Storytelling Training & Workshops

Since 2013, Jordan Bower has delivered storytelling training to hundreds of people around the globe, including startup founders, Fortune 500 salespeople and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Here’s what they’ve learned:

Improve Persuasion, Motivation & Influence

Storytellers have been influencing human behavior for tens of thousands of years. In these workshops, leaders learn how to develop visionary narratives that help them overcome resistance, build momentum and lead change.

Develop Creative Thinking Skills

In the future of work, everyone's a knowledge worker. Leaders who've attended these sessions walk away knowing how to think on their feet, apply design thinking process and successfully navigate uncomfortable conversations with ease.

Connect Authentically with Customers & Employees

Change means telling the right stories and including your audience in the dialogue. These storytelling trainings help leaders build support (and better cultures) by upping their emotional IQ.

Develop an Inventory of Polished Stories

Great leadership storytellers all share the same secret: those great, off-the-cuff stories come from a lot of practice. These trainings will give you the step-by-step process for filling your back pocket with the perfect story at the perfect time.

All workshops are tailored to your team’s industry and learning style.
Tell us about your team and we’ll help you choose the right curriculum for you.

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Storytelling Design Thinking Exercises

Questions & Answers

How many people are in each course?

Our teaching style works best in groups between 5-25 participants.

What's the learning experience like?

Storytelling Trainings are taught using an experiential learning methodology. Leaders use paired and small group work to immediately apply concepts to a communication in their real-life work.

Do we get any takeaways?

Participants leave the workshop with supplementary resources that will help them apply learned concepts and build new habits. One-on-one coaching is also offered to make sure things stick.

How long in advance should I book?

Four weeks in advance of your desired date is a good rule of thumb. Trainings can be delivered in our training facility in Vancouver, Canada or on site wherever you are in the world.

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