I help organizations develop a story that engages, aligns and sells.

Why Work With Me?

Bring meaning to your sales, marketing and organizational culture

Our time and media environment demand meaningful, purpose driven narratives that are easy to share. Using a toolbox of analytical, creative and technology skills, my business storytelling consulting servies help you dive into the emotional heart of your organization, building an authentic story that creates more engaging marketing, higher sales and an improved ability to engage, retain and recruit a winning team.

I really listen

If listening were an Olympic sport, I'd be in the hunt for the gold medal. When working with you, I'm totally comfortable diving deep into the emotional issues that uncover - and solve -the story behind the story.

I link together plans and visions

Plans guide action, but visions inspire work. I use an iterative, collaborative process to tie the two together, so that your teams can be both motivated by meaning and aligned on tactics.

I prioritize data

There's no use dreaming up stories if they don't achieve your business objectives. I use quantifiable metrics to prove ROI -- and to adjust quickly and strategically when something changes.

MY Business Storytelling Consulting PROCESS

Dive Deep

I review business intelligence and conduct interviews with managers and employees to assess where you’re at and understand your goals for the future.

Develop a shared vision

By leading your group through a facilitated Story Sprint, I help you discover and test a new story about your team or organization.

Design new materials

I design innovative sales, marketing and culture leadership materials that codify your new story and engage your team in the process.

Train your people

I deliver trainings and one-on-one coaching that empower your story by enabling your people to see themselves in it.

Business Storytelling Consulting Deliverables

  • Brand Storytelling Powerpoint Decks customized for teams, departments and the organization
  • Updated brand marketing materials, including logos, brand standards guide, websites, landing pages and content marketing strategies
  • Updated selling materials, including digital, print and social
  • Leadership storytelling tools, including keynote speeches, thought leadership blog posts/LinkedIn articles, etc.
  • Updated employer branding materials, including digital print and social
  • Internal storytelling task forces, focused on issues relating to culture, wellness, engagement, etc.
  • Group training and individual coaching on using storytelling to improve organizational communication
  • A strategic storytelling activation plan

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