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Tap into your creativity and find new, more engaging ways to talk about your most important business messages by working with expert business storyteller, Jordan Bower.


Lead with vision, creativity, authenticity, connection, and impact.

Hi there—thanks for finding me. My name’s Jordan Bower, and I’ve spent the last decade becoming an expert in the field of leadership storytelling. My clients have included an astonishing array of organizations, functions, and teams. I’ve worked with sales teams at companies like Autodesk, innovation teams at companies like Mozilla, and product teams at unicorns like Pleo. I’ve advised boards, IT leaders, interior design consultants, HR teams, YouTubers, and police officers. I’ve even worked with a sitting Congressman.

As an expert in communications, my job is to help organizational leaders improve how they communicate. That can mean:

  • Making data more relevant and meaningful
  • Building trust and demonstrating credibility
  • Communicating with creativity, authenticity, and emotion
  • Getting your ideas across in a way that is accessible and clear.
  • Motivating others to follow you journeys of change.

It’s easy to try to search for “the secret” to being a great leadership storyteller. Spoiler alert: you won’t find it here. Great leadership storytelling arises from a dizzying array of communications elements—everything from finding the right message, creating the right structure, and building understanding of an audience to creativity, vulnerability, and emotional engagement. Behind all these elements is the inner approach to communication: clarifying your message, being creative, and finding the courage to expose yourself to your audience a little more than might feel comfortable.

It would be great if we all had 10,000 hours to master the art and science of storytelling. But practically most of my clients just don’t have the time for that either. Luckily, my clients have me. As a coach, I take a hands-on and bespoke approach to helping you improve your communication. My role is to help you assess where you’re good, figure out where you can improve, and support you as you integrate a new way of speaking, talking, or writing.

I provide you with the right combination of concepts, frameworks, feedback, and a safe environment for practice so that the powerful storyteller that’s already inside of you can come to life.

“Jordan is a brilliant teacher with a passionate and thorough knowledge of business storytelling. I am so pleased I had the opportunity to work with him.


Jordan has spoken at dozens of conferences all over the world. He is a well-known expert in his field.


In a Coaching Sprint, I help you create a vision for improving your communication—and set you on a path to get there.

I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave to make someone a great storyteller overnight. But practically, the truth is that it will take time and discipline to improve someone’s communication skills. It simply wouldn’t be cost effective for most of my clients to work with me on a weekly basis.

Instead, I structure my coaching engagements like a “sprint”. That means that we work together intensively for 4-6 weeks on a real project that you’re working on now. During this “Coaching Sprint,” we get beneath the surface of your communication, assess where you’re at, and come up with creative solutions together. You can apply the Sprint to anything you’re working on—a talk, a presentation, a book, positioning yourself, speaking with more impact, or simply improving whatever great communication means to you.

These Coaching Sprints are high-intensity learning journeys that will catapult you forward in just 4-6 weeks.

Here’s what you need to know about a Storytelling Coaching Sprint:

The first call is always a Discovery

Every Coaching Sprint begins with the initial Discovery call. This is always a paid call—I don’t offer free taste tests. During this initial call, we’ll get deep quickly. You’ll talk out your goals, develop a vision for what you want to achieve, and we’ll talk through some possible approaches for how we can work together.

This initial 60-minute call costs $300. You can book it here. (There’s no obligation to commit to anything… and if you’re really unhappy, I’ll give you your money back.)

We co-design an engagement.

Most Coaching Sprint include 4-6 subsequent calls after the Discovery. These subsequent calls are intensive 60-minute creative sessions. They always unfold a little differently. Sometimes, you’ll get advice or specific tactical recommendations. Sometimes, it will feel more coach-y, with an opportunity for you to talk things out. Sometimes, these are dynamic creative sessions where we come up with ideas and approaches together. And sometimes, you’ll practice delivering your content and I’ll give you honest and pointed feedback. Each of these 60-minute calls costs $300.

For some people—depending on what you’re working on—you’ll want my help reviewing material and providing detailed feedback. I’ll quote this in our Discovery call based on what you need.

I leave you with a clear set of next steps.

Each Coaching Sprint is an intensive period of work that is designed to reach a conclusion. As a final step, I’ll leave you with clear, detailed recommendations about how you can continue building your skills through your own practice. This may include subsequent readings, videos, writing practice, etc.

You’re more than welcome to come back to me again for another Coaching Sprint—next time you’re working on a different project or just when you want another intensive period of skill development.

“I appreciated that Jordan challenged me. More importantly, I appreciated how he challenged me. His approach helped me take my communications some place new.”


A 60-minute Discovery Call costs $300

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