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Brand Storytelling Workshop

A brand storytelling workshop is a hands-on learning experience delivered by storytelling speaker & thought leader, Jordan Bower.

We’ll help your team become more engaging & impactful storytellers.

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Level up trust, understanding, engagement & impact with a Brand Storytelling Workshop

Learn practical frameworks & methodologies for bringing more emotion to your messaging.

In a brand storytelling workshop, we’ll show you a simple, concrete process for upping your impact.

Make features, benefits & data more memorable and human.

Brand storytelling workshops help you find the soul in the driest data.

Find more impactful ways to sell your ideas internally.

Storytelling skills can help you bring others on board with your ideas and strategies.

A brand storytelling workshop is a hands-on group experience that’ll teach you to remove the jargon and buzzwords and connect with your customers, authentically.

Storyteller Jordan Bower at Culture First

Hi, I’m Jordan Bower: a Facilitator of Transformational Learning Experiences.

You can’t just wave a magic wand and make someone a better communicator. (Believe me. I’ve tried.) But I think better communications skills are worth the hard work — especially now, when so much is changing all at once, and audiences everywhere are desperately looking for people they can trust.

To be a good communicator today, you need to be creative, spontaneous, thoughtful & insightful. You need to be visual and experimental. You need to be at least a little funny. And you need to learn how to do this well without going back to school and getting a degree in English Literature.

I get you. I didn’t set out to be a storyteller. I’ve got a business degree. I speak Excel, Powerpoint and balance sheets. I used to think communications was fluff. But over the last fifteen years, I’ve developed the skill of balancing fact with emotions.

It’s been a long journey to get there: plenty of books, many thousands of dollars spent on personal growth and a year spent walking by myself from Canada to Mexico.

These experiences taught me that listening is the secret to great storytelling. 

Today, I lead workshops all over the world for companies like Autodesk, SAS and Mozilla and organizations like the Federal Reserve and the Government of Canada. I help these organization see that the leaders of the future will be those of us who can express ourselves clearly. Those of us who can be hopeful and optimistic in the face of chaotic change.

I agree with what Steve Jobs said: the most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.

I would love to help your brand team be better business storytellers.