I help top-tier creative agencies help their clients tell winning and aligned stories of change.

Why Work With Me?

Wow your clients and add value by engaging their team and aligning their story.

Clients are hard to satisfy when they don’t know what they want. My unique approach loops clients into story development, creating buy-in and momentum from the start. By the time the brief hits your hands, there’s a clear path to client satisfaction.

I really listen

If listening were an Olympic sport, I'd be in the hunt for the gold medal. When working with your clients, I dive deep into the emotional realm, revealing the story beneath the story, creating resonance for your client and enabling you to design creative that already has buy-in.

I create consensus

Group trainings and facilitations reduce the gap between marketing creative and how the organization actually works. By working with these authentic stories, your client's content strategy can create more engagement and you can deliver more value.

I'm team-oriented

My goal is to be the garnish on your stew, not the main course. By working collaboratively and egolessly with you and your team, I make sure you get what you need when you need it -- and that you're the one who walks away looking like the gold star chef.

How We Work Together

At the beginning of a client engagement

I work in partnership with your team or directly with the client, helping them get their story straight. Engagements can include one-on-one coaching, background research with leadership, employees and customers or a two-day facilitated Story Sprint that builds a foundation for creative development.

In the middle of a client engagement

I partner with your creative team to address storytelling road bumps that have come up in strategic development. Using coaching, consultation and facilitated design thinking exercises like empathy and customer journey mapping, we dig deep, iron out the problems and guide the project to completion.

At the end of a client engagement

Once the design heavy lifting is done, the story still needs spreading. Working in partnership with you, I conduct storytelling trainings that are designed to create buy-in through your client’s organization, enabling employees and customers to see themselves in the story and bring it to life.


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