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My mission is to help uncover the stories that connect people with each other and themselves.

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I founded my business, Transformational Storytelling, to help leaders, professionals and small business people sidestep conventional, jargon-filled workplace communication in order to speak authentically and honestly about the stuff that really matters. Through storytelling trainings, organizational consulting and one-on-one coaching, I empower my clients to dig into the story beneath the story and connect their professional messages with the passion and integrity that comes from living a meaningful life.

For me, storytelling isn’t about “making things up”, but speaking the truth. I believe that naming the unnameable helps people and organizations overcome, forgive and innovate. I work towards a more compassionate and tolerant world, where all of us has the space to speak our stories, and be heard.

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An Urgent Time to Be Understood

It’s irrelevant whether you want to call smartphone usage an addiction or the way of the future. In either case, what we can clearly see is that our phones have fundamentally and irrevocably altered the way we exist in the world.

By my reckoning, phone usage has made us more visual, more emotional, more reactive and less likely to fit our own identity into any existing box or stereotype.

Our transition from homo sapiens into what Natasha Friis Saxberg calls Homo Digitalis is almost certainly a re-reckoning of the way that we tell stories. Because stories are the bedrock of every culture — including countries, identities and religions, as well as organizations — changing our stories will no doubt change the way that we work, organize, collaborate and live.

Learning to tell our stories, then, is the paramount prerequisite of engaged and meaningful participation in the new world. It requires re-imagining ourselves (and our organizations) in order to highlight their storytelling functions. And it requires digging into the depths of our stories, understanding ourselves not just as physical entities who move through the world, but as profound and mysterious psychological, emotional and spiritual entities whose true powers and desires are beyond the simplistic definitions that come with corporate jargon like “users”, “consumers” and “executives”.

My work is motivated by helping others — and myself — become meaningful storytellers in this new world.

A Methodology of Intimacy

Because stories are invariably personal and emotional, my approach to constructing and designing stories is a little outside the norm for the professional world.

Rather than developing complicated and theoretical frameworks for how stories should be told, I rely on feel — the feeling of truth and conviction. In this sense, I work more like a piano tuner than a lecturer, treating you like the instrument. I let you know when you’re “in tune” and when you’re out of it.

In learning how to be “in tune”, you’ll find that your personal and professional stories “sing” with much more richness, meaning and influence. You learn storytelling not as an idea, but as an embodied, physiological practice.

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How I learned Storytelling

My world changed back in 2010, when I began a 316 day walking trip down the West Coast of the USA, from Canada to Mexico.

During this solo, life-changing trip, as I walked the beaches, trails, and highway shoulders of Washington, Oregon and California, I passed through the lives and stories of the many thousands of people I met along the way.

Steadily — day by day, step by step — this journey changed me, in many ways that I still don’t have the language to describe. In a simplified sense, I developed what one might call “emotional intelligence.” In a more complicated and profound sense, this journey was my initiation into the strange and unique cult of storytellers.

After this trip, I rented a tiny, one-room cabin on a remote island in hopes of writing a memoir about my walk. In truth, I hoped that I would write the next version of Eat, Pray, Love — except by a man. Instead, during the many, many hours I toiled over that never-completed book, I learned instead how to put my storytelling insight into practice.

Along the way, I received tutelage from some spectacular storytellers. Some, like Joseph Campbell, are long gone from this existence. Some, like Jean Houston, I learned from afar. And some, like the wonderful storytelling mentors Tom Schlesinger and Erwin Pearlman, worked with me one-on-one to hone my practice and storyteller’s voice.

To them, and to the many others I’ve met along this path, I remain grateful beyond measure.

Since then, my life’s work has been applying what I learned on this journey to the world in which we live, heightening values of courage, bravery, tolerance, acceptance and especially forgiveness, as a way of encouraging the birth of a happier, more diverse world.


I work towards a world full of people who connect persuasively with truth and passion. Will you be one of them?

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