Meet Jordan Bower: Storyteller.

Jordan Bower is a creative professional whose work—and life—aims to integrate the practical with the emotional.

It’s hard to pin down just what Jordan does, because his work expresses itself in so many forms and ways of being. Jordan’s a consultant, facilitator, and a coach; a photographer, writer, and artist; a passionate explorer of the complexity of the inner realms. Jordan prefers the term “storyteller,” because it can be applied in so many creative and amorphous ways. (But he reserves the right to change his mind.)

Jordan’s professional career began with a degree from the Richard Ivey School of Business. Building from a base of systems thinking and operational management, Jordan took six years in his late twenties to go walkabout. (More on that later.) In 2013, Jordan founded Transformational Storytelling, a business that eventually led to him delivering more than a hundred workshops for corporate clients and conferences on three continents. His students included everyone from the CEO to the folks in the mail room, an expression of his philosophy that the best ideas can come from anywhere—and anyone.

After years of anonymous hotel rooms, Jordan’s career as a workshop facilitator came to a sudden halt in March 2020, at the start of the pandemic. Rather than take his content online, Jordan spent the rest year stepping back and reflecting on his next phase of growth. The result of his introspective work is a business called Rocket Science, a partnership with a sensationally talented emotional guide based in Los Angeles.

This partnership enabled Jordan to transcend his previous subject matter so he could help guide the creative future of an organization—working with depth and complexity with all of its constituent parts, both practical and emotional.

Jordan’s creativity, flexibility, and privilege have enabled him to design work that nurtures his mind and his soul. Creatively, he designs storytelling work that explores systems change in the inner world. His most recent project, Momentum, is the (mostly) true story about the year that Jordan walked, by himself, from Canada to Mexico, facing down a humiliating breakup and trying to discover what it means to be a good man. Through Momentum, Jordan raises important questions around masculinity, emotions, and patriarchy, in hopes of working toward a better world for all of us.

Jordan lives in Vancouver, Canada, on the edge of the forest, with his wife, Maux.

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