Transform your business by transforming yourself.

Bring more purpose, meaning and humanity to your work and level up how you lead, market and sell.

What story could you be telling?

My work is part strategic communications, part design and part psychotherapy

As human beings, we constantly tell stories about ourselves and our relationship to the world. Storytelling is the primary function of our brains and the essence of what it means to be human. Well told stories can inspire great work, great leadership and great organizations. Our stories are also what lead to disharmony, conflict and failure.

As our world becomes more connected, we must all begin telling a new type of story: one focused on inclusion, collaboration and change management. I help you help you connect with customers, revolutionize your marketing and grow your company — by uncovering authentic stories within you and integrating them into the way you work.

Storytelling Process

What makes my work different?

The Transformational Storytelling approach is intimate and highly personal

Adapted to your Style

Everyone's story is different. I begin by asking powerful questions that reveal how to build a customized solution for your business.

Propelled by Deep Listening

Working with the story beneath the story, we uncover, address and solve the deepest problems, not the symptoms.


For every story, we use design thinking concepts like prototyping, empathy mapping and data analysis to navigate change effectively.

Systems Focused

Storytelling is more than marketing. Our approach strategically integrates your story with the way you work.

Encouraging Trust and Empathy

We work together for greater understanding and emotional impact. Because strong emotional connections create brands customers and employees love.

Naturally Inclusive

Our process is designed to encourage and celebrate multiple perspectives. This attitude automatically creates a more diverse, inclusive and collaborative story.

What's your investment?

I work with leaders, organizations and entrepreneurs around the world

How much is your current story costing you?

How many potential customers can’t understand why what you sell is important? How much marketing spend is going to waste because your story doesn’t stand out among the noise? How much time are your employees spending feeling disengaged and unproductive? How much money are you spending trying to find and hire great talent? How many hours are you spending in meetings struggling to create alignment and debating what to do next? How much sleep are you losing trying to figure out how to hone your personal leadership voice?

You might already be spending much more time and money trying to clarify your strategic story than you had thought.

Small Business Storytelling Consulting

Story development and sales/marketing/web design packages start from $3K

Organizational Storytelling Consulting

Story analysis, group facilitations and customized trainings start from $5K

One On One Storytelling

Get your story and strategy straight, starting from $150/hr.

Are you ready to transform your story?

What I Do - Jordan Bower