Strategic Storytelling for Small Businesses

Create trust with your clients, colleagues and employees by developing your Origin Story: the true story of how you became who you are.

About this Training

Strategic Storytelling for Small Businesses is a uniquely engaging and intimate professional training. In this workshop, you will develop a tool called an Origin Story, which you will use to transform the way you sell, market, strategize and lead.

What is an Origin Story?

An Origin Story is the story of how someone became who they are. The term originates from comic books, where characters like Spiderman and Superman underwent individual trials that framed their outlooks on the world.

Similarly, as Small Business people, we each have the story of why we put our livelihoods at risk to start our business. Naturally, we use this story every day in the course of our work. This story reveals the why or the Purpose behind our business.

A well constructed Origin Story enables us to

  • differentiate ourselves from our competitors;
  • build trust with sales prospects;
  • inspire and motivate our employees;
  • create intimacy that leads to solving deeper and more valuable client problems;
  • motivate ourselves and find satisfaction in our work.

Whether we are aware of it or not, our Origin Story is at the heart of our business.

Jordan Bower

About Your Instructor

Jordan Bower’s career as a storyteller began with a decade of world travel that included visits to more than 50 countries and a 316 day walking trip from Canada to Mexico. Along his itinerant journey, Jordan learned the art of connecting emotionally with strangers, adding to a skill set that already included business administration and design thinking.

Since then, Jordan has worked with clients ranging from renewable energy companies to hedge funds to tourism destination marketing organizations. As a Strategic Storyteller, he leads trainings, consults on story and identity and lectures on the importance of story in the connected world.

Jordan is a popular speaker at digital marketing conferences and ideas festivals. In 2015, he spoke at the Future of Storytelling Summit, which also included Al Gore, Margaret Atwood and Edward Snowden.

Strategic Storytelling for Small Businesses - Jordan Bower