Make Your Message Stick

Learn how to use Strategic Storytelling to improve comprehension, retention and meaning for your most important business communications.

About Storytelling Training Workshops

  • Customized to your group’s specific needs;
  • Based on cutting-edge neuroscience research, mixed with age-old storytelling insights;
  • Highly engaging, interactive and practical;
  • Suitable for group sizes up to ~50 ppl. (Larger groups available upon request.)
  • Facilitated by Jordan Bower, expert in Corporate Intimacy.
  • Delivered for clients throughout North America. (Contact us to plan a workshop further abroad.)

Strategic Storytelling Training for Sales Teams

Use storytelling to create a sales pitch that is relatable, human and compelling. Balance facts with emotions to optimize comprehension, identify prospect pain points and maximize results. Develop a database of case studies that can be used by your entire sales team.

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Strategic Storytelling Training for Small Businesses

An Origin Story is an essential tool for small businesses to express their ‘why’. Origin Stories help you clearly articulate where you’re coming from, suggest where you’re going and invite your audience, customers and employees to come aboard and help. A clear, authentic origin story will supercharge your sales, focus your marketing and clarify your strategic direction.

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Chief Executive Storyteller

Create a defining organizational and personal vision. Articulate a motivating origin story to explain your why. Express your vision across multiple channels, including keynotes, video, investor pitches and internal trainings.

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Strategic Storytelling Training for Data Analysts

Illuminate data-driven insights with narrative concepts like metaphors. Better communicate urgency to teams and internal stakeholders. Apply emotional constructs that improve how your ideas are perceived.

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Diversity Through Storytelling Training

Develop internal procedures that address unconscious biases and support diverse perspectives. Build clear policies that improve organizational psychological safety. Transform intimate internal conflicts from elephant in the room to collective successes.

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