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In a Storytelling for Sales Training, your team will develop the soft, emotional selling skills that get you results.

Storytelling for Sales Training: Vancouver's Most Unique Professional Workshop

Storytelling is the essence of good salesmanship. Painting a picture of a brighter future. Stretching beyond “we’ve always done it this way.” Overcoming resistance and objections. Humanizing data to contextualize value propositions and communicate urgency, importance and belief.

In the attention-scarce, meaning-hungry Age of Connection, your credibility and success comes down to your ability to frame the right story and engage your audience authentically in its telling. That’s why we’ve created Storytelling for Sales Training: a unique 1-day Masterclass for sales teams in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and beyond.

Why Storytelling?

Stand Out by Staying Human

Today, when every business is in the process of becoming a technology business, most sales processes can feel like an endless streams of features and benefits, data and ROI. Proving quantifiable results is essential to good sales. But what differentiates great sales people from the rest is their ability to contextualize those results in terms of a meaningful, human story.

As more and more of us spend more and more time interacting with computers, staying human will become an increasingly important path to success.

Nothing is more human than storytelling. Across all continents, cultures and businesses, we tell stories to make sense of the world. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to follow a dependable storytelling methodology to create anecdotal stories — like networking introductions, case studies and entire sales pitches — that you can use again and again.

In so doing, you’ll join the long line of masterful storytelling leaders who have built their businesses on powerful, emotional narratives. You’ll learn how to overcome objections by painting a vision that your prospects can see, smell and feel. You’ll learn how to create closeness by striking the right balance between the professional and the personal. You’ll learn to speak clearly, authentically and in a style that’s rich with your unique, personal voice. And you’ll learn to integrate showmanship into your sales style, making you stand out with just the right touch of flair.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create stories that move people to change.

What You'll Do in this Sales Training

Learn a dependable methodology you can use over and over again

What makes this workshop unique is the way we think about storytelling. We don’t define a story as a “once upon a time” style fairy tale. Instead, we approach storytelling as an emotional relationship between two people that plays out verbally and non-verbally at the same time.

To help you understand and optimize this relationship, you’ll learn the Transformational Storytelling Methodology — a “greatest hits” of marketing strategy, design thinking, psychological theory and much, much more, all packaged into a simple, easy-to-follow process that can applied to any business, product or selling approach.

Instead of learning by listening, you’ll learn by doing. After a short introduction to the process, you’ll dive in and immediately apply it to your sales pitch — the story you currently tell to your leads and prospects. You’ll start by breaking apart the jargon and dry technical language in order to find the storytelling gold that’s hidden within. Next, you’ll use “empathy mapping” techniques to better understand your customer and customize your pitch to them. Finally, you’ll rebuild your pitch into a prototype, which you’ll test with your colleagues, gathering their feedback and adjusting your approach accordingly.

You’ll leave the workshop with one refined, ready-to-tell sales story, and a deep understanding of the methodology you can use to build out a library of many more.

Get Storytelling's Blueprint

Learn to apply the 4-step Story Design Process used by the world's best creative teams to get powerful, inspiring and emotionally moving stories.

Link the Personal & Professional

Weave your professional message with your own personal narrative, giving your story authentic, emotional pop.

Create a Bonding Experience

Have fun and get connected with your colleagues in a safe and supportive space.

Deepen The Impact Of This Training

Build skill quickly with a process that integrates into how you already train

The foundation of the training is built during a full-day workshop delivered on site in your office, or at a convenient location off-site. Afterwards, each of your salespeople will receive four one-on-one coaching sessions designed to reinforce key teaching points, deliver customized feedback and address growing pains as they arise.

The combination of group learning and one-on-one coaching helps ensure that salespeople get enough practice to make the new concepts stick, without too much taking time out of the office.

Just like with any change, managers play a vital role in modelling the new behaviour, extolling its benefits and celebrating success when salespeople make it work. We get your managers involved early, with a 90 minute initial training delivered before the main session that primes them for their new role as storytelling coaches. In this session, you’ll learn how to begin scouting for great stories, as well as developing the fundamental skill of nurturing creative growth.

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Faster connection with prospects
  • Longer, more trusting relationships with buyers
  • Faster sales by engaging buyers in the process
  • Fewer roadblocks, because objections are overcome with better stories
  • Greater internal buy-in, because everyone knows and tell your story
  • More salespeople operating at the star-performer level.

About Your Business Storytelling Trainer

All workshops and coaching are facilitated personally by Jordan Bower, a world-class business storytelling consultant, trainer and facilitator. As the founder of Transformational Storytelling, Jordan has worked  with clients ranging from corporations to small businesses and not for profits, helping power better, more connected business through the sublime art of storytelling.

Jordan combines a diverse set of skills into his approach to storytelling. After graduating from the Richard Ivey School of Business — one of Canada’s best business schools — Jordan spent six years travelling the world, learning from a vast array of story mentors. On that trip, Jordan walked from Canada to Mexico, spending 316 days by himself, connecting with strangers. Along this journey, Jordan learned the art of emotionally powerful storytelling as a mechanism of creating connections and inspiring change.

Today, he is a thoughtful and motivational speaker at conferences and ideas festival about the application of storytelling to the Digital world. He was featured at the 2015 Future of Storytelling Summit, where he facilitated alongside other speakers Edward Snowden, Al Gore and Margaret Atwood.

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