Strategic Storytelling for Organizations

Create authentic alignment, engagement and transformation by digging deep to uncover an authentically human organizational story.

A Story Sprint is a key inflection point in the story development process for organizations. In a Story Sprint, organizational stakeholders come together to discuss, develop and test a new direction for their story.

Phase One

Analyze Existing State

Start with a comprehensive audit of your existing story, including review of online materials — websites, social media campaigns, including qualitative aspects as well as analytics — and offline sales, marketing and strategic documents. Next, we conduct a comprehensive set of interviews with actors inside and outside your company — managers, employees, customers, suppliers, etc. — to get a sense of your story from all angles.

Phase Two

Develop Source Material

In a creative, trust-building and unique Story Sprint, your team comes together to develop “storytelling source material.” Storytelling source material is like writing the first draft of a book; as you and your team discuss your story from different angles, the deeper, more profound story beneath the story will begin to appear. Storytelling source material includes your organizational origin story, the “characters”  lessons and experiences encountered along the way and other thematic narrative components that will improve the impact of your storytelling pieces built through subsequent phases.

Phase Three

Create Story Prototypes

In the Story Sprint, we will uncover the seed of a new story — the central insight that will spark an organizational transformation. But we all know that transformation is no small task. To get there, we start small, supporting leaders in developing bite-sized “prototypes” for change that get tested, validated and integrated into existing systems. In this way, we make sure that all the leaders and individuals involved in the change feel included and heard. The change moves from being an outcome to an ongoing process.

Phase Four

Accelerating to Scale

The Strategic Storytelling approach is different than the top-down, centralized process followed by most consultancies. By building from the bottom and integrating your people into the process, you’ll quickly receive valuable feedback that you can immediately integrate into how you work. And by bravely exposing yourself to the unknown, you will inevitably reveal new strategic opportunities and internal capacities. As your deepest story becomes clear, we’ll explore how it can open up new business development and efficiency-creating opportunities. Having succeeded with setting a new direction, we set up course correction systems to ensure that the long term trajectory is sustained.

Let's tell the world your story.

Strategic Storytelling for Organizations - Jordan Bower