Bring them all together with storytelling.

Through Storytelling Consulting, develop a compelling organizational story to motivate your workforce, engage your customers and align your strategic vision.

About Strategic Storytelling Consulting

  • A phased process suitable for organizations of any size: from solopreneurs to corporations;
  • Begins with an analysis of your existing story, followed by the development of a communications campaign, such as a website, brochure, advertisement, video, brand identity, etc.
  • Evaluated through clearly defined quantitative metrics, including revenue, audience growth, employee feedback, etc.
  • Highly steeped in soft skills, like empathy, collaboration and trust;
  • Led by Jordan Bower, expert in Corporate Intimacy.
  • Delivered for clients around the world.

Phase One

Strategic Story Analysis

Begins with a comprehensive audit of your existing story, including review of online materials — websites, social media campaigns, etc., including qualitative aspects as well as analytics — and offline sales, marketing and managerial assets. Next, we conduct a comprehensive set of interviews with actors inside and outside your company: managers, employees, customers, suppliers, etc.

Based on this analysis, you receive a Strategic Story Analysis report document that summarizes findings and initial recommendations.

Phase Two

Strategic Story Development

Based on the insights of Phase One, you’ll have a clear platform for further storytelling development. For organizations larger than one person, further development comes through a process known as a Story Sprint: a facilitated group workshop with the purpose of developing an aligned approach to storytelling, then verifying that approach through testing with a target audience.

The outcome of Story Development is a tested version of a communications campaign. Sample campaigns include:

  • Websites & Brand Materials
  • Sales Documents (i.e. pitch decks)
  • Videos, Newsletters, Social Media Campaigns, etc.
  • Strategic Visions
  • Keynotes & White Papers

Phase Three

Strategic Story Design & Implementation

After Phase Two, you’ll have a new version of a communications campaign, based on Strategic Storytelling principles, that has been used to solicit feedback from your target audiences. In Phase Three, this feedback is integrated into an in-depth design process that results in a thoughtful construction of one of the communications campaigns listed above.

Importantly, it’s not sufficient that the designed campaign simply looks good. Embedded in this process is our comprehensive digital marketing experience; campaigns are designed for a goal-oriented customer journey, including supporting aspects such as inbound marketing, PPC ad campaigns, newsletter development, etc., which create an integrated approach suitable for sales, marketing and even internal organizational narratives.

Once this campaign is launched, we astutely monitor quantitative metrics and solicit feedback from key audiences. For larger organizations, we conduct trainings to ensure alignment around the newly articulated narrative.

Upon achieving success, we turn our attention to subsequent communications campaigns, or return to the start of the process and begin again.

Let's tell the world your story.

Storytelling Consulting: Strategic Storyteller Jordan Bower