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Corporate Intimacy:
How to Motivate, Lead and Sell to Humans in the Age of Automation

A recent report from Oxford University predicted that nearly 50% of today’s jobs will have disappeared by 2034, including accountants, doctors, lawyers, teachers, bureaucrats, and financial analysts. These roles will be replaced by artificial intelligences that will analyze and compare reams of data, making decisions with higher accuracy and insight than possible by their human predecessors.

Many leading thinkers — such as Netscape founder and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen — suggest that, in the future, there will be just two categories of jobs: people who tell computers what to do, and people who do what computers tell them to do.

I suggest a third category: storytellers who help people cope.

This compelling and unique keynote ties together marketing, sales, strategy and HR to tell a visionary story about the future of business. Eschewing philosophical speculation, this talk uses compelling examples from social media, cutting-edge neuroscience, marketing and political campaigns to help attendees understand the unexpected way that the Internet has affected our psychology, and develop a compelling strategy for using emotionally powerful storytelling to position their business, their products and themselves for the age of automation.


  • how digital technologies change our psychological experience, based on insights from cutting edge neuroscience
  • why emotionally powerful storytelling will continue to be the hottest trend in marketing, sales and politics, with specific examples from recently successful campaigns
  • how to transform flat corporatespeak into an “immersive story”, becoming more authentic and human, without oversharing
  • how to apply storytelling to marketing, sales, leadership and strategic planning

Seminars & Breakouts

How to Craft Your Origin Story

The next generation of business leaders will rely on the personal stories of their past to chart the future of their organizations. Leaders like Steve Jobs, Brene Brown & Elon Musk are like modern day Superheroes, helping us understand their vision by relating emotionally to the experiences that informed their unique perspectives.

This breakout session walks participants through a step by step process for crafting their own origin story.


  • the unique “inversion model” that will instantly create more engagement around your stories
  • how to be personal without oversharing
  • how to use your origin story to develop collaborative closeness with colleagues, to build followings on social media and to uncover deeper pain with sales prospects

Finding Your Brand Secret

Compelling neuroscience suggests that groups that share a “secret” outperform in diverse metrics relating to sales, innovative thinking and retention. But how can anything stay secret in the age of oversharing? In this breakout session, participants learn how to redefine their secret, then follow a step by step process for uncovering and articulating it.


  • the neuroscience and anthropology around secret sharing and psychological safety
  • how to transform an organizational failure into a motivational force
  • building a process of secret sharing into your organization to optimize trust and results

Maximizing Creative Thinking at Work

The Age of Automation will require workers to constantly reinvent their jobs, or risk losing them. Creative thinkers are not born geniuses: they have learned specific skills and adopted specific behaviours that, over time, have improved the quality of their creative outputs. Redefining creativity from a one-time act to an ongoing process delivers higher engagement, stronger morale and better results.

In this breakout session, participants engage in an outside-the-box creative practice that will improve their delivery of creative thought.


  • how to create work environments that encourage creativity
  • addressing roadblocks to creativity
  • immediately applicable personal practices for improved creativity

Building Diverse Workplaces of the Future

Diversity is the future of workplaces — diversity of gender, nationality, racial background, language skills, education level and personal experience. The secret to overcoming prejudice is story-sharing. By infusing intimacy into the weekly work cycle, organizations can better reap the benefits that come from diverse perspectives.

In this highly interactive session, participants will support each other in developing effective diversity strategies that can be immediately implemented into their work.


  • a compelling story-based model for individual and organizational transformation drawn from our DNA
  • how to overcome practical roadblocks to intimacy at work
  • confronting closed-mindedness and resistance: how to speak the truth

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