I help small businesses develop authentic stories that create connections and power growth.

My Skillset

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Management
  • Group Facilitation
  • Web Design & Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Life Coaching
  • Mythological Storytelling

Why Work With Me?

Make your story resonate authentically

Today, in the digital age, every business is a storytelling business. But creating content is hard, which is why most of your competitors don’t do it well. Working together, we develop a strategic version of your true business story and then develop the systems, processes and tools that will help you grow.

I really listen

If listening were an Olympic sport, I'd be in the hunt for the gold medal. When working with you, I'm totally comfortable diving deep, revealing the why behind what you do, and using that to authentically engage your customers.

I help you get creative

As a small business person, you're already a storyteller. I teach you the basic building blocks of storytelling, so you improve how you deliver your messages, making you more engaging in real life and on social media.

I prioritize data

There's no use dreaming up stories if they don't achieve your business objectives. I use analytics, SEO and other quantifiable data to verify that your story is working -- and to act quickly and strategically when something changes.

How We Work Together

Strategic Story Development

Using a combination of data analysis and one-on-one conversations, we dig into your story and get a sense for your business. Through this process, we establish clear business goals and develop an action plan for developing the sales & marketing assets that will lead to success.

Creative Design

A better story means updated storytelling assets. Specifically, this can mean an updated brand, a new website, selling materials, a content strategy or other traditional or digital communications. I work as your designer — or, if you already have one, I act as a resource to ensure your story is on track.

One-on-One Coaching

Transforming your story takes time and requires paying attention to changes or new opportunities in your business. In regular coaching sessions, I support you in building your own storytelling skill and using that skill to improve the stories you and your team create.


Marketing & Content Strategy

Strategic Planning

Storytelling Coaching

Team Storytelling Training


Culture & Employer Branding

Data Analysis

Systems Design

Project Management

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