Introduction to Strategic Storytelling

Improve how you connect with clients, colleagues, managers and employees by becoming a Strategic Storyteller.

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About This Training

Introduction to Strategic Storytelling is designed to help you improve how you communicate in the workplace by framing your message through the lens of storytelling.

In this workshop-style training, you’ll learn a storytelling framework which underlies movies and popular culture, as well as professional written and spoken communication. Next, you’ll apply what you’ve learned to one of your own business messages, using design thinking exercises to transform it into a more connected story. Finally, you’ll present this story, receiving targeted feedback from colleagues, immediately improving how you communicate at work.

Design Thinking Exercises

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Why Storytelling?

We all tell stories in order to make sense of the world in which we live. By teaching us to set context, identify key characters and describe an emotional journey, storytelling helps us relate to each other on a human level, breaking down the boundaries and power structures of traditional organizations and reinforcing values of inclusion, collaborative work and empathy.

At a more profound level, the stories we tell often contain limiting ideas that compromise the progress of an individual, team or organization. Telling a different story is what breeds hope. Through the act of Strategic Storytelling, teams and organizations can inspire meaningful work, heal old wounds and uncover innovative ideas, often with a sense of creative ease akin to magic.

Jordan Bower

About Your Storytelling Trainer

Jordan Bower is a business storytelling consultant, trainer and facilitator. His career as a storyteller began with a decade of world travel that culminated with a 316 day walking trip from Canada to Mexico. Along this journey, Jordan learned the art of emotionally powerful storytelling as a mechanism of creating connections and inspiring his own personal change.

Today, as the founder of Transformational Storytelling, Jordan works with clients ranging from corporations to small businesses and not for profits, helping power better, more connected business through the sublime art of storytelling. He is a popular speaker at conferences and ideas festival, including the 2015 Future of Storytelling Summit, where he spoke alongside other speakers Edward Snowden, Al Gore and Margaret Atwood.

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