Sales Storytelling Training

In a Sales Storytelling Training, you'll reframe your sales pitch to maximize interest, engagement, connection and conversion. Offered in Vancouver, throughout Canada and around the world.

About this Training

Sales Storytelling Training is designed for business development teams charged with connecting and converting sales leads and prospects.

In this training, you’ll improve the design, delivery and strategic approach of your sales pitch by using the same storytelling techniques that have moved human beings for millions of years.

This workshop is highly experiential. After storytelling concepts are taught through a facilitated discussion about viewed Hollywood movies and other YouTube clips, participants use design-thinking concepts to workshop their existing sales pitch. Practicing their pitch with colleagues enables collaborative, shared learning.

Participants can expect to leave this workshop with a highly improved approach to their sales process — one focused on authentic human connections with prospects, in a way that drives measurable sales results.

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is the process that human beings use to construct meaning out of the world. In a sales context, storytelling refers to the approach by which a salesperson introduces a prospect to their product, and the series of touchpoints along the customer journey towards a completed deal.

Storytelling improves the traditional Problem-Solution sales model by taking a more authentic approach. Storytelling salespeople dig deeper into their problem to find a framing that resonates emotionally with their prospect; they present their solution as intelligent, logical and emotionally meaningful all at once.

In the process, they create a trusted connection with their prospect, enabling them to provide more valuable solutions and build a successful, lasting relationship.

Specifically, the Sales Storytelling process involves

  • delivering messages using emotionally rich examples and anecdotes, as opposed to dry facts;
  • empathizing with target audiences to deliver a message understood intuitively;
  • supplementing presentations with thoughtfully designed visual storytelling, such as pitch decks, keynote slides, etc.;
  • integrating authentic personal reflections, improving trust through vulnerability and connection; and,
  • developing improvisational skills to ensure that message delivery remains human.

By learning the art and science of sales storytelling, participants can expect improved selling skills, higher engagement within their teams and more fulfillment in their work.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of sales storytelling: Learn the theory and practice of the age old building blocks of human communication.
  • Develop storytelling material: Dive deep into an existing sales pitch and identify emotionally compelling storytelling material.
  • Practice storytelling-based design thinking: Work collaboratively to improve the storytelling impact of your existing sales pitch, using the collaborative tools of design thinking.
  • Test and tweak your story: Innovate with tone, style and your own creativity, while receiving feedback from your colleagues.
  • Build a sales story database: Apply learned frameworks to other stories to develop a comprehensive database of case studies and other sales stories that can be shared throughout the team and in multiple sales environments.

Sales Storytelling Training Logistics

  • This Sales Storytelling Training is designed for groups of 6 – 30.
  • Content includes storytelling training, design thinking exercises and facilitated one-on-one practice.
  • Workshops are highly personalized, engaging and interactive.
  • Participants will receive a PDF package of storytelling frameworks which can be applied to their sales communications again and again.
  • Our business is based in Vancouver, BC, and we deliver trainings throughout Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and British Columbia.
  • However, this Sales Storytelling Training can also be delivered throughout Canada, and anywhere in the world.

Jordan Bower

About Your Storytelling Trainer

Jordan Bower is a professional storytelling consultant, trainer and facilitator notably for his high degree of emotional intelligence. His career as a storyteller began with a decade of world travel that included visits to more than 50 countries and a 316 day walking trip from Canada to Mexico. Along his itinerant journey, Jordan learned the art of connecting emotionally with strangers, adding to a skill set that already included business administration and design thinking.

Since then, Jordan has worked with Fortune 500 clients, renewable energy startups, hedge funds, tourism destinations and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, helping make key business messages more engaging, meaningful and clear to their target audiences. He is a popular speaker at conferences and ideas festivals, including the Future of Storytelling Summit, where he spoke in 2015, alongside other speakers Edward Snowden, Al Gore and Margaret Atwood.

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