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In a time when new technologies are pushing us towards artificial intelligence, storytelling is an essential skill for staying human. When we tell stories, we bypass the analytical prefrontal cortex and move into the emotional regions of our brains, connecting, understanding, feeling. As humans, we are already highly evolved story making machines.

We’ve created these unique and powerful trainings to empower professionals to make better business by bringing more humanity into their work. Each Business Storytelling training is designed with a powerful, practice-based curriculum that builds upon existing communications patterns, and is delivered in simple language that everybody can understand.

Every one of us can improve how we connect with customers, inspire teammates and motivate change by becoming a better storyteller.

Storytelling Training

Learn to Humanize your Work

Leadership Storytelling Training
Storytelling for Sales Teams Training
Storytelling for Change Management Training
Diversity & Inclusion Storytelling Training
Employer Branding Storytelling Training
Empathy & Design Thinking Training

What You'll Do

Learn a dependable methodology you can use over and over again

What makes these workshop unique is the way we think about storytelling. We don’t define a story as a “once upon a time” style fairy tale. Instead, we approach storytelling as an emotional relationship between two people that plays out verbally and non-verbally at the same time.

To help you understand and optimize this relationship, you’ll learn the Transformational Storytelling Methodology — a “greatest hits” of marketing strategy, design thinking, psychological theory and much, much more, all packaged into a simple, easy-to-follow process that can applied to any kind of professional communication.
Rather than theorizing, you’ll learn by doing. In each workshop, you’ll apply this methodology to a business message you use often: a sales pitch, a change narrative, a leadership speech or any other internal or external message that you choose. You’ll start by breaking apart the message to find emotionally compelling storytelling material. Next, you’ll use “empathy mapping” techniques to better understand your audience and customize your message to them, vastly improving resonance. Finally, you’ll rebuild a prototype story, which you’ll test with your colleagues, gathering their feedback and adjusting your approach accordingly.

You’ll leave the workshop with one refined, ready-to-tell story, and a deep understanding of the methodology you can use to build out a library of many more.

Get Storytelling's Blueprint

Learn to apply the 4-step Story Design Process used by the world's best creative teams to get powerful, inspiring and emotionally moving stories.

Link the Personal & Professional

Weave your professional message with your own personal narrative, giving your story authentic, emotional pop.

Create a Bonding Experience

Have fun and get connected with your colleagues in a safe and supportive space.

Outcomes from this Training

What's the ROI?

These trainings are designed to help you communicate a message with more impact and connection. Though the specific subject matter differs from group to group, participants will leave having developed the underlying soft skills that power every human connection.

To figure out the ROI of storytelling in your business, consider: How much is your current story costing you?

How many potential customers can’t understand why what you sell is important? How much marketing spend is going to waste because your story doesn’t stand out among the noise? How much time are your employees spending feeling disengaged and unproductive? How much money are you spending trying to find and hire great talent? How many hours are you spending in meetings struggling to create alignment and debating what to do next? How much sleep are you losing trying to figure out how to hone your personal leadership voice?

You might already be spending much more time and money trying to clarify your strategic story than you had thought.

Participants leave these workshops with

  • an improved version of an important business message
  • a clear storytelling methodology
  • resources and guidance for further learning
  • personalized advice and direction
  • purposeful storytelling practice
  • a collaborative experience with colleagues and other participants
  • heightened feeling of trust, engagement and connection

About Your Business Storytelling Trainer

All workshops and coaching are facilitated personally by Jordan Bower, a world-class business storytelling consultant, trainer and facilitator. As the founder of Transformational Storytelling, Jordan has worked  with clients ranging from corporations to small businesses and not for profits, helping power better, more connected business through the sublime art of storytelling.

Jordan combines a diverse set of skills into his approach to storytelling. After graduating from the Richard Ivey School of Business — one of Canada’s best business schools — Jordan spent six years travelling the world, learning from a vast array of story mentors. On that trip, Jordan walked from Canada to Mexico, spending 316 days by himself, connecting with strangers. Along this journey, Jordan learned the art of emotionally powerful storytelling as a mechanism of creating connections and inspiring change.

Today, he is a thoughtful and motivational speaker at conferences and ideas festival about the application of storytelling to the Digital world. He was featured at the 2015 Future of Storytelling Summit, where he facilitated alongside other speakers Edward Snowden, Al Gore and Margaret Atwood.

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