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Design a business optimized for the interconnected world by making inclusion, trust and collaboration your organizational story.

Inspire great work by
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Transformational Storytelling Leverages the Humanity In Your Work

Every organization has a central storyline that flows through their sales, marketing, operations, leadership and people management — whether they realize it or not. Leaders that do the hard work of excavating and transforming this story set themselves and their organizations apart through their ability to connect with customers, employees and investors through innovative, purpose-driven and meaningful work.

If you’re a leader building one of the organizations or movements of the future, I work with you to articulate a narrative that powers transformation. Whether it’s building a community or a coalition, articulating a manifesto or a marketing identity, or inspiring others through inspiring yourself, I help you uncover the deepest thread of your story and transform it into products, systems and communications that truly resonate.

“Companies that don’t have a clearly articulated story don’t have a clear and well thought-out strategy. The company story is the company strategy.”

Ben Horowitz
Andreessen Horowitz

We uncover the story that drives your organization.

My Work is Part Strategy, Part Storytelling and Part Corporate Therapy

Transformational Storytelling takes an inside-out approach to constructing your story. By paying careful attention to the way you currently work, a story is revealed and a hypothesis is developed. Data collected from your employees and the market confirm this hypothesis.

Once the current story is discovered, effort shits towards changing it. Alongside a team of internal storytelling champions, we ask what if?, developing a visionary story that stretches beyond what is. Through this design-informed process, we develop a storytelling prototype, which we test with internal or external audiences.

If our approach is validated, we begin setting the foundations of the new story — updating systems, training leaders and empowering storytelling champions to propagate the culture. In the final stage, we sell like crazy, to reinforce this story and deepen engagement with long-term employee and customer journeys.

A Story Sprint is a key inflection point in the story development process for organizations. In a Story Sprint, organizational champions come together to discuss, develop and test a new direction for their story.

We put your story into practice.

After uncovering the story, we craft targeted communications to make the story spread

Digital Marketing

Sales Pitches

Employee Engagement & Branding

Innovation & Design


We address inclusion as a behaviour, not an idea

Working collaboratively and inclusively leads to collaborative and inclusive cultures.

Adapted to your Style

Rather than arriving with a predefined methodology, I develop my approach working together with you, to ensure it's completely customized.

Listening Deeply

Working with the story beneath the story, we uncover, address and solve the problems, not the symptoms.

A Design-Informed Approach

For every story, we prototype, test and analyze the quantitative results, evaluating our hypotheses to confirm we're on the right track.

Building Trust and Empathy

We work together for greater understanding and emotional impact. Because strong emotional connection leads to great places to work.

Naturally Inclusive

By bringing inclusive attitudes into our work, the result is always a more diverse, inclusive and collaborative story.

Jordan Bower

About Your Creative Partner

Jordan Bower’s career as a storyteller began with a decade of world travel that included visits to more than 50 countries and a 316 day walking trip from Canada to Mexico. Along this journey, Jordan added the skill of emotionally powerful storytelling to a toolkit that already included business administration strategy, design thinking and technology project management.

Since then, Jordan has worked with clients including small businesses, hedge funds, Fortune 500 clients and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As the founder of Transformational Storytelling, he leads Corporate Intimacy trainings, consults on story and designs strategic communications campaigns optimized for emotional impact and efficacy.

Jordan is a popular speaker at digital marketing conferences and ideas festivals. In 2015, he spoke at the Future of Storytelling Summit, which also included Al Gore, Margaret Atwood and Edward Snowden.

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