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By bringing a Chief Storyteller to your organization, you’ll improve how you collaborate, inspire and connect.

Why Organizational Storytelling Consulting?

Chief Storytellers make business messages make sense.

Traditionally, organizational storytelling has been applied to sales & marketing functions, helping businesses all over the world construct the foundations and strategic execution for powerful, memorable brands. In the Age of Information, however, the role of organizational storytelling has changed. Organizational leaders are being called to apply storytelling to bolster their culture, and to create the diverse, collaborative and nimble workforces that are required for business today.

A Chief Storyteller uncovers authentic organizational stories and shares them with internal and external stakeholders. By involving stakeholders in the process, they help leaders articulate their vision with clarity and force. And by optimizing storytelling metrics, a Chief Storyteller creates harmony between strategy, messaging and business outcomes. If you’re a leader building one of the organizations or movements of the future, you need a Chief Storyteller to support you in developing a narrative that powers authentic transformation.

“Companies that don’t have a clearly articulated story don’t have a clear and well thought-out strategy. The company story is the company strategy.”

Ben Horowitz
Andreessen Horowitz

Our Organizational Storytelling Consulting Process

How we bring your organizational story to life:

Storytelling Training

Our process begins with customized 1 & 2 day workshops that guide your organizational leaders to become better storytellers. In the process of delivering this fundamental leadership skill to your executives, we conduct a thorough analysis of your current business, unearthing your organizational narrative and bringing it into focus.

Strategic Visioning

Most organizations — and human beings — have a gap between where they are and the story of where they’re trying to be. Our proprietary Story Sprint brings organizational leaders together to identify gaps in the current story and develop a roadmap for making your vision for the future real.

Comms Design

Having developed your roadmap, next, we move on to designing tactical & persuasive communications. Working alongside your team, we design external messages, internal messages or both, steadily building a cohesive narrative drawn from the authentic stories of the organization and its employees.

Story Measuring

Throughout this process, we rely on key metrics to reinforce the qualitative benefits of our process. Working with you, we identify and/or develop meaningful metrics, take charge for measuring them and report on the results to organizational leadership.

Make Empathy & Trust Part of Your Story

A Culture Building Process

There are many expected benefits to the clarity and alignment that comes through developing your Organizational Story. Here’s one benefit you didn’t expect: because of its connective nature, the Organizational Storytelling consulting process brings a sense of empathy, mutual respect, inclusion and trust that acts as the cornerstone of your culture.

Through the mere act of listening to your organizational stories, you’re sure to reveal voices and perspectives traditionally excluded from your narrative. By including those voices in your process and its outputs, you naturally create a sense of inclusion and belonging. Job satisfaction increases, because people see themselves as part of your story. Recruiting becomes easier, because you’ve articulated the purpose and values behind your culture, attracting more engaged candidates and better people.

In this way, the Organizational Storytelling consulting process empowers the heart and soul of the company’s vision and values, in a way that resonates emotionally with customers and employees. In a world where trust has declined and attention is at a premium, it’s the organizations — and leaders — that tell great stories that will truly stand out.

Are you ready to tell a better story?

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