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Learn to communicate with clarity, passion and purpose by infusing Strategic Storytelling into your message.

The Future is Storytelling

Storytelling is more than just copy. Dig deep into your values, goals and actions, and you’ll find the real story — the genuine, authentic and motivating reason why your customers love your products, and your employees love you.

These are the stories that generate genuine connections. These purpose-driven stories tie together what we do with why we do it.

Technology has changed the purpose for telling stories. In a world of fake news and alternative facts, demand has skyrocketed for the profoundly true. The point isn’t to invent a new story; it’s to tease out your real, gritty, human story, then put it to work for you.

If the future is going to be connected, then the future is storytelling.

What I Do

I act like a guide on your journey into storytelling. No matter whether you are an individual or a group, a team or a brand, or maybe an entire organization, I train you to be better storytellers, enabling you to drive tangible business results by speaking more clearly, cohesively and authentically for greater impact.

Typical outcomes include:

Business, brand and organizational strategy
Consulting, research, assessments, ideation and cultural identities.

Digital Storytelling
Websites, logos, identities and digital marketing.

Workshops and Facilitations
Sales pitches, discovery workshops, story development and alignment.

Trainings and One-on-One Coaching
Improved storytelling for execs, managers, analysts and entrepreneurs.

Content Creation
Copy, design and visuals for internal and external audiences

What struck me once we started working with him was how thoughtful his line of questioning was, helping us really dig to uncover and identify the spirit of our company and the style we wanted to promote. It was like a great therapy session. He’s an amazing listener, an expert at online positioning and, not to be overlooked, a really fun guy to work with.

By creating psychologically safe workspaces, we get better ideas, deeper buy-in and higher levels of trust.

Future of Storytelling Summit, New York City

Strategic Storyteller

Who is Jordan Bower?

My adventure in storytelling truly began in 2010, when I spent 316 days walking by myself from Canada to Mexico.

Along the way, I came to understand that storytelling sets the framework for the way we engage with one another. By paying attention to how we tell our story, we can create environments distinguished by trust and the willingness to experiment. And by changing how we tell our story, we can uncover purpose, discover innovative ideas and develop more collaborative connections with the people we meet along our journeys.

My business is built on the insights discovered on that trip. As a Strategic Storyteller, I help my clients integrate the professional and the personal, the structured and the creative, and the head and the heart to create clear, authentic messages that sound and feel true.

My clients have included businesses, not-for profit organizations, governments and startups in the US, Canada and other places around the world. I’ve helped these clients improve their marketing, their sales pitches, their leadership visions and their internal culture, all by guiding them to develop their skills and understanding of storytelling — our most human communications tool.

Storytelling is my passion and lifelong commitment. I take great pride in helping guide my clients to connect to the inner resources that lead them to reach their full potential, in a rapidly evolving world I call the Age of Storytelling.

Jordan’s style is engaging, thought-provoking and challenging in the best kind of way. 

Jordan delivers keynote speeches and engaging storytelling workshops. Book Jordan for your event.

Thinklandia Ideas Festival

What's your story?

I believe that every single one of us has something powerful to tell the world. My job is to help you tell it. Working together, we can develop, design and test a powerful story built on clear communication, integrity and trust.

If that sounds like a story you’d like to tell, you can reach me here.

What Jordan offered us was far more than just the right technical solution to improve our efficiency. Jordan made sure that all stakeholder interests were expressed, while skillfully navigating through conflicting priorities.

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